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Architectural trends for 2021

Aa tendings of architecture for 2021 are hotter than ever. So, it is necessary for companies to adapt and understand the new branches that are emerging and the possibilities of the new environments and reforms that have appeared thanks to the world scenario experienced.

With the arrival of COVID-19, that despite not having directly affected the part of the civil construction, the population's pocket was very badly affected, which ended up affecting the progress of reforms and new projects that were planned.

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This meant that countless architects around the world had to reinvent themselves for new market trends. Thinking about it, in this article we will address the new trends that have emerged thanks to this scenario.

You will see that most are focused on the use of technology and proximity to nature, aiming at the need that arose after this time of confinement. So, after starting with electrical installations prediais, other changes should appear.

1 – Use the home office to plan the home

The home office has become a trend in virtually all sectors that use technology to do some of their work. So, companies have adapted, and some experts say that many of them will not return to physical activities anymore.

The well-designed home office work, enabled several expenses to be reduced and the contact between client and company to be more direct, all thanks to online calls and exclusive face-to-face service.

In architecture, people want to have direct contact with the professional, but many of the demands considered less important started to be solved by the online environment and this created the possibility for these professionals to carry out the advisory work.

It is not necessarily a project, despite coming to become one, but people who get information on the internet and like to touch the home environment, look for a professional contact when carrying out the renovation or finding the items.

This contact may evolve and consolidate in an interior renovation that is already a more specific and profitable standard. The most positive part, is that spending on travel and long meetings can be shortened.

Other smaller projects like the electrical installations design, design of points and environments started to be closed and will continue to occur thanks to the ease of communication with the architecture professional.

2 – Indoor gardens will be widely used

Now running away from job opportunities, let's get into the landscape trends of 2021, that the professional can recommend to clients due to the growth in demand. Starting with the internal gardens.

The internal gardens were already used, but with the extended presence of people at home due to restrictive measures to fight the coronavirus, they came back very hard. Including, inorganic objects get sick, living gardens bring positive feelings.

A purely inorganic environment is considered by many to be a very square and standardized environment, unlike an environment watered by plants and stones placed strategically.

Stop and notice how the building painting company used by your condo started to use more vivid colors instead of more gray tones. This was due to the need for people to unite in more natural environments.

3 – Bet on furniture and wooden environments

Wooden environments have always been successful, thus, they have not undergone changes in 2021. A well-made joinery and a well-assembled floor are the charm of any home or apartment.

With the new types of sustainable plantations, creating an environment focused on wood left it harmful to nature, but it has become a differentiator that customers love. Especially if we combine light wood with more neutral tones.

This allows the element to gain a special prominence within the environment. Besides, if you do it in a way that is possible to carry out the epoxy floor paint, the environment will be complete and modern.

4 – Unite technology with sustainability

In 2021 the discourse that technology and sustainability are incompatible fell apart. Now people realized the need to compile the two realities. Environments may have more modern features, but with sustainable lamps.

It is enough to integrate the new artificial intelligence systems that arrived with force in Brazil, along with low energy consumption and less aggressive environments, with the use of organic plants and decorations.

With these tips it will be possible to find a balance and cause positive feelings in people who want to have a technological and modern standard of living, but without abandoning the care for the environment that is so necessary nowadays.

5 – Comfort that fits in the environment

The next trend is related to the way the furniture in a given environment is chosen. Bet on large sofas, that occupy exactly the required space of the environment so that it is possible to generate comfort.

One of the most used ways is to carry out a simple home automation project, where the aspects of the property will be analyzed to adapt the best furniture and electronics in the most correct locations.

Bet on more natural materials, so as not to give a very industrial aspect to the large furniture that will be chosen for your environment. Again, we reinforce that one of the trends in 2021 is the approximation with nature.

6 – Bet on minimalist environments

Seeking simpler environments is also a trend that has grown and is coming with great strength this year. Increasingly the minimalist environment is being demanded by architects and interior designers.

Due to several reasons, often people are beginning to have dreams of having a new home, then, they bet on small environments. However, smaller environments prevent many objects and furniture from being placed.

So, people started to invest in a simpler environment that focuses only on what is essential. The grace of this space is its colors and the way it is built, giving the impression that everything is in its right place.

The minimalist style is not only being used inside environments, but it is also being requested when making the residential landscaping external. People are opting for more common environments.

7 – How about the exclusive decorations?

It is not today that the need for people to purchase unique pieces is strong. And the situation hasn't changed, even with the pandemic. Get exclusive paintings and unique crafts that decorate the environment, is more of a trend 2021.

Spending a lot of time at home and making online calls, people started to look more into their environments, then the idea of ​​obtaining decorations arose that gave people a feeling of novelty.

In the same way that people count when they perform architecture residential projects, aiming to argue that your apartment or house is exclusive, happens with unique frameworks and goals. They are different and are highlighted in the environment.

The professional who has a partnership with this type of store or artist can get a good commission by selling an exclusive painting to a customer. It is a trend of greater luxury, then the audience is reduced, but if used well it will be an achievement.

8 – Monochromatic environments

The monochromatic style is another very important front for the trends of 2021. To make it clearer what this is about, normally, a monochromatic environment is composed of:

  • Single color decoration;
  • More polygonal objects;
  • Neutral lighting;
  • Larger environment impression.

This trend is an opportunity to show how harmful colors can be, mainly, in small environments. So, just like the minimalist style, the monochrome style is well used in places where you can't put much.

Space will be the key point for decision. So, no moment of buy bathroom metals, for example, bet on all items of the same color, always be careful with exaggerations or pieces that do not match the rest of the space elements.

So, it will be possible, along with neutral lighting, create the impression of a larger environment. Choose a color and work with nearby tones, without running away too much. This style is very common in modern kitchens.

Final Considerations

Throughout the article we saw several architectural trends for the year 2021. Each environment is unique and it will be necessary to do a case-by-case study, however, customers need the support of professionals as to the most modern news and options.

Hold meetings with your customers via online calls and, if it's not possible, visit them and tell a little about these trends. One tip is to use 3D software to try to set the space you are trying to bring as close to reality as possible.

Finally, bet on your own style and trust your work, all of these trends will depend solely on how you try to sell to the customer, as well as their willingness to wish to have the most used environments in 2021.

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s tendências da arquitetura para 2021 are hotter than ever. So, it is necessary for companies to adapt and understand the new branches that are emerging and the possibilities of the new environments and reforms that have appeared thanks to the world scenario experienced. With the arrival of COVID-19, that despite not having directly affected the part of the civil construction, the population's pocket was very badly affected, which ended up affecting the progress of reforms and new projects that were planned. Isso fez com que inúmeros arquitetos no mundo todo tivessem que se reinventar para as novas tendências…

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