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Know how to use lettering in your decoration. Photo: Woman photo created by rawpixel.com - br.freepik.com.
Know how to use lettering in your decoration. Photo: Woman photo created by rawpixel.com - br.freepik.com.

Know how to use lettering in your decoration

Onthe world of decoration, everything can become a good decorative element, you just need to be creative and know how to decorate the chosen material with the organization of the place. what goes for objects, colors, images and even through the lettering.

It is precisely because of this variety that it is possible to find the most diverse styles of decoration, that evolve according to the tools and objects to be used by the population in their daily lives, giving value to different pieces.

For years, rare materials like gold, silver and other precious stones were the center of a refined decoration, precisely because of the classic value of these materials, being found in the decoration of castles and old buildings, turned to great kingdoms.

in earlier times, materials carved in stones and ceramics were of greater value in this regard., existing records and even preserved specimens of decorative ceramics from ancient egyptian kingdoms.

Continuing on this temporal journey, the use of wood and elements of natural origin by indigenous tribes can be highlighted, Bamboo pieces among Asian peoples, or the use of iron and mechanical materials from the industrial revolution.

Currently, it is possible to use leftovers from used computers, in addition to pieces such as keyboards and monitors to bring a different look to your home, what could only be seen in an artistic installation before.

There are different styles of decor that are able to be complemented by common elements., like a picture or a custom acrylic mug.

A journey of possibilities that accompanies the great renewals of society, which is in a constant process of updating, with different communities using the written form as a possibility to tell their stories.

And of such importance of words, it's easy to understand how they themselves gained a decorative appreciation., being able to spruce up your living room, your bedroom and even your work environment.

Lettering: the art with words

A lettering is a type of art in which words are used as decoration themes, going beyond the content present in this set of letters, but thinking about the visual organization of these terms.

On lettering the sentences are not written but drawn, with each letter having a different visual style, whether linked or not to the content present in these words, being more important its aesthetic construction, and where this type of art will be applied.

For those who are currently studying or who are close to a student, like a teacher, it is quite common to find in your classroom several notebooks decorated with art in lettering, given its practicality and the aesthetic value that this art has today.

And lettering it is not only present on the sheets of paper, can be found in graffiti on street walls, in custom acrylic plates, positioned in commercial establishments, in addition to advertisements displayed at bus stops.

The popularity of lettering it's such that when typing the term on Youtube, the most diverse results will appear on the results pages, with channels specialized in teaching users how to practice the lettering, with technical tips and pen recommendations.

Given the aesthetic value of this art, it didn't take long for this decorative item to come out of the paper pages to stamp the walls of the properties, being found so much in commercial establishments, like work offices and residential properties.

Thus, it is currently possible to see the lettering being planned from the beginning of architecture residential projects, as a required item for room decoration, according to the artistic interests of the person who recommended this work.

However, it is important to remember that the lettering achieved this highlight also for its ease of being reached, requiring only one surface to be drawn, a specialized pen for such an environment and, of course, the talent for drawing with words.

A set that allows you to individually decorate your apartment, all you need to do is choose the best type of material on which this written art will be printed in your home..

So let's browse through this variety of words and styles, through the best tips to bring the art of lettering into your property.

Ways to bring lettering to your decor

Just as different letter combinations can bring different meanings, with the formation of a specific word, the application of lettering in different materials can result in different artistic results matching a particular style.

With this, the lettering can be applied to materials such as:

  • Madeira;
  • Glass;
  • Blackboard;
  • Mugs;
  • Glasses;
  • Posters.

Soon, It is important for the person willing to use this technique as a decorative element to know some of these possibilities.

Lettering on wood

Wood-based materials can be an option to apply lettering, even more when your home already has a traditional or classic style, with furniture or wood flooring, bringing good ornamentation to your decor.

In addition, it is possible to carve directly in the wood, with the hiring of an artistic-based cabinetmaker, but for those looking for a simpler job, direct lettering on wooden boards is also possible.

MDF boards stand out, light, easy-to-handle materials, of those that are delivered in corrugated box, can be purchased directly from specialized stores on the internet, you only need to choose the size you want.

Glass lettering

Glass may not even look like the best of materials to apply a lettering, since, an ordinary pen cannot stick to this type of surface, it can be removed with a simple cloth wet with alcohol or even water.

Therefore, to make your art stay, it is necessary to use a special pen, known as windowmaker, which is made just for marking on video surfaces, like windows among other glass objects.

For the use of lettering in your house, it is recommended to purchase custom glass plates, with this art in words giving this glass plate a look similar to a picture to be hung on the wall.

Chalkboard lettering

If the lettering is an art made with words, nothing makes more sense than adopting this style on a blackboard, just like it's used in schools. The use of a frame allows for a complete renewal of that lettering, daily or weekly.

It is a suitable element to be used in offices and even kitchens., allowing you to write down recipes or notices. And for those who found the quote on the walls and a topic about painting strange, you can turn your columns into blackboards.

With the use of a plaster wall paint black, or a paint of a specific material, makes it possible to use the walls of your bedroom or office as a big picture, allowing the application of different types of lettering.

Lettering on mugs and vases

The application of lettering on smaller materials has a great decorative value, with the placement of these objects at different points in the house, like shelves and tables, highlighting the versatility of this art with words.

To decorate a porcelain mug or a ceramic vase, it is necessary to take these materials to the oven, for the ink to stick to these objects. Something that can be done directly at home or by hiring graphic stores specializing in this work.

Us plastic cups, this job is a little simpler, all it takes is a permanent ink pen and the talent in the hands to apply the lettering.

Lettering on posters

If you are looking for ease, another simple way to apply the art of lettering it's through posters, with the application of ink on the sheets of paper. After that it is possible to hang these posters directly on the wall or frame them, using them as frames.

The size fits the decorator's wishes, being able to use an A4 size sheet, like those available in notebooks, or of larger dimensions, in order to highlight these words in your environment.

Regardless of the material chosen, it is possible to adopt the lettering in the decoration of your environment, seen the way in which this art is complemented with the most different types of styles adopted, from classic to modern.

And that's why we see lettering being used in so many places, as in the decoration of a house, on a storefront, through a specialized plate, found in a manufactures ACM boards, or in different types of offices.

Therefore, to have the same gift in your home, you just need a good dose of creativity.

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