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Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.
Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.

Types of lighting to be used in your home

Andchoose from the many lighting types it may seem like a complicated task at first, but the truth is that this is one of the most important elements of your decor. The right light in the room can give a completely new air to the space.

Besides, the lighting of a room is very important to give the tone you want it. Be an area of ​​study, leisure or functionality, adequate lighting can make a difference to complete this room.

Just think, one lustre living room well positioned can completely transform the room into something new, as in so many other rooms.

Therefore, it is important to think of all the benefits of powerful lighting in the environment, that in addition to bringing a feeling of general well-being, has several benefits like:

  • Working on emotions;
  • Act directly on metabolism;
  • Sharpen the senses;
  • Establish emotions.

There is a concern to take advantage of the lighting of a property so that it can pass exactly what is intended in your design planning.

With the economic impacts that have been increasingly felt, alternative forms of lighting have been very welcome.

Therefore, many structures already have glass ceilings and walls, plus much larger openings and windows in abundance. In this way, you can position a stainless steel shelf to stand out in the environment by taking advantage of natural light.

Thus, you can capture a much larger and stronger natural light, decreasing energy costs, while getting incredible effects on your property. Natural light also brings a feeling of renewal and tranquility to the environment.

Allied to this tendency to use natural light, technology is also moving rapidly in the evolutionary direction. It is much more common that you find technologies like LED nowadays, that allow a much more economical consumption.

The idea of ​​sustainability goes hand in hand with design and decoration, taking advantage of increasingly economical and lean elements to create special environments, with dream lighting.

The lighting has such a big effect on the decoration that it can even affect the residential property valuation, if you want to sell or rent the property.

Discover the main types of lighting

To achieve the ideal effect for your environment, lighting plays an extremely important role. Therefore, you must be aware of all your possibilities to make an assertive choice and create a perfect environment for your property.

Knowing the different types of lighting on the market is an excellent way to start working on your decor, understanding the details of each model and how to fit them correctly in your property.

Direct lighting

Direct lighting has the main objective of creating a region of the room that stands out from the rest.. It is ideal to facilitate a specific activity, like reading or working in an office.

Normally, to achieve the proper effect, you can count on the help of lamps and lamps, that better direct light and can highlight a specific area of ​​the environment.

Some locations choose, even, for one lighting retrofit to save and receive the direct impact of light.

For those who want this effect in a room, for example, a lamp on the side of the bed can be ideal. It's great for those who like to read before bed too, because it facilitates the habit, without disturbing the environment if you share a room with someone else.

Featured lighting

Accent lighting is similar to direct lighting, but instead of highlighting an area of ​​the room, this lighting format highlights some object specific to the environment.

It is a very common effect to compose bolder and more innovative visuals, also being widely used to highlight works of art and decorative elements.

Even a coating that you deem necessary the highlight can benefit from this model. Thus, one electrical installations design can now think of all these lighting details.

Here, lighting can be done by spots and other types of directed light, creating an environment where everyone pays attention to the spotlight to be able to reproduce the desired effect in the environment.

You can even create more than one highlight if you find it necessary in your home, thus creating an interesting and different environment. However, be careful to avoid overdoing it, because you can miss the main objective here, which is to highlight the environment.

This is a model widely used commercially, including in museums and art galleries, to be able to highlight the works that are on display.

Because of that, many people are interested in owning works of art to exhibit in an environment of their homes and reproduce this gallery effect, giving a different charm to the place, and showing an appreciation for culture and art.

Diffuse lighting

This is one of the simplest and most functional models for using lighting. It is a strong lamp installed on the ceiling, either in the center of it or in one of the corners of the house.

The idea is that this light can reach the entire space in a uniform way, then it should be positioned for the best possible use of the lighting. Thus, you have a uniform and ready-to-use environment.

In this way, even tempered glass awnings can receive the support of this type of lighting in outdoor areas.

If you want a functional environment in your home, without many variations and that is functional, this is the best type of lighting. It is ideal for environments where you will be doing activities that need focus, how to cook.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is a very interesting model for any environment that you want to feel more intimate. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and other environments for interaction and rest.

In this case, the light is not reflected directly into the environment. You can use a series of points of light to reflect the direct impact, with the walls themselves or the ceiling functioning as reflectors.

In this way, the lighting gets softer, with a touch much closer and more comfortable for the environment. A good way to apply technology to this type of light is with home lighting automation, for example.

This allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation alone or with others close to you., while the lighting does not directly affect the environment.

A good way to use this lighting format is with the installation of plaster to cover the light spot, thus preventing the direct impact from being generated. In addition to facilitating the diffusion of light indirectly, still makes the environment much more elegant.

Task lighting

Another very functional model of lighting, in this case the focus is on creating an enabling environment to perform a task, whatever it is. It is ideal for home office environments or manual work areas.

Here, the idea of ​​lighting is to be directly focused on the space where the activity takes place, whatever it is. It is important that you have good lighting to perform the task without having to worry about visual difficulties.

For you to achieve the expected result, however, it takes a lot of planning. The first step is to identify the type of lighting you need to perform the task. A strong lamp may be enough in some cases.

In others, however, you may need multiple spotlights, that can be achieved correctly with the use of lamps. In this case, the environment ends up being customized for the execution of a particular task.

Care must be taken when using this tool to achieve a good result in this environment. This is because the use of lamps and other light sources can generate shadows, that will end up getting in the way.

External lighting

The external lighting of a residence is just as important as the internal. It is she who gives the finishing touches to the landscaping and gardening projects chosen for the external areas of the property, besides bringing more security without losing the style.

Next to a building painting, lighting can make a difference for an outdoor environment.

Besides, there are numerous options of lamps for outdoor areas, it is up to the resident to choose those that best suit the general plan in order to be able to correctly use the style of the property.

Final Considerations

Lighting is one of the most important points of any decoration project, and has the potential to completely transform a property. Therefore, it is important that you keep in mind everything you want to modify to start tidying up your property.

Therefore, to achieve a good result in your decoration it is necessary to know your options and know where and how to apply the lighting concepts.

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choosing among the many types of lighting can seem like a daunting task at first, but the truth is that this is one of the most important elements of your decor. The right light in the room can give a completely new air to the space. Besides, the lighting of a room is very important to give the tone you want it. Be an area of ​​study, leisure or functionality, adequate lighting can make a difference to complete this room. Just think, a well positioned living room chandelier can completely transform the room into something new, and…

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