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Liquid glass. Photo: Daniel Souza.
Liquid glass. Photo: Daniel Souza.

“SILICA”, film about the production of glass art

Director and visual artist, Camilla Stefanini and Patricia Bagniewski [respectively], launch the documentary medium-length film:


A film, recorded in Murano, in the city of Venice (Italy), presents a brief history of glass from the artist's experience under the eyes of the director

Contemplated in notices of the Conexão Cultura program, of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Federal District, Camilla and Patricia, partners for five years, embarked on a journey of research and immersion in the infinite universe of possibilities in the art of producing artistic works in glass.

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The chosen location, to carry out their work, it was the Berengo Studio in the Murano archipelago, in Venice (IT). The studio is recognized worldwide for introducing glass to the world of contemporary art, and Murano, on the other hand, has been famous since the 14th century when it housed furnaces from which pieces of high quality glass and crystal come out.

No Berengo Studio, Bagniewski improved techniques and knowledge, accumulated for more than 20 years dedicated to art, through Artistic Residency. While Stefanini fulfilled his Cultural Exchange by following the daily life of the Studio and recording the production of contemporary art in glass, having as object the personal experience, Patricia's artistic and technical.

Through mesmerizing images and sounds, the documentary SILICA leads the look of those who watch it by showing the union of the four elements – water, fire, air and earth, that result in art in the application of techniques such as blowing in sugarcane, molding and melting. For Patricia, “Glass is an antagonistic material, because it is both solid and liquid, near and far, where the eyes dance in its transparency ”.

With over eight years of experience in the audiovisual market, the director Stefanini believes to present an important record for the national culture, “SILICA highlights the career and work of one of the few Brazilian women who master different techniques in glass art, highlights.

The film is a production of UN1DADE Audiovisual, directed by Camilla Stefanini, and FUZJA Studio, de Patricia Bagniewski.

Documentary: “SILICA”
Premiere: 20 April 2021
Season in poster: Day 20 at 8 pm until the day 21 at 8 pm (24hrs no ar)
Free viewing on the website: un1dade.com



Direction and Editing: Camilla Stefanini; Screenplay and Narration: Patricia Bagniewski; Director of photography: Daniel Souza; Made by: UN1DADE Audiovisual and FUZJA Studio.

Camilla Stefanini – Founder and Director of UN1DADE Audiovisual, brand created with the aim of bringing together professionals and specialized partners for the development of audiovisual projects around the world. Project Internationalization Specialist, Cinema Direction and Audiovisual Content Editing.

Patricia Bagniewski – Multidisciplinary visual artist, with more than 20 years of research with the glass material. Has participated in several exhibitions, national and international art salons and artistic residencies.

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