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MPB Conservatory students do 31 free concerts

The end of each semester, guided by their teachers, MPB Conservatory students present the results of the work done in the classroom at Afina up Project. Presentations will be made of 23 November to 11 from ...

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Weekend will be free performances at the Conservatory of MUSIC

Free brazilian music presentations make the shows next weekend, the Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba, a great option for the cultural curitibanos. On Saturday (25), at noon, the wind-based Orchestra, led by Sergio ...

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Music Project, music lessons in school contraturno

Regionals Cajuru and Tatuquara offer music lessons for children and adolescents in school contraturno. The classes are part of the project Set, starting this semester and until the end of 2018 will reach all Regionals ...

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Conservatory of MUSIC has free performances this week

The Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba performs this week three free attractions. The chorinho is present in two of them. On Thursday, the traditional Cry wheel receives the cavaquinhista Lucas Miranda and on Saturday, Pixinguinha's compositions will be presented by the ...

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Conservatory of MUSIC receives this Sunday the trio Mano a Mano

The Mano a Mano Trio makes this Sunday (17), at 11:30, a free show at the Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba. Formed by Sérgio Albach (clarinet and bass clarinet), Glauco Solter (electric double bass) and Vina L. (percussion), the Mano a Mano ...

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Rope-based Orchestra of Curitiba with Regency of John Egashira. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Composers curitibanos earn honor-based String Orchestra

The Rope-based Orchestra presents repertoire composed of works of composers linked to the music scene of Curitiba, This Friday (07) it is Saturday (08), in the chapel Santa Maria. The first generations of composers are represented by authors such as Benedict ...

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Abel Luiz (featured). Photo: Mauricio Maia.

Carpenter Abel Luiz heats up the wheel of Cry on Thursday

The carioca musician Abel Luiz is the guest of the wheel of Cry of the Conservatory of MUSIC, This Thursday (6), às 17h. Alongside the hosts Jain Bohemian and Lucas Manu, Abel presents his own compositions and classic of several times of the ...

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Roda de Samba in the CMPB. In the featured Mother Satheeshpathiramangalam. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Conservatory of MUSIC performs week with several attractions

The Conservatory of MUSIC of Curitiba promotes this week three attractions related to brazilian popular music. At 5:00 pm, on Tuesday (20), the Roda de Samba receives the interpreter Julius of youth; on Thursday (22), at the same time, a tradicional Roda ...

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Thursday is day Cry wheel at the Conservatory of MUSIC

Thursday is Roda de Choro day at the Conservatory of MPB The traditional Roda de Choro returns to the weekly agenda of the Conservatory of MPB in Curitiba. The program informally brings together local artists and the public interested in chorinho ...

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