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Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?. Photo: Decorator photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.
Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?. Photo: Decorator photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.

Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?

A attention is one of the biggest keys to a successful renovation.. However, those who work in the area know that just paying attention does not shape your steps.. Choose quality finishes is one of the phases of greatest aesthetic importance and that values ​​your property.

After the structuring and foundation stage of a work, finishes are rethought and installed in your project. A management of residential works it is essential at this time. The choices at this stage have an impact on what you want in your work.

For minor perrengues, it is good to have more knowledge of what will happen and what to expect in this final moment. Once the finishes are finished, your work goes through the smallest details and will already be delivered to buyers.

What happens at this stage of the project?

At this moment it is extremely natural that many professionals in different areas are working, not just the masons. We can count on professionals like:

  • Painters;
  • plasterers;
  • electricians;
  • woodworkers.

Identifying the finishes and your needs makes it easier when choosing the set for each environment, in addition to assisting with accessories that can be added at the end of your project. For example, with correct choices we were able to unite finishes to a interleaved toilet paper dispenser.

Despite the finishing phase being one of the last, is not synonymous with speed. Processes can often take time, so the result will be better done and will have more quality. Combining quality and good choices, the property will be perfect.

There are specific finishes, whether they are for walls or floors. Each has its own names, presenting characteristics for different areas, be external, internal or differentiating details such as whether it can get wet or not.

Among some materials that can be used and researched we have: tablets, laminated, wood, tile, burnt cement, ceramics, stones, vinyl, porcelain, among many others that the architect and professionals in the field can explore.

Each material will have its finish, and your choices are crucial to the results. For example, searching for paintings one can come to the conclusion that a epoxy paint company may be more viable to the project than an acrylic-based paint.

Size and quality of materials

Knowing how much you will use of each material is considerable to avoid waste, be they financial or materials of your work. With this economy, new redirects can happen, aiming for more quality.

With the help of a professional, the correct orientation of each finish and its quantities will be done in view of the objectives of the work. By security measure, It is recommended to buy 10% more than was mapped for possible unforeseen.

There are a lot of details involved., quality materials affect performance and how that material will be integrated. In addition to affecting the duration, these materials will affect the valuation of the property in the market.

What happens at this stage?

The finish becomes responsible for everything that can be observed after finishing, so some processes are necessary for better results and organization. It is important to keep in mind the cost-benefit of each area, because often the cheap can be expensive for you.

When the subject is residential condominium construction, several professionals come together for better and faster results and achievement of buyers' expectations.

fashion can influence

just like the clothes, fashion can influence constructions. Currently, following trends has become a great choice, especially for those who are up to date with the news, but for those who want more timeless finishes it may be different.

Choice may be influenced by trends, but it must also be taken into account that, over the years, the client may not see that project with so much sophistication and modernity. Smart forward-thinking choices are also very interesting.

An example of fashion that is welcome and well oriented is the help of thermal tile factory. in this fashion, beyond appearance, the effectiveness of results is immense and the cost-benefit is evident in the first years or even days of use.

Best finishes for each area

But how do you know which are the best choices for your room?? After all, with so many options, wanting to follow lines of influences between the concepts of your project to what is in high, always aiming at the customer or imagining its buyers, it's hard to choose.

As a start it is interesting to think that, if its intention and construction or renovation is carried out on the basis of a building, the start takes place in the halls and elevators. To hire elevator modernization companies that help in the automation of your property is the best choice.


Living and dining rooms are usually the first ones people come across when they enter a home., so caprichar in decoration of them is essential for the property to be valued, After all, the first impression is the strongest..

The recommendations are many, but for great notoriety there are the best known, as for example: us floors, the most recommended is porcelain, which is the most used coating because it is a resistant material and found in several textures, colors and formats.

Another option is vinyl or laminate flooring., also very used, can imitate wood and harmonize very well with, providing a view and feeling of coziness, family and home to the environment.

The walls, on the other hand, have seen a rise in textured coatings, creating high relief and geometric shapes. They give the room a modern look., making it more prominent. It is a technique that is being increasingly sought after in homes..

Two other options for this surface are wallpapers and 3D plasters., that bring the same possibility and idea, both with their possibilities. Consideration should be given to the cost-effectiveness and cleaning methods and ease of each, since only beauty does not exalt the finish.


The bedroom is an environment in which we stay more and more. resting place, rest and for some, especially the younger ones, dream building site, jokes and personality.

Comfort is always the priority here.. Since people are usually barefoot in their rooms, targeting the quality of the floors is important in this step, so the resident will be satisfied and will have a great use of the choices.

Because there are many choices that are difficult to know, of builder commercial and industrial works can assist those who will enter the renovation journey alone or even those who intend to build for their venture.

Hardwood floors are the most used in bedrooms., the explanation is that organic materials are more likely to absorb heat. already for walls, wallpapers are the most chosen, diversifying with the style of the room and providing several options.


In bathrooms there is a limitation due to humidity and its consequences. Excess water should be something thought during all choices of finishes and even furniture in the place.. It is ideal that all elements are chosen for their water resistance.

The bathroom and sink environment, for example, have the best options for floors such as porcelain or ceramic. To avoid accidents, since they are slippery floors, you can opt for a selection of textured coatings.

saying about fashion, the inserts in the bathrooms never go out of style, but we also have granite and marble as classics, that always make the environment elegant. Already as accessories, metals for faucets, towel holders, among others, are always among the top choices.

LED lights are chosen for all environments to remain authentic and with better lighting.. Get in touch with a led light supplier may be the best search for those who want a bright and cozy environment.


For the kitchen, finishes prioritize easy cleaning and resistance, keeping in mind the greater flow of circulation and the greater use of this area. Coating the walls can help clean and prevent moisture that may.

Tiles are the most popular choice for the kitchen, where there is a wide variety of colors, prints and formats, each made for a better combination of space. We have some options:

  • Porcelain;
  • Marble;
  • tablet;
  • Hydraulic tile;
  • Mosaic;
  • Stone;
  • Burnt cement.

In this environment, cabinetmakers can be a good option in conjunction with a project that has the appliances in this space in mind. A custom-made countertop can fit in well depending on the size of the space reserved for each area., thus bringing comfort and practicality.

a good builder

Keep in mind that a construction company with reliable professionals who make your building, construction or renovation a serious and safe project is the primary choice. All choices before and after finishing are important for the functioning of the work as a whole..

All phases depend on each other for better execution, regardless of its purpose and process, it is important to keep in mind the safety and trust of those who will do your work.

With everything that's been said, it is clear that finishing is in itself one of the most satisfying and also important stages, bringing all the effort of the previous phases to the result of its execution, always aiming at all objectives and characteristics.

The choice of ideal finishes is what will give the buyer the autonomy to look and identify, wrapping a target, goal to execution. Choices made with quality will be presented visually and over time, thus valuing all the work of the team.

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