The Secret Door of Cynthia Ross, by Juliana Vannucchi

Cynthia Ross, Toronto, April 2024. Photo: Rick McGinnis.

Canadian bassist and poet Cynthia Ross, one of New York's biggest punk legends, breathes art from a young age, It was during his childhood that he learned to play the piano. Later on, Ross switched to double bass and experienced all the effervescence of the most explosive period of North American punk rock in his youth., … Read more

IAzinha: Brasil, land of thousand colors

IAzinha. Image of benzoix on Freepik.

IAzinha is an adorable and curious artificial intelligence, designed to spread joy and fun. With a light and relaxed personality, IAzinha seeks to make interaction with artificial intelligence a pleasant and captivating experience. With a touch of robotic humor, IAzinha tries to make users smile. Your responses can include clever puns and jokes … Read more

Journalist Maria Clara Parente launches second book of poetry, 'Push the Floor’

Maria Clara Parente, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Autograph session takes place 26/3, at Livraria Janela, from 5 pm Push the floor (7letters) it's an invitation to other types of movement during the paralysis of hard times. Some themes like death, refuges, failure and “slowness” as an alternative within a world that works 24/7 são temas do livro de poemas escritoRead more


Italo Moriconi, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

The poet and professor of History of Art Nuno Rau leads a workshop on Poetic Experimentation between 9/8 and 29/11, always on mondays, from 17h to 19h, by Instituto Estação das Letras. The meetings are online and will work with the thought and practice of the poem today: what is the poem? The … Read more

Come to Poemarço – Poetry Party

Poemarço, 2021. Disclosure.

Come to Poemarço… The first edition of the Poetry Festival – Poemarço, celebrates poetic art in a diversity of languages ​​building dialogues, exchanging knowledge and spreading the pleasure and taste for reading and writing poetry. The event that takes place between the days 10 and 14 March 2021, totally online, honors, in this edition, of the poet … Read more

Digital Library Award, by Rosângela Vig

Digital Library Award, featured. Disclosure.

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: The Public Library of Paraná is open for registration for the Digital Library Award, your new literary contest. The award was created to encourage the production and circulation of unpublished books in e-book format and will select works in four categories: Romance, Account, Poetry and Children. They may … Read more

Women write about eroticism with poetry

Erotic collection “69 poems and some essays”, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Publishers Oficina Raquel and Jandaíra are launching the erotic collection “69 poems and some essays”, organized by Raquel Menezes with support from the collective Women who Write. With 49 poets from all over Brazil, the anthology is made to meet the woman's need to talk about sex, sexuality, feminine and feminism. According to the organizers, is a … Read more

Book turns poetry into a mosaic of feelings

Alexandra Vieira de Almeida. Photo: Tiberius Drumond.

A mural of layers that overlap each other. This is the feeling that the writer Alexandra Vieira de Almeida intends to convey to the reader through the book “Panel”, which reaches its second edition. The idea is to create, through poetry, a mosaic with varied elements, mixing, on your pages, the … Read more

Held monthly by Instituto Estação das Letras, Remember Childhood wins virtual edition for debate about Dalí and Murilo Mendes

Remember Childhoods, May / 2020. Disclosure.

Meeting will be in 28/05, Thursday, from 18h to 20h, by Zoom Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and miner Murilo Mendes, one of the great poets of the 20th century, will be the theme of Remember Childhood, promovido mensalmente pelo Instituto Estação das Letras. The writers Suzana Vargas and Ninfa Parreiras will mediate this edition of the meeting, live, day … Read more