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Quarantine Project, team. Photo: Disclosure.

Quarantine Project: incentive to the production and sale of works during and according to quarantine conditions

Artists from all over the country were invited to propose works according to quarantine conditions. All works will be sold for the same amount and divided, also, among all, besides an extra quota being reverted to the emergency fund of Casa Chama, supporting trans people.

São Paulo, April 2020 – Faced with this context of uncertainties and interruption of daily life due to the pandemic of Invid-19, with the suspension in the operation of museums, cultural centers, galleries, art fairs, artist residencies, workshops, plus layoffs, show and sales cancellations, the Quarentine project proposes a kind of cooperative of artists from Brazil, where all works have the same price and what is sold has its value shared equally among all.

Created by artists Lais Myrrha and Marilá Dardot, by the curator Cristiana Tejo, and Julia Morelli, founder of the 55SP platform, the project arises from careful reflection on the great challenges the world faces due to the new coronavirus pandemic and more specifically its impact on the field of visual arts in Brazil. The group proposes a collective experiment of re-imagining an economic model for the arts.

In the project, artists from all regions of the country collaborate, trajectory moments, genders and races that have been invited to propose works according to quarantine conditions (home, with the materials and instruments available). The works - drawings, digital prints, sound art, videos, Photos, texts, instructions etc - were designed so that they can be sent digitally and performed (downloaded, printed and / or executed) pelx purchaser also in quarantine conditions. Jobs will only be viewed by people who buy them. There is the intention to make an online exhibition with the proposals developed in the project at the end of the period of social distance and the fight against the pandemic in Brazil.

The project will be online starting this Monday, 13 April 2020, and can be accessed at: www.55sp.art/quarantine

An extra quota was created to be donated to the emergency fund to support trans people affected by Covid-19 and assisted by Casa Chama, a civil organization of socio-cultural actions focused on Transvestigêneres artists.

Participate in the project:

Ana Dias Batista
The main pound
Arissana Pataxó
Armando Queiroz
Bruno Faria
Caetano Costa
Cinthia Marcelle and Diran Castro
Clara Ianni
Clarice Cunha
Daniel Lie
Deborah Bolsoni
Denilson Baniwa
Fabiana Faleiros
Fabio Morais
Fabio Tremonte
Fernando Cardoso
Guto Lacaz
Jaime Lauriano
Janaina Wagner
João Loureiro
Laercio Redondo
Lais Myrrha
Lenora de Barros
Lia Chaia
Lucas Bambozzi
Clandestine Manauara
Marcellvs L.
Marcia Xavier
Marco Paulo Rolla
Mariana de Matos
Marilá Dardot
Marta Neves
Maurício Ianês
Nicolas Robbio
Patricia Francisco
Paulo Bruscky
Rafael RG
Ricardo Basbaum
Romy Pocztaruk
Rosangela Renno
Sara Has No Name Sara
Ramo Traplev
Yana Tamayo
Yuri Firmness

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