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Rolé Carioca National Museum, before the fire. Photo: Thiago Diniz.
Rolé Carioca National Museum, before the fire. Photo: Thiago Diniz.

Virtual Tour Visit: National Museum

Continuing the virtual program - which has had weekly lives about history and everyday life in the city - the Rolé Carioca Project will offer a virtual visit to the National Museum next Sunday, day 12 July, às 10h, Zoom platform. Guided by the national coordinator of the History course at Estácio, Rodrigo Queen, the tour will commemorate the Museum's anniversary - which now in June completed 202 years - and the need to enhance this city's heritage.

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“The fire that destroyed a good part of the collection of the National Museum was a moment of deep sadness, not only for Cariocas but for all Brazilians. Rolé visited the Museum in 2018, just before the fire, gathering about of 600 people. It was one of our most memorable tours because many people had never entered the museum building, even though they go to Quinta da Boa Vista. Go back, although virtually, is a way of reinforcing the importance of preserving the historical heritage, public policies to promote and safeguard and enhance memory, also considering their deletions. Rolé is, since, about this", says professor Rodrigo Rainha. ”

The Rolé Carioca Project is sponsored by the City of Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, ONS and Estácio, through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law, in addition to Lecca's support, Invest and 27th World Congress of Architects – UIA 2021 and Co-sponsorship of First RH Group and Shift Service Management.

Active in projects that contribute to the country's social and cultural development, Estácio promotes the Educar para Transformar Corporate Social Responsibility Program. The program, that supports initiatives in five pillars – Sport, School, Citizenship, Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - reflects Estácio's commitment to providing accessible, quality education and, and, generate a positive impact for the construction of a more just society.

Virtual Tour Visit: National Museum
Date: 12 July (Sunday)
Time: 10 hours
How to participate: an access link to Zoom will be released at 09h50 in the project profiles on Facebook and Instagram
Free - No registration required
Duration: approximately 2 hours website: www.rolecarioca.com.br
Facebook: /RoleCarioca
Instagram: @rolecarioca

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