Bahia production “Ocean” Inspired by Thornton Wilder's book

Image for illustrative purposes only. Wirestock image on Freepik.

Directed and written by Bruno Masi, the Bahian film is an independent production of Rainha Cinema Digital Freely inspired by Thornton Wilder's work “Nossa Cidade”, “Oceano” is the new feature film directed by Bahian director Bruno Masi. The film was produced completely independently and collaboratively by the production company Rainha Cinema Digital and recently … Read more

Live movie “Today is not a good day” debate on sorority and the precariousness of pandemic capitalism

Live movie “Today is not a good day”, price. Disclosure.

Authored by director Priscila Lima, show will be live and online, bringing up debate and new forms of technology for the theater The setting is social isolation, a video call is opened by two women who initiate an erotic conversation, but the mood of the meeting changes when a … Read more

Movie «The Woman in the Window»: What is Agoraphobia?

The film «The Woman in the Window», the new success of Netflix, addresses agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder. O PhD, neuroscientist and neuropsychologist Fabiano de Abreu explains what the disease is, as well as diagnosis and treatment. Segundo Fabiano de Abreu, no new disorders are emerging, mas a condição social atual acaba porRead more

“SILICA”, film about the production of glass art

Liquid glass. Photo: Daniel Souza.

Director and visual artist, Camilla Stefanini and Patricia Bagniewski [respectively], launch the documentary medium-length film: SILICA The film, recorded in Murano, in the city of Venice (Italy), presents a brief history of glass from the artist's experience under the eyes of the director Contemplated in notices of the Conexão Cultura program, of the Secretariat of Culture and Economy … Read more

MURUNDU OF BOOKS, I.R.M.A. - Russian invasion in the Atlantic Forest

Celina Sodré, Celia Maracajá (on the body) and Clara Choveaux. Photo: Leo of the Jungle.

MURUNDU DE BOOKS A Contemporary Indigenous, a White Man and the spirits of nine Russian authors meet in the Atlantic Forest on a night of resurrection In a clearing of the Atlantic Forest, a Contemporary Indigenous and a White Man, sick, drink Ayahuasca. The indigenous woman starts a shamanic healing ritual and from the moment she finds … Read more

Documentary “Aznavour Por Charles” has its debut confirmed in 7 January 2021 at the movies

Aznavour Por Charles documentary, price. Disclosure.

Directed by Marc di Domenico with the voice of Romain Duris, the documentary intimately and irreverently portrays the life of French singer Charles Aznavour, using images shot by himself with a camera that he received as a gift from Edith Piaf. Narrated by French actor Romain Duris, the film tells the story of the French singer from … Read more

Friday 13: Session Midnight has anticipated horror film premiere

Cine ride could not go unnoticed on the day considered the most mystifying of all: Friday 13. The Session Midnight will have the premiere, This Friday, the rooms Cine and Cine Ritz Light, the horror feature film expected "Evil not expected Night - Midsommar", Ari acid. O filme segue a históriaRead more

historical drama "The Price of Peace" wins release in digital platforms

São Paulo, June 2018 - The film "The Price of Peace", first feature film director Paulo Morelli, It was launched on 21 June on iTunes, Google Play e NOW. shot in 1999 and released on 2003, o drama histórico conta a história real de uma revolução e um barão no final do SéculoRead more

Documentary about Francisco Brennand is featured in Short!

The story of one of the leading names in Brazilian art activity comes to Short! Tuesday of Arts, 13, at 21.25. The documentary "Francisco Brennand", signed by the great-niece of the artist, Mariana Brennand, describes the career of Pernambuco from his diary - started more than 60 years – containing records of his life. Painter, … Read more

Philos session presents "the life and work of Frida Kahlo" on NET Station Ipanema, free, on 20 of June, with discussion after the film

Philos session presents "the life and work of Frida Kahlo" on NET Station Ipanema 1. Disclosure.

Professor Vanessa de Oliveira and curator Daniela Name mediate debate about the artist's career and influence in art and the symbolism behind her name The next edition of the Philos Session portrays the colors and struggles - personal and political - of the most influential 20th century Mexican artist, … Read more