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corner sofas: tips on how to use. Photo: Easy photo created by senivpetro - br.freepik.com
corner sofas: tips on how to use. Photo: Easy photo created by senivpetro - br.freepik.com

corner sofas: tips on how to use

Aa corner sofas are a very sought after and appreciated type of sofa, capable of making any environment surprising and welcoming.

At the same time sophisticated and sought after by the majority, the corner sofa is often a headache in a very narrow room, restrictions end up being greater for this type of sofa. So that now, there are solutions.

And for you to clear all your doubts, in this article we will give tips on how to use this type of sofa, how are they better positioned, how they fit into different environments, and much more. Come check out all these tips with us!

corner sofas: synonymous with sophistication

Versatile, modular, sophisticated and worthy of inspiration on Pinterest, corner sofas are the most desired by those who love decoration.

They are suitable for any type of environment., and are highly recommended for those who like to innovate and bet on the sophistication of environments.

They create a classic atmosphere, and at the same time create an extremely cozy feeling

So that now, not only in rooms, this type of sofa can serve for various locations and business strategies. That's what we're going to cover throughout this content..

In other words, depending on the type of environment you want to create, corner sofas are ideal

for houses big and small, companies from different segments, etc. because they adapt to different environments.

corner sofa measurements

Obviously, there are corner sofas for smaller spaces, but, before falling too much in love with this kind of sofa (which is something very difficult) you have to deal with your measurements.

In this case, two variants really come into play: the dimensions of the sofa itself and those of your living room. let's start from the first, whereas a standard corner sofa usually consists of three seats on the longer side and two on the shorter side.

The minimum size for two people is 120 centimeters, although for obvious reasons of comfort the ideal would be 155-160 centimeters; if there are three seats, the dimensions increase by about thirty centimeters, getting at 180-190.

So that now, usually, corner sofas have above 200 centimeters, precisely because they have the proposal of sophistication and comfort. If your room supports these measures, can celebrate.

A forest seedling company, for example, you can have a sophisticated sofa in your space to highlight with the most cheerful decor, this creates a positive impact on the environment.

So that now, calm, if it doesn't fit in your room, There are several options of corner sofas for small environments, like the retractable ones, obviously they are not as sophisticated as the standard standard ones., but they can create a sophisticated environment in the same way.

You just need to pay attention to the measurements when choosing yours., because it is important that it is harmonious and not dysfunctional in the space of your living room.

How to position corner sofas

Corner sofas can be suitable for all types of environments.

They can be positioned either flush with the walls or in the center of the room., it depends on your choice and the environment to be inserted.

The models also vary a lot, from the simplest characterized by a design, even more popular ones.

And the styles vary a lot, like the ones that already come with pillows, reclining seats and backrests, different seams and finishes, etc.

We'll give you tips from various environments in different contexts so you can understand how this sofa fits wherever you want.!

in buildings, condominiums or open spaces

A management of residential works requires everything to work properly. As for example, in buildings and condominiums, it may be a good option to put a corner sofa at the reception. Despite being a space that few people use, is still a considerable option for this type of environment..

This applies to any type of residential. This because, there are several more sophisticated buildings that require a proper reception.

Obviously, each condo is free to furnish its outdoor space as you wish, but it is something that must be thought of so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the building.

In other words, even though it is evident that the tables, chairs, Removable curtains and furniture do not affect the formal architecture of the building, can still compromise the harmony of the environment.

So that now, usually, during a residential condominium construction already thought and planned the type of decoration and furniture that will be used. Therefore, if you own a building, and wants to provide a more sophisticated air to the residential, It's good to pay attention to these questions..

In offices and commercial environments

In commercial and office environments it is common to find corner sofas. However, this is not to say that places of more cheerful ventures cannot have this type of sofa..

People are attracted to what is important and curious, so without a doubt this is a golden tip for companies with more fun environments.

And it can also work for a company of car upholstery cleaning, for example. In other words, usually this type of business place has a more messy and dirty characteristic because it is cars, and certainly, generates a lot of dirt.

However, reception can surprise customers. Imagine customers arriving and being surprised in a sophisticated waiting room with a corner sofa and environment all suited for a long wait.? Without doubt, they will recommend the location to others, this draws a lot of attention.

In short, business decorations also enter as marketing strategies without using words. This is called management of corporate works that must be thought through with strategy and planning.

in rooms of the house

The room area should convey coziness, comfort and refinement, reason why each element of this space must be chosen with the utmost attention.

The sofa is definitely the protagonist of every room and should create an atmosphere of well-being and calm.. If your room is big, feel privileged to be able to choose the most diverse models of corner sofas, in different sizes.

So that now, in short, regardless of color, or your decoration proposal, the corner sofa will suit and can be an amazing choice for your environment.

in small spaces

Corner sofas are perfect for any type of decor in large living rooms., but they can perform an ideal function even in the case of smaller rooms.

Obviously, in this case, the issue of functional space becomes more difficult, but there are several models, such as, for example, retractable ones with smaller dimensions.

and don't worry, this does not mean a proportional reduction in comfort, on the contrary. A small corner sofa can and should be just as comfortable as a larger one.. Just choose a good quality sofa.

Before proceeding with the purchase, therefore, make sure the seats are comfortable, with the correct depth and density to allow you to relax well in your living room.

for small environments, it is better to prefer sofas flush with the wall, not to take up too much space.

Placing a corner sofa in the center of a small room would mean hampering the entire space of the room., and consequently, would be quite dysfunctional. Therefore, this is the trick for small environments.

Another important point is not to position them near a door, as it can hamper functionality as well, then, use custom door mats it's something beautiful, However, you have to be very careful to make sure everything is perfect..

When to change sofa?

You don't necessarily need to change your sofa every year., there is no rule. If it's a good sofa, it lasts many years. So that now, if in case it has many signs of use, you can try some things to renew it like:

  • To place retractable sofa cover;
  • Hire dry cleaning service;
  • Hire services to renovate your sofa;
  • Add more greenhouses and increase seat density.

So that now, whenever the harmony of the decor is compromised and you are uncomfortable (to), Sofa replacement is recommended, since, the decor goes far beyond physical comfort, and also, something emotional, where you need to feel good in the environment.

For the correct care of your sofa, you have to keep it clean, and should be positioned away from sources of heat and light to prevent it from being damaged.

In addition, it should be remembered that it should only be cleaned with mild, non-aggressive detergents. There are specific companies that do upholstery dry cleaning.

But always remember that buying for quality is the best option.. the thicknesses, the quality of raw material, the finishes change the durability of the sofa, and the good thing is that there are synthetic fiber outdoor furniture for these environments.

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