Curitiba Festival brings it to the South of Brazil for the first time, Capricious and Guaranteed, the Amazon ox duel

PARINTINE WOOD. Photo: Disclosure / Government of Amazonas.

One of Brazil's greatest cultural heritages opens the program for the 32nd edition of the Curitiba Festival, bringing the challenge of toadas from the bumbás of Parintins, in Amazonas One of the largest and most important performing arts festivals in Brazil, the Curitiba Festival announced its official program for the 32nd edition, that occurs from … Read more

Discover the beauty and fragility of the Amazon in an amazing exhibition of glass art

Amazon exhibition by designer Désirée Sessegolo, Flyer - featured. Disclosure.

The show's main work will be an installation with hundreds of pieces, accompanied by others 10 sculptures By Emanuelle Spack Have you ever imagined yourself diving into a world of endless imagination and creativity made with glass? This is the universe that designer Désirée Sessegolo will exhibit at the Municipal Museum of Curitiba – … Read more

Artes e Marketing: why good communication strengthens your cultural project?

Rafaela Tavares Kawasaki, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Communicating efficiently helps artists to raise public funding and get ideas off paper to transform people through dialogue Article by Rafaela Tavares Kawasaki* When cultural agents prepare applications for funding notices, it is natural for them to focus on the project proposal, research languages ​​and what they want to express with their … Read more

Synergy in steel and glass reveals extraordinary works of art with the combination of different design techniques

Synergy Exhibition. Photo: Wellington Barz.

Sinergia exhibition presents pieces by three artists who develop works separately, but that when fused, mixed or put together, apresentam obras instigantes pelo conjunto dos materiais que as compõem Por Emanuelle Spack Segue em cartaz até o fim de julho a Exposição Sinergia com os designers Cristina Yamada, Claudio Araujo and Désirée Sessegolo, no Espaço de Arte Francis Bacon. About of … Read more

Friends Create Podcast That Chats With Artists About Life Path, influences and references

ConsumArte. Disclosure.

ConsumArte The project is only six months old, but it already has big names in the art. It is very common to hear that during this period of the pandemic people created new projects, acquired hobbies or resumed old contacts. Henrique Corregedor and Léo Prado from São Paulo followed the same path. Friends for more than 25 … Read more

Jesus was born in Naples

Jesus was born in Naples, Angel. Disclosure.

“The intention of these representations was to communicate the beauty and simplicity of the mystery of faith, of the God who became man. ” Dom Devair Araújo da Fonseca Sacred Art Museum of São Paulo - MAS / SP, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, in compliance with all protocols defined … Read more

Painting on Canvas, Step by step 18 – Color and shape perception by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 9 – Jaboticabas on the trunk, 2019, Rosângela Vig.

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: Little Nose didn't like to wait; She was annoyed to have to wait for Pete for a whole week. But fortunately it was jaboticaba time. There were several jaboticaba trees in Mrs. Benta's small farm, but one was enough to make them all sick to nausea. … Read more

“Please Don’t Touch”, photographic exhibition of Lowrider culture, occupies the Cultural Pack

With records through the lens of photographer and movement of precursor in Brazil, Rafael Ambrosio, the exhibition opens on 18 May the presence of Blenzer Low Rider, Funk Buia, DJ Novset, Mr. GrandeE e DJ Julia Weck. Occupation is in the Cultural Pack Gallery until 8 June São Paulo, May … Read more

Design – Artistic Production, Step by step 17 of how to draw by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig: young glory of the sun on a silver spoon in flames, Alva! Light Christmas, Spring day, Do not love you! Not for you, BRAVIA dog days, That to yourself you estruis, The fire that derramas! I love you, hesitant hour when … Read more