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Fabiano de Abreu and the consul of the Ivory Coast in Portugal, Manuel de Carvalho. Photo: Disclosure.

Education: Consul Manuel de Carvalho visits Castelo de Paiva to meet the neuro-philosopher Fabiano de Abreu in a project for education

IQ and Brazilian neurophilosopher theory draws the attention of Portuguese consul of Côte d'Ivoire The consul of Côte d'Ivoire in Portugal, Manuel de Carvalho esteve no Café Central em Castelo de Paiva para conhecer o Fabiano de Abreu. Order ...

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Livro "7 pecados capitais que a filosofia explica", featured. Reproduction / MF Global Press.

Philosopher Fabiano de Abreu launches series of books on the human mind during quarantine

The philosopher, psicanalista e especialista em estudos da mente humana Fabiano de Abreu lançou mundialmente o segundo livro de uma série de cinco que serão lançados durante a quarentena na Amazon e no Google Books. O autor pretende lançar um total ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Well-known Portuguese-Brazilian philosopher has been a victim of Asian wasps

Fabiano de Abreu had his grape production devastated because of wasps Asian wasps are one of the hot topics in Brazil. But it's been a reality in Portugal since last year. The journalist, filósofo e ...

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Mom. Photo: Disclosure.

Mother's love is medicine that heals soul wounds, states psychoanalyst

Philosopher and psychoanalyst Fabiano de Abreu points out the importance of mother's love for different situations in the lives of children. There is a love in the mother like no other. Um sentimento de tão forte que não existem palavras com a ...

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Psychoanalyst Abreu Fabiano talks about the increase in the number of divorces in quarantine

O especialista diz que no momento da quarentena devemos fazer uma avaliação da realidade As relações entre duas pessoas são caminhos em constante mudança. In the times we live in, the situation is forcing many couples to live together, a partilharem espaço ...

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Fabiano de Abreu launches book that says that anyone can be famous

“How to become a celebrity” is the new book by Fabiano de Abreu. The book reveals the secrets of how to become famous publicist that soared over 500 people to fame. In just five years, the ...

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Abreu Fabiano creates concept for a lasting relationship: Tripod relationship

Today many have the impression that packed the immediacy of social networks and the internet, people have become very volatile, impatient and often intolerant of limiting the next. Com a oferta de aplicativos e sites de ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Philosopher points out that fear of change is one of the main obstacles to create new opportunities

Dissatisfaction is one of the most common feelings of this era. Job, relationships and lifestyle are examples of areas where the feeling settles and in many cases, little is done to reverse the situation. O escritor e filósofo ...

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"The Christmas spirit has to last the whole year", says philosopher Fabiano de Abreu

Solidarity is one of the most striking features Christmas. Suppers solidarity for people in vulnerability and distribution of toys for children of low-income situation are examples of common actions that can be observed at this time of year. So that now ...

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chronicle: Why we liked Gugu Liberato?

There are people who already face pleases, its nature is admirable and cognitive reveals its intention. So our cognitive aroused interest and admiration for the presenter Gugu Liberato, which always smiling and calm, conveyed joy ...

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