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Mazo extending Auctions art to capture 14 October

The Mazo Auctions are looking for works of art for your first auction, What happens on the day 10 November, from the 8:00 pm, the Graciosa Country Club, in Curitiba. The event is free and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Oncology sector of the Hospital Pequeno Príncipe. O processo de captação de obras é bastante simples e acontece até 14 October. So far have been collected works of artists Miguel Bakun, Cicero Days, Alfredo Andersen, Arthur Nísio, Beatriz Milhazes, Regina ...

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Evento com viés social será realizado no mês de novembro e vai apresentar obras dos acadêmicos paranaenses e destaques da arte contemporânea nacional Curitiba passa a contar com uma nova casa de leilões de arte moderna e contemporânea. The Mazo Auctions appears to rescue the auction culture that no longer happens in the city, to encourage collectors to change their arsenals and make major negotiations of his works. With institutional support of dedicated galleries Simões de Assis and YES Gallery, The Mazo realizes its first auction on the day 10 November in Graciosa Country Club with free admission and part of the proceeds donated to the Oncology sector of the Hospital Pequeno Príncipe. For this event, The Mazo is evaluating and selecting works of scholars of Paraná and national contemporary art highlights. The prediction is that the to auction 80 works, with bids starting at R$ 5 1000 and can reach the R$ mark 2 million, with works of artists confirmed as Alfredo Andersen, Artur Nísio, Juarez Machado and Beatriz Milhazes. Millennial business practice, the auctions have their origin from the earliest known records of humanity. In 1656, the great painter Rembrandt inaugurated the category in the world of art when he had declared bankruptcy and all its assets were auctioned off. What was a solution for estate of families became, then, a form of collectors and those interested in General to acquire rare works, increase your collections or simply start a new. For the Executive producer of Mazo, William Simoes de Assis, more than a quick way to raise funds, the auctions are opportunities – often only-to be able to buy what many times is not for sale at art galleries. "Another feature is that many works are sold with values more accessible, below market values ", complete. Verdadeiros meetings no melhor estilo do entretenimento (who never wanted to be a part of a and power up the paddle and cast off a flight?), the auctions are connectivity events that unite people of different social profiles, Economic and age groups around the art. "Meet also stories, styles and artists. Is emotion, is dispute, is passion and, Why don't you, It feels like to win ", explains William. Como participar do leilão Como não poderia deixar de ser, the first auction of Mazo will have free admission and promises to move the local cultural scene, coming to the event calendar of the city. Será feito uma rota expográfica das obras ...

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