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Post-its: how to use office supplies for wall decoration?. Photo: Methodology photo created by Freepik - br.freepik.com.
Post-its: how to use office supplies for wall decoration?. Photo: Methodology photo created by Freepik - br.freepik.com.

Post-its: how to use office supplies for wall decoration?

The post-it is an office item that ended up gaining a much greater importance in society. Although these materials have been created for personal notices and reminders under epoxy wall application, today it is possible to create a series of different contents using this material.

Even in a world adapting to the digital environment, largely due to the numerous technological advances achieved by the digital transformation process, post-its remain an important part of the office, and today they can have even more functionality.

That's because the classic yellow pad ended up gaining a whole line of colors, Different sizes and models, becoming a tool even for art and decoration, especially in corporate environments.

A post-its decor wall can be a simple and fun way to change a wall in your office., showing a little more of its identity and the values ​​and culture offered by the epoxy paint company as a whole.

Thinking about it, many professionals began to use message markers in a creative and unusual way, giving a special touch to any professional environment and expanding the organizational climate of the company.

There is a special concern to leave an interesting and suitable working environment for your co-workers, and using unconventional tools can be quite a surprise, entertaining the team.

You can even encourage your collaborators to tap into the artist within and create works using sticky notes on an interactive wall., giving space for the entire team to be part of the assembly of this structure.

In other cases, there are professional artists who use the tool to recreate classic frames, Super heroes, movie scenes and various other items, limited only by your imagination, aligning your decor with a corrugated trunk sticker.

Some tutorials on the internet also help you to choose a model and assemble it completely., identifying in the video the quantities and colors necessary for you to be able to make your decoration with more quality.

In everyday life it is very common for post-its to be left aside, mainly because of the rush of work. However, these small pieces of paper can make a completely different structure in your work environment.

In addition, having art and pop culture references in your office makes it more attractive for your employees and for potential consumers who may know the space, since they are flashy and make a difference in the decoration.

No need to stick to a theme, although you can do it. However, mixing elements is one of the most interesting items to make better use of post-its as tools to make art and combine with a roll vinyl rug.

In addition, decorations can be made in different sizes, from small paintings to entire walls, that have an immediate visual effect on anyone entering the office.

with talent, patience and care to assemble the details of your decoration, you can use post-its even at home, creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can gather friends and family.

This type of decoration is much more affordable than a complete renovation., and you can change it more easily too, turning the room into a surprise whenever someone comes to visit your SP luminaires factory.

How to use post-its in decoration?

Now that you understand a little better the potential that post-its can offer for your decor, It is important to understand how this type of process can be accomplished and what tools you can use to create a truly unique environment..

It is important to know how to adapt these elements to your reality, ensuring a more adequate service structure for the consumer, but keeping a fun and innovative structure with its post-its in the decoration of your pvc door factory.

In addition, there are many changes between decoration in a corporate environment and home decoration. Understanding the best ways to use each of these items is very important and helps you identify what kind of action you can take..


The gradient is a different and discreet style, but that can look really cool on a post-it wall. It is the use of colors in sequence, giving a more fluid and natural tone to the decoration.

This type of decoration is ideal for companies that must maintain a more sober and formal tone., especially if they receive clients in the office for meetings. Post-its still stand out, but become interesting.

In this way, you maintain the structure you are thinking about and manage to optimize matters of professionalism, ensuring that your customers will feel safe and comfortable working with your construction management company.

Using gradient post-its is an important step, but this can be even better when you use a color gradient linked to the brand identity. In this way, consumers will immediately understand the connection.

This model ends up attracting the interest of many entrepreneurs who work with clients., as the focus stays on the work, and not in very flashy decorations that can interfere with these results.

favorite characters

Another way to create a differentiated decoration and still take the opportunity to give your personalized touch to the wall is to create a drawing of your super hero or character from your favorite movies or series..

This is a very popular model, and it's not uncommon to find a lot of tutorial material to help you create a favorite character with post-its, identifying the main colors that will be used.

Some characters are very famous in pop culture, and end up gaining a special prominence for this type of decoration for your corrugated packaging boxes. In addition, can you align with the geek theme, which has been very high lately.

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The geek audience is the one passionate about sagas and franchises, which can come from different sources such as:

  • Tv;
  • Cinema;
  • Comics;
  • Electronic games.

Regardless of your source, getting results for this type of material is very simple, since this is the most popular style nowadays. Many people are actively looking for decor elements that use the geek world as a theme..

I do not case two post-its, they become fun and can be made using various styles, depending on the degree of difficulty and the variety of models that will be used for you to achieve a good decoration structure.

message board

This is a very thoughtful and intimate option, that seeks the interaction of all team professionals or all members of their residence, and that can transform the decoration of the environment in a beautiful and profound way.

Each person can write messages that they feel can add to the decor., creating a wall with songs, poems, phrases and other elements that represent each of the people who use that space.

in corporate environments, it is possible to take the opportunity to put phrases of motivation and encouragement, improving the organizational climate and encouraging the company to achieve increasingly better results in its actions.

On the other hand, at home messages can be supportive and more personalized, especially if any of the residents are having a hard time or need extra motivation.

You can make this surprise decoration so that, when that person gets home, immediately notice the change, which can be a very exciting moment and that makes your decor even more interesting, regardless of the environment being personal or professional.

abstract figures

Abstract figures can have a special space in your decor with post-its. You can use the material to create a series of elements, mainly related to geometric shapes and other patterns.

These shapes need not have a particular meaning., but it is important that they make sense within your decor so that you can take advantage of these elements even more and create a space that is objectively interesting..

Abstract shapes can also have a wide variety of colors and models., leaving it up to the artist to decide which items he will choose to create that particular decoration model.

Final Considerations

Post-its have long ceased to be just message markers, and the decoration has taken advantage of this material to create differentiated and very fun pieces, which directly impacts the type of element you want to use in your day to day.

Thinking about it, your business or home can benefit a lot from a decoration using post-its, since this turns out to be much more practical than redecorating the house with renovations and wall paintings..

In addition, you can change the chosen model whenever you want, which further expands your day-to-day options for decorating with post-its.

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