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armchairs: how to match them with the environment?

A great advantage of putting armchairs within an environment is that they have the ability to adapt both in small places, how much in big places. The colors? You will come across several options., from the most colorful armchair, even the most neutral.

The ideas for inserting an armchair into your decor are endless., and the best of all is that it manages to bring an indisputable comfort to the people who will frequent the environment.

by its nature, the armchair always finds a way to mark its presence, even though he's in that corner of the room, or even inside your room.

The same goes for a roll vinyl rug that are marketed, usually by stores that are dedicated to home decoration. This option, for example, depending on the environment, It manages to give a great highlight in the composition of the decorations, making the place even more unique.

the vinyl rug, when chosen, Brings even more personality to your environment, since you can customize it however you want.

Until here, we understand how the armchair can contribute to the comfort and decoration of the environment, However, what are the right ways to insert it as a decorative?

Faced with this doubt, we have raised some items that you should take into account when choosing your armchair.

Pay attention to size

Initially, you must pay attention to the measurements of the armchair. It is recommended that the dimensions leave a space of at least 80 cm for circulation.

Think that your armchair should be positioned in strategic places, in the same way as with other decorations. In your home decor, you can choose to look for a custom doormat factory, choose the one that says the most about your personality and position it right at the entrance.

In other words, in the same way that a doormat should be positioned at the entrance of a house, the armchair must be positioned in a place where people want to have greater comfort.

don't forget the usefulness

When you choose upholstery, think first about the usefulness that the armchair will provide.

At the same time, you can not forget the concept of your decoration, for example, you may be investing in one more connected with nature, hiring a gardening company Ribeirao Preto and choosing an armchair that pulls more towards the formal side.

this contrast, naturally, can compromise your decor, so never forget the concept of your decoration items.

If it is located in your living room, for example, the armchair can have a firmer upholstery so that visitors are received in the best possible way.

In the TV room, Ideally, comfort should be the highest priority, with a softer upholstery. Consider buying some canvas curtains, since they still manage to make the look more beautiful, and in addition to bring a feeling of coziness to the people who will be there.

No fourth, seats can be reclined, if it occupies the reading space of the room. They can also be accompanied by stools so that the feet are supported., providing greater comfort.

When you decide to place an armchair in corporate environments, consider hiring a outsourced office cleaning company, since the addition of furniture can make the space more complex for proper cleaning.

If they are bought with the idea of ​​being a support for changing shoes and clothes, it is recommended that you choose a firmer upholstery.

Choose your color and texture

In this part, you need to observe the colors that predominate in the environment in which you want to place the armchair. If the base is in plain tones, you can choose an armchair covered with a patterned fabric and make it the color point of your environment.

If your room is made up of vibrant colors, it is worth choosing a complementary color for the armchair.

Later, you can search for one blind washing company so that they can take care of the complete sanitization of the windows so that your room is in its best condition.

Textures are essential to help in choosing the material that will be used to make the armchair.. For example, if your sofa is leather, you can invest in an armchair made of cotton or linen.

Position it properly

When positioning your chair, consider using the visual circle tactic. In practice, it consists of arranging the furniture in a circle or semicircle, so that whoever sits on the sofa, be able to talk to the person in the armchair.

The most important thing in the positioning of the armchair is that the position of the furniture forms a delimited space, in a way that favors the operation of a hardwood floor scraping company, that if the environment needs it.

If your room has large dimensions, you can consider the idea of ​​placing two similar armchairs, positioned next to each other.

No fourth, armchairs can be positioned in a corner, so that it can be used as a support for changing shoes or clothes.

When furniture is strategically placed in the visual circle, automatically promote a feeling of coziness between the aluminum frames doors and windows, including also all other parts of the environment.

types of armchair

To help you choose seats, we are now going to cite the main types of this decoration so that you can choose the one that suits you best and matches your room..

Poltrona Charles Eames

This type of armchair is one of the most requested in the composition of a decoration., as it has a classic design and is very comfortable.

Created by designer Charles Eames in 1956, the armchair is still commercialized and sold respecting the measures, finishes and characteristics of the model that was developed in the 1950.

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Barcelona armchair

The Barcelona armchair is another option that is at the top of the list of decorative armchairs. Also considered as one of the most sought after, this type of armchair is seen as a symbol of modernity and was all designed by Mies Van der Rohe and Lily Reich, in the year 1929.

In the case, there are two versions available for this armchair. Some believe it was made for the Barcelona International Exhibition..

On the other hand, others claim the seat was created for the king and queen of Spain. Yet, regardless of its purpose, the armchair became a real success in the market.

Le Corbusier armchair

Taking advantage that the first types are historical, it is inevitable not to quote Le Corbusier. To armchair, Interestingly, was also designed in the early 1990s. 1920, more precisely in 1928, and is named after one of the architects who contributed to the study of the use of tubular metal in decorations.

The result of this study was the development of several sofas that have become increasingly comfortable and have a modern look..

Florence armchair

The Florence armchair, among the types that have been mentioned so far, is one of the most classic.

Its design has bolder elements and generally stronger colors.. The armchair is usually found for purchase along with the puff., What adds to the charm of the decor?.

Following the idea of ​​placing classic armchairs, but at the same time modern, you can check the following types:

  • Poltrona Vladimir Kagan;
  • Egg armchair;
  • Swan Easy Chair;
  • Bertoia armchair.

They all have different styles that match different environments., from those with a more classic feel, industrial or modern, just choose the model that you like the most and that best matches your room.

Environments for an armchair

As stated at the beginning of this article, an armchair can be positioned almost anywhere. However, there are more suitable places for this decorative.

expanded space

When you place an armchair in a space, it is not an exaggeration to say that they manage to leave the environment wider, especially when the place is already naturally spacious.

Projects that follow this type of concept show that even shades of different colors can be worked in harmony..

To enlarge the wheel

When the resident bets on a armchair to decorate your living room, it is a fact that the room becomes even more useful, since it will have more places for people to sit.

unlike the sofa, because it's big, the armchair gives more possibility to change the environment, always providing more space.

study environment

Finally, consider using the armchair in your study environment. please note that, when choosing the model, you need to consider the comfort she is able to provide you.

In addition, she can shape your posture, since the majority of studies require several hours.

It is essential that you keep in mind that the purpose of the armchair is not to invite you to nap or relax., but to provide greater comfort so that your mind can work in the best possible way..

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