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“Breathing Nature”

Artist “based” in Teresópolis, Bianca Land presents a solo show at Centro Cultural Correios RJ

After working for years at a frenetic pace in the Creative Department of a large advertising agency, Bianca Land decided to change the air and breathe. and be inspired.


In the early 90, when he went to live in the mountains, the artist began to dedicate herself essentially to the art of painting. The result can be seen from the day 9 February, opening date of your individual “Breathing Nature”, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ, curated by Beatriz Padilla and produced by Francisco Menescal.

The nature, how could it not be, is a recurring theme in works entitled “Orvalho”, “Waters”, "Foliage", for example, using the technique of acrylic paint on canvas. Works that flirt with the impressionist movement were selected, in shades ranging from blue to orange, mostly in medium and large formats.


“Breathing Nature”

“Bianca Land Farah is an artist inspired by nature. Born in Rio de Janeiro, lived his childhood in a Farm in Petrópolis, in connection with the forest and the animals. Free and very expressive and spontaneous, always had art as his means of communication.

And it was fair Social Communication, who decided to study at PUC in Rio de Janeiro. As an adult, chose to go deeper into the woods, going to live in a small farm with a waterfall on the ground, in Teresópolis. It was there that Bianca formed her family with Eduardo Small., bringing your great passions to the world, the sons Arthur and Raphael.


ongoing multidisciplinary art education program at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, it was in your little paradise, who began his career as an artist, initially painting oil paintings and currently acrylic paint. Naturally, the identity of your painting, brings the strength of its communion with the Earth and, more than that, invites us to share his breath of nature. On the screens of the beautiful exhibition “Breathing Nature”, Bianca's choice of life is expressed, your identification with the explosion of colors, forms, life, love and energy.

They are canvases that tell much more than a casual look can imagine.. Screens that tell of the sensitive experience of immersion in the soul of nature, in firm and strong brushstrokes by the vibration of colors and, at the same time delicate and smooth, because of the sweet look of this great artist”.

Beatriz Padilha, January 2023.

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Learn more about Bianca Land

The artist Bianca Land graduated in communication from PUC and after having worked in the Creative Department of the McCann Erickson agency, dedicates himself exclusively to painting.

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Among his achievements we highlight exhibitions in different cities, participation in the arts circuit in Rio de Janeiro, performance in the Morar Mais por Menos project, receiving an honorable mention from Só Arte Teresópolis, the creation of decorative frescoes at SENAC Petrópolis, and the collaboration as an art educator at SESC Teresópolis and at the Tia Anastácia home. Her most recent work is as a set designer at the FESO Pro Arte Cultural Center.


“Breathing Nature”
Opening: 9 February, farm, the 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Visitation: from 10 of February to 2 April 2023
Curated By: Beatriz Padilla
Visual programming: Arthur Land Small
Local: Cultural Center Correios RJ
Address: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 - Center – RJ
Time: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 7:00 pm
Free entrance

artist contacts

Instagram: @biancatfland/@land_bianca
Facebook: Bianca Land Farah/Bianca Land Artes
E-mail: btlf1969@gmail.com

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