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SPITI. opens with auction of Regina Pinho de Almeida's collection

Renato Magalhães Gouvêa Jr. and Fabio Cimino run the house

A SPITI. arrives in the cultural market and presents itself as the newest alternative to promote art for collectors and formation of new audiences. A union of the experiences of Renato Magalhães Gouvêa Jr. and Fabio Cimino with recognized trajectory in the segment, to SPITI. (Home) – name meaning 'house' in Greek, reference to auctions from Ancient Greece – has in its base concept the intention to reframe the universe of auctions with a fusion between the contemporary and the tradition.

A SPITI. born bringing as a fundamental principle the dignification of the work of art. The management of a work must take place in order to exalt what it really is: a fragment of history. As defined by Renato Magalhães Gouvêa, there is 42 years, an auction is "the space where the knowledge of some and the perquisitive interest of others walk to fill gaps".

The Brazilian art market is ready to be redirected to strengthen traditional collectors, how much to make room for new ones to emerge. Therefore, the new house is the catalyst for this change. Through an original and careful curation, each auction will be a meeting that celebrates the power of enchantment contained in each of the works.

In its inaugural auction, to SPITI. was chosen to transform a significant part of the personal collection of Regina Pinho de Almeida in a cultural legacy of indefinable value. The collector's collection, one of the biggest influences of the Brazilian art market and an active figure in institutions such as MAM/SP and MASP as an advisor, reflects the originality and diversity that are the main features of its collection. hoarded in the last 20 years, the collection contains a wide variety of techniques and works. The uniqueness of the auction is, precisely, in this unobvious merger, and which has been carefully built over the years. His collection was received with the fundamental certainty of the following principle: a work of art must be handled in a way that dignifies it, highlighting your singularities so that not only your physical body is passed on, but so is your story.

A cutout with 95 works from the personal collection of Regina Pinho de Almeida, presenting diverse techniques such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, sound works, graffiti, collages, watercolors, drawings, objects and others, offer an overview of the production of Olafur Eliasson, Damián Ortega, Ivens Machado, Sandra Cinto, Claudia Andujar, Thomas Saraceno, Edgard de Souza, Barrão, Ivan navarro, Nuno Ramos, Mauro Restiffe, José Rufino, Iole de Freitas, Leda Catunda, Lucia Koch, Chelpa Ferro, Tatiana Blass, Artur Lescher, Tomoshigue Kusuno in a total of 76 artists, some with market value above half a million reais. The event is in charge of the auctioneer Roberto Magalhães Gouvêa.

Smade Pinho from Almeida to collection

The collector's performance in the artistic scene is recognized and respected. Contributing to the structuring and maintenance of the artistic cosmos itself, Regina Pinho gives to SPITI. the possibility of consolidating the perpetuation of their work.

In 2010, Regina Pinho de Almeida founded the ICCo, Institute of Contemporary Culture, non-profit organization and institutional arm of the Casa de Cultura do Parque, inaugurated in 2019. The two institutions share the same ideal and expand their fields of action, articulating common strategies to create a more plural environment for contemporary dialogue. In search of sustainability and perpetuity for its initiatives, your intention is, from the result of this auction, amass the necessary resources for the creation of an endowment - endowment – as a personal contribution, destined entirely to partner institutions. In this way, will fulfill its role with even more mastery: stimulate the artistic ecosystem and contribute to the formation of individuals as transforming agents.

A primeiro auction

The inaugural auction of SPITI. focuses on the national and international contemporary art market. The collection, which has a wide variety of techniques and works, walk between exponents of Brazilian art and the world circuit. The event will take place both in person and online through the website www.spiti.auction. Previous bids will be accepted through the same website..

A SPITI. has its own headquarters in Jardim Europa, but chose to have mobile auctions. Each event takes place at a different address as previously defined by the curatorship. The place chosen to host the first auction is the Zaragoza Workshop, in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo. The former studio of the Spanish artist based in Brazil José Zaragoza, was designed to celebrate his journey as a visual artist, publicist, filmmaker, designer, illustrator and photographer. The exhibition with the 96 works from the auction will be mounted at this address, with opening in day 09 October and continuing with the visitation until the day 17 the same month.


Senato Magalhães Gouvêa Jr., active figure in the national and international art market for over three decades, accumulates vast experience through auctions, assessments, exhibitions, restoration, primary sales and collection cataloging. Between 1977 and 1997, maintained society in Renato Magalhães Gouvêa – Art Office. In 1997, founded the Art 57, gallery active in the secondary market and with branches such as Arte57/Photo.

Fabio Cimino is founder of Zipper Galeria, located in the Gardens, in São Paulo. With more than 30 years of experience as a dealer, tread a recognized and respected path within the cultural circuit. In 1997, founded the Galeria Brito Cimino, operating untiĺ 2009. In 2010, open to Zipper Galeria, initially focused on the production of emerging names from the art scene, consolidating itself as one of the most respected galleries in the market.

LInaugural eilão: Regina Pinho de Almeida Collection
Local: Zaragoza Workshop
S. Amauri, 76, Jardim Europa
PExpository period: 09 to 17 October 2021
Timetables: Monday to Friday, from 10h to 19h, Saturdays and Sundays 11am/5pm
THEILAN: 19 October 2021, Tuesday, at 8:0 pm || Opening at 7pm
Number of artists: 76 || Number of works: 95
Techniques: paintings, sculptures, photographs, sound works, graffiti, collages, watercolors, drawings, objects
Dimensions: varied
Address: Av. 9 July, 5144 – Jardim Europa
(11) 99272-5615 - Fabio Cimino
(11) 99195-5775 – Renato Magalhães Gouvêa Jr. Contact:
Web: www.spiti.auction
email: spiti@spiti.auction
Instagram: www.instagram.com/spiti.auction

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