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Raised floor: know how to use. Photo: Hand photo created by diana.grytsku - br.freepik.com.
Raised floor: know how to use. Photo: Hand photo created by diana.grytsku - br.freepik.com.

Raised floor: know how to use

It is common that, during the decoration process of an environment, a lot of attention is paid to the walls, furniture and other elements that will have a greater visual impact, leaving aside more functional issues, as the function of a Raised floor.

But whoever thinks that these organizational issues are wrong, more linked to the structure of the places, not part of the designs of a good decorator, whose goal is to employ a concept of harmony to the place, both visual and in a sensory experience.

The study of colors shows that the difference between tones is responsible for the feeling that the individual will have when accessing such rooms, like lighter colors indicating a calm and clean environment, this is why white is the predominant tone in clinics and hospitals..

In the same way as a floor vinyl Woody indicates a more cozy and refined environment, this is why it is so common not only in houses and apartments., but also in the offices of more informal companies., with a more laid back character.

In the same way that visual decoration has its attribution in choosing a desirable tone for the chosen space, structural elements are also of great importance for this organizational relationship..

The distribution of pipes and pipelines, in sunlight, the circulation of air in an environment, are some topics relevant to both the decoration as for the quality of life you are looking for in a home, or even in an office.

That's because the time an employee spends in their work environment is as important as the time they enjoy at home.. Not counting home office professionals, where the divisions of home and work disappear.

The decoration of the environment can also optimize the activities carried out there, and in application of epoxy paint on floors in the malls, ensuring a more fluid and less tiring movement for visitors to that commercial establishment.

And speaking of floors, it is not only the material used that defines its usefulness., there is also a differentiation of models that facilitate the transport or organization of a space, as well as the ramps facilitate access for wheelchair users and transport objects.

Another modality that can change the organization of a space, in relation to its base structure, it's called level floor, that can be adopted for different types of arrangement in a room, as a commercial focus or for homes.

what is a raised floor?

A raised floor can be summarized as a foundation structure that works with more layers of arrangement, in addition to the flat structure used on common floors, looking to make better use of the space available in an environment.

In this model a set of plates are placed on top of platforms, that allow for an elevation of the floor of the environment, thus creating a gap between the floor and subfloor, that supports the property.

In addition to the use of more varied materials, as a aluminum sheet for floor, to complement the cement structure of the place, this method of organizing a building allows for a greater number of decoration alternatives.

Aside from the variety of floor models, there is also the best arrangement of visible structural elements, taking them out of a visual field, being some of them:

  • Wirings;
  • Cabos;
  • gas pipes;
  • Hidraulic instalations;
  • Sewerage.

The space provided below the main floor becomes the ideal place for the distribution of these elements, that even though they are essential to the structure of an environment, are often not pleasant to look at, for not matching the decor of the place.

As the case of a party room that works with colored burnt cement for flooring, giving a more rustic tone to the place, often celebrating the historical content of that space, that stands for generations.

All of this visual construction comes apart when the air pipes and internet cabling become visible to the public., making a not-too-positive constant with classic ornamentation crafted in place, through traditionally appealing furniture.

In addition to helping in the process of covering up these structural elements, the raised floor also features a wide variety of decor possibilities, in view of the diversity of materials with which it can be made available.

Types of raised floors

Before citing the materials themselves, It is important to point out the different types of structures that are used in the process of making a raised floor, suitable for the purpose of that property.

Or traditional model, used in offices, residences and commercial rooms, works with the layout of plates, a base structure and a support cross, this being a cross-shaped arrangement, ensuring a better distribution of support.

For environments that will work with a greater amount of weight, the use of stringers is recommended with this traditional organization., which are bolted to the perimeter of the floor of the environment, thus ensuring greater reinforcement for this structure.

Once the floor model is defined, it is necessary to choose which material will be used in this floor, having the highlight of some materials, such as:

  • Steel;
  • Concrete;
  • Granite;
  • Porcelain;
  • Carpets on boards.

The choice of these materials is made mainly by the style of decoration that is intended to be adopted in the place., then using other methods together, and in application of bona on ceramic or wooden floors, to highlight these adopted structures.

Where to apply this floor style?

Raised floor applications are diverse, can be adopted in complete structures, or even with a focus only on a few specific rooms, according to the arrangement of that space with the environment in which it finds itself.

a building garage, for example, requires one high floor endurance, to support the weight of the cars parked there, while the floor of other rooms, like at the reception, can count on lighter materials, suitable for the decoration of the place.

Same thing goes for slabs, in which a raised floor prevents direct sun contact with the room's ceiling, thus relieving the room temperature, making it a more comfortable space for the residents of this apartment.

This floor model is also found in properties that share direct space with nature, such as riverside populations in the Amazon and/or from foreign countries that are at a level close to the sea..

If for these places the raised floors are presented as structural solutions, in other situations its adoption may be for some decorative purpose, uniting its practicality to the style of the place, in environments like:

Corporate areas

commercial offices, as well as other corporate environments, like a government building, can be optimized from a level floor, relying mainly on the internal organization of the wires and pipes present in these environments.

Because it's a place full of computers and all kinds of devices connected to them, as monitors, printing machines and other technological instruments, the number of wires and cabling in these spaces is greater than the number of employees present.

To better organize the space available in these locations, have the extra space on the raised floor, in order to allocate these gadgets, can improve the working environment, in the same way as a epoxy coating can optimize movement in place.

Technical rooms

The same kind of space use is expected in environments that work with technical activities, like laboratories, factories and mechanic workshops. The big difference is due to the type of material used here.

In the case of tire repair shops, for dealing with the handling of heavy objects, like cars and trucks, it is indicated that the base of this level floor has an adequate structure, to support the weight of objects and not suffer any structural damage.


In addition to the aforementioned use of this style of flooring indoors, like commercial stores and residential apartments, this raised base can also be used outdoors, according to the possibilities found by the developer of the work.

As well as the application of non-slip ladder tape has a security function, while presenting a decorative style, the level floor in the streets can help to highlight the level of your home in relation to the movement lanes.

Likewise, these structures can facilitate the drainage of sewage or even act in the collection of rainwater, being able to reuse it for various activities related to the home.

Whether for a decorative purpose or for a better use of space in the environment, the level floor model can bring great benefits to your residential or commercial project, thus being a prominent option for your renovation or construction of the site.

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