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Opening of the 1st National Visual Arts Exhibition in Quarantine by Edmundo Cavalcanti

“O artista se engaiola enquanto a arte voa” “Queremos mais uma vez parabenizar os organizadores e jurados do Salão, for the unprecedented and brilliant initiative ”. Where artists known or still unknown, who seek their space in the universe of arts, em todas ...

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Registration Closed – 1° National Hall of Visual Arts of the Quarantine - Virtual by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Once again, we found that when there is unity around a common goal, the results can only be positive, and this we can see with the massive adhesion of plastic artists from all corners of the world to this project ...

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Brazilian Artist makes Success in New York-USA by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Ever more our artists and their artworks are successful outside of Brazil, example is the plastic artist Fernando Naviskas, two of his artworks were acquired by american collectors. We talked with Fernando regarding these sales: Fernando, like you ...

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