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Sesc Niterói: Female activism is the theme of Priscila Barbosa's solo show


Feminine activism is the theme of an unprecedented solo show by visual artist, muralist and illustrator Priscila Barbosa at Sesc Niterói


Portraits of women mixed with elements linked to domestic chores with symbols of insubordination.

This is how the visual artist Priscila Barbosa builds the narrative that composes her paintings on canvas, hand-painted objects and a 15m² mural in “Ofensiva”, individual unreleased that presents at Sesc Niterói, from day 18 March.


The aim is to provoke the spectator through the opposition: his works reflect the research he has been working on in recent years, about the boundaries between domestic and public life, “dilemma” that has been instilled in women for centuries.

“I created images that at first glance suggest the expected docility of the female gender., enhanced by pink tones, a feature of my production, but which reveal activities of insurgency and rebellion. Painting elements of domestic life combined with revolutionary activities suggests a dialogue between private and public life, a way of rethinking the territories that are offered to us”, says the artist. “The idea is precisely to circumvent the separation between the personal and the political, reaffirmed by the isolation we suffer when relegated to the particularity of the interior of a house whose maintenance has drained us for generations”.


paint the domestic, the kitchen utensils, handcrafted decoration in the midst of tasks that suggest revolutionary and warlike tactical actions envisages a scenario in which the house is placed as a center of community activity, of socialization and, mainly, of collectivization of reproductive work.

In addition to the works presented inside the exhibition hall, a mural will be made on the external wall, in such a way that the approached theme breaks the architectural borders and maintains the discussion about the private and the public.

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Muralism is one of the pillars of Priscila Barbosa's career, that works in Brazilian urban art, honoring the traditions of Latin muralism and taking political discussions to the streets and open spaces.

Murais not “Le Colors Festival Paris and “Les3Murs”

The iconography of the contemporary revolutionary woman with a focus on Latin America has been the subject of investigation by the visual artist from São Paulo, Priscila Barbosa, for some time now..

In February, Priscilla, who is also a muralist and illustrator, saw his mural entitled “Stand up” reverberate at “Le Colors Festival Paris”, one of the greatest urban art, which this year occupied 4,500m², gathering about of 80 segment artists.

The work remains on display until December 2023 and proposes a reflection on the relationship between everyday women in the construction of feminism and revolutionary posture. She has just participated in another big project in France – o “Les3murs” -, that seeks to give visibility to Latin American artists there.

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In “Latinas Fervilhando” the artist created her self-portrait in a perspective of attack, as if it could be followed by spectators from behind.

Learn more about Priscila Barbosa

Priscila Barbosa is a visual artist, muralist and illustrator from São Paulo. She graduated in Visual Arts from Belas Artes and has extensions in Contemporary Masculinities, Postcolonial Feminism in Latin America and The State and the Body, all from PUC/SP. The artist is managed by Aborda, the only Brazilian career management platform for visual artists in Brazil.

Among festivals that participated recently, Worth highlighting or Colors Festival (2023, Paris), Nalata International Urban Art Festival (2020, São Paulo), jaguar parade (2022, New York) and Artecore – MAM (2018, Rio de Janeiro).

"Offensive" – Priscila Barbosa
Opening: day 18 March, Saturday, às 14h.
Visitation: from 20 March to 31 May 2023
Local: Sesc Niterói
Address: Rua Padre Anchieta, 56 – Saint Domingos, Niterói.
Operation: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 4:00 pm.
artist contacts: @priii_barbosa/https://priscilabarbosa.com
Press information: BriefCom Communications Advisory/Bia Sampaio
(21 98181-8351/biasampaio@briefcom.com.br)
Free entrance

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