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Practice reading and creating poetry are ongoing issues facing educators free

Workshop Course Word, offered by the project Route of Culture, works written language with educators from north

The 2nd edition of the Route of Culture project offers, during the month of February, a free course on written language facing educators in the northern district of São Paulo. The idea of the Workshop of the Word It is to provoke the imagination and freedom through language, try the word in its various dimensions and take it as raw material to shape poems, as a sculptor does with stone or a dancer with the body.

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In practical activities, the course proposes the experience of creative processes that promote intimacy with the word, the opening of the senses to the perception of self and the world, the use of choice and chance, among other experiments. As a result, They will be produced several texts and a publication in the form of zine.

Workshop of the Word is 36 hours duration divided into 12 meetings, including collective solutions to cultural venues and a graphic books. The course is free and has limited spaces, and will take place in the Culture House of Vila Guilherme (big house). Has certificate for participants who have at least 75% presence.

The worshipers are Maurice Ayer (FFLCH/USP) and Danielle Maciel (Arc School Cooperative). Interested? Click the link below and register! forms.gle/6g2uzwKyZE7FD9op6 .

About Route Culture

The Route of Culture is a project visits to cultural spaces in the city of São Paulo which includes theoretical elaboration of meetings and artistic practice on the topics and visited museums, always with the mediation of a guest art educator. It is prepared by Aymberê Artistic Productions strategic partnership with the JCA Institute and sponsorship of Transportation Comet through ProAC ICMS. According to Patricia Ceschi, director of Aymberê and project production director, "The goal is to facilitate access to the arts and, also, awakening new sensibilities and forms of expression ".

A lasting partnership in Parque Vila Maria and region

The "Route of Culture" was developed by Aymberê Artistic Productions in partnership with IJCA, social Institute, educational and cultural connected to the Comet, sponsor of the initiative, through the law to encourage culture of São Paulo - ProAC ICMS.

The idea, however, It did not start now and will not stop here. According to Patricia Ceschi: "Since 2017, we developed a set of culture and actions oriented art to the public Parque Vila Maria, district where the headquarters of the Comet and the São Paulo unit IJCA ". The idea is to develop continuing socio-cultural intervention strategies, as theater projects, photography, literature and visual arts, to name a few already made. Many young people and adults have been participating in various projects, accumulating experiences and using it all for their own artistic activities. This shows how the continuity of the work can be a key differentiator.

About Aymberê

Founded in 2010 by Patricia Ceschi, the Aymberê Artistic Productions offers unique designs of art and culture seeking to approach contemporary artistic languages, questions relevant and sociocultural transformation to all audiences. In partnership with artists and institutions, the Aymberê is notable by copyright proposed performing arts, visual arts, literature, photography, integrated arts, among many other.

About IJCA

Founded in 2004 by Jelson entrepreneur Costa Antunes and maintained by JCA Group, the institute works on the view that social inequality is an issue to be overcome for the establishment of a better society. For this, We chose to act in the areas of education and culture, with projects that improve opportunities for young people and carried into a future with more choice.

The IJCA has contributed to the inclusion of some 3.000 young professionals in space and higher education.

About IJCA leader, along with other public and private organizations, a move to qualify the educational policies in the Metropolitan Region East Fluminense of Rio de Janeiro and acts in the past two years in expansion projects encouraged concatenated to the areas of culture and sport in São Paulo, in particular, for the young residents of the Park Villa Maria.

Workshop of the Word – facing educators
Dates: 04 to 08, 11 to 15 and 18 and 19 February (12 meetings)
Timetables: Tuesday to Friday from 18:30 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 9:30 to 12:30
Local: House of culture of Chennai (Oscar da Silva Square, 110 / (11) 2909-0065)
Inscription: forms.gle/6g2uzwKyZE7FD9op6
Questions and more information: aymbereprodart@gmail.com


Minibio two servers:

Maurice Ayer: teacher, poet, playwright, translator and editor, Ayer currently teaches French literature at FFLCH / USP, which is responsible for the French Theater and Poetry disciplines French I. Degree in Music / Composition by FASM, a doctorate and post-doctorate at FFLCH / USP and expertise at the University of Paris 8, France. With a strong presence in various art-education projects, also conducts research on intersections between the arts, especially between literature and music.

Danielle Maciel: Danielle Maciel is Doctor and Master in Communication Sciences from ECA-USP and a degree in Letters from FFLCH-USP (Portuguese-Italian). Works with projects focused on education, Culture and Communication for fifteen years, developing teacher training and materials production and Formative teaching courses and reading workshops and literary production activities, community newspaper, journals, scripts of videos and radio programs. Was Supervisor and Teacher Art of Literature and Creative Writing Culture Factories Program and is part of Arc School-Cooperative.

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