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industrial style lighting: see how to do

There are several ways to light up an environment and give it a special touch, but, one that has gained considerable prominence in recent years is industrial-style lighting. Today, we'll talk more about how this style grew, beyond ...

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Types of lighting to be used in your home

Choosing from the many types of lighting can seem like a daunting task at first, but the truth is that this is one of the most important elements of your decor. The correct light in the environment can give an air ...

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Why bet on a clean decor? See how-to tips

When decorating an environment, conquered with so much sweat, people go to great lengths to invest in something beautiful and comfortable, but they often sin by excess. So, it's time to understand why a ...

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Discover the advantages of adopting white coatings in your decoration

It was a time when white dominated only the walls of rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Nowadays, White coatings have been one of the main trends in the decoration market, translating the new contemporary look of ...

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Integrated spaces: how to modify your home environments

The creation of integrated spaces has been an excellent way to make better use of the area of ​​apartments and houses, who, including, are getting smaller and smaller, that is, functional environments have become more than a desire, are now a must. A ...

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Office decoration: how to make?

Office decor follows functional trends, to facilitate productivity in space and contribute to better employee comfort, since we are within a corporate environment. after all, several studies already point out the importance of having ...

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Tips for decorating and organizing your garage

A residence can have several rooms, but knowing how to apply an interesting ornamentation to them is essential to enjoy a beautiful place. Thus, decorating and organizing garage are also interesting possibilities. It is very common for the garage to turn ...

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Lighting tips to enhance your decor

Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating an environment. Therefore, taking advantage of lighting tips is essential to be able to compose a different and interesting design for your home. Good lighting can make a difference in ...

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Tips and ideas for bathroom decor with mirrors

Thinking about bathroom decor can leave many people with doubts or, even, be a neglected practice. But it is important that this environment is well decorated, mainly to bring more comfort and practicality to everyday life. We use ...

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How to set up the decoration of a children's party without spending too much

The decoration of children's parties can have varied costs, including, coming out a little more expensive when you choose ready-made items, mainly not to have work. On the other hand, those who get their hands dirty save and still have a ...

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