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Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Rogério Alves Oliveira

Rogério Alves Oliveira Perfil Site Obras de Arte

Rogério Alves Oliveira is a Visual Artist.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Rogério Alves Oliveira

I saw the post on facebook and found it interesting to publish my story.

Yesterday I was in the hospital, watching my mother who is hospitalized more than a month. When I walked in the bathroom of the hospital room, I came across a mirror in front of me and I started watching my tired and anguished face in front of a problem of disease in which my mother goes through.

By observing my image in the mirror, came in me the need to talk to someone while my mom was sleeping.

So, talking to God in thought, I grabbed my cartography book and the box of colored pencils and started to vent through art.

The result is this job that I divulge on firsthand, another one in a series of studies for a canvas that I am painting called “Lost Faces”…

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Fact occurred on 07/01/2014
Prof. Rogério Alves Oliveira – Visual Artist
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Rogerio Alves Oliveira Site Obras de Arte

Color pencil on cartographic book.

Presentation of the Visual Artist:

Rogério Alves Oliveira Presentation


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