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Tivoli Park, Roller coaster. Photo: Allan Fernando.
Tivoli Park, Roller coaster. Photo: Allan Fernando.

Tivoli Park, the most loved by cariocas, presents another novelty and creates a Solidary Christmas

Rio de Janeiro, December 2020Starting this week, the Tivoli Park amusement park, success between decades of 70 and 90, will offer a new attraction to Rio de Janeiro residents and tourists visiting our city: the largest traveling roller coaster in Latin America, to Looping Star, that gives us a fascinating feeling. Tivoli has 50 thousand square meters, installed in Barra da Tijuca, in the parking lot of Via Parque, and houses toys that have marked generations - fully restored and adapted to modern safety standards -, followed all security protocols against Covid 19. The news does not stop there, even with such a challenging scenario, Frederico Reder, responsible for giving this gift to Rio de Janeiro, managed to develop two solidarity actions: the first with the Artists' Retreat and the second with the Hemorio, reference entity for blood donation.

The Tivoli Park Solidarity Christmas Campaign will work as follows: whoever buys a promotional passport will be donating, automatically, R$ 5,00 to the Artists' Retreat, located in Jacarepaguá. Those interested in embracing this noble initiative may purchase the Individual Solidary Christmas passport, that costs R $ 55,00 (on Thursdays and Fridays) e R$ 65,00 (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). It is worth noting that the park is operating at a new time, from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., from Thursday to Sunday. The passport is already the ticket and is valid for all toys, except skill stalls (like target shooting, billiards, among others), and food and beverages that are paid separately. For climatic or maintenance reasons, the administration has the right to pause the operation of the attractions. Also in vibe of the chain of good, who goes to Hemorio, between days 21 and 31 of december, and donating blood will earn you a passport. Courtesy can only be used during working days. More information and the complete regulations can be checked through the website www.tivolipark.com.br

“After fulfilling our old dream of bringing Tivoli back to Rio de Janeiro, now we want to be grateful and, therefore, we will support two major institutions, which are the Artists' Retreat and Hemorio. Both were strongly impacted by the pandemic. We have to help people who have always dedicated themselves to the arts and we also have to contribute to individuals who need blood at such a turbulent time for Brazil and the world ”, comments Frederico Reder.

“This new partnership makes us very happy, because Frederico has helped us in every way, from financial to administrative. This contribution, in times of pandemic, will be reversed in purchases of food and hygiene and cleaning products. Our friendship is old and collaborations like these have been carried out by him since the time of the plays ”, says Cida Cabral, general administrator of Retiro dos Artistas. The person in charge of the site informs that anyone can help the institution and that more information can be obtained by phone. (21) 3382-3730. During the pandemic, virtual visits can be carried out through the website www.retirodosartistas.org.br

“It is very important to have Tivoli during our Christmas campaign. The support of such an iconic park for the city represents the spirit that we want to transmit at this moment. The union, solidarity and charm ”, Luiz Amorim is proud, general director of Hemorio.

Tivoli Park
Local – Av. Ayrton Senna, 3.000 – in the parking lot of Via Parque - Barra da Tijuca
Individual Solidary Christmas Passport – R$ 55,00 (on Thursdays and Fridays)
Individual Solidary Christmas Passport – R$ 65,00 (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Support for institutions Retiro dos Artistas and Hemorio
More info – www.tivolipark.com.br

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