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Hilal Sami Hilal – Untitled, 2022, Monotype on crepe, 17,5 x 48 cm. Photo: Bruno Coelho.
Hilal Sami Hilal – Untitled, 2022, Monotype on crepe, 17,5 x 48 cm. Photo: Bruno Coelho.

“All Secrets” by Hilal Sami Hilal at OÁ Galeria, n 1st edition of ArPa SP

Known as one of the most poetic plastic artists in the country, Hilal uses the alphabet as a graphic element of his work, creating affective modules who keep all the secrets. Hence the name of the solo exhibition, the OH Gallery will exhibit at its stand at the first edition of the fair promoted by the Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art, of 1º. to 5 this month at the Pacaembu Pavilion, São Paulo. Organized by Thais Hilal, the show features 31 the artist's works

between drawings, engravings, arrays, monotypes and unexpected prints, the artist creates textures and colors that show the influences of East and West contained in his DNA. Immersed in the knowledge of these two cultures, transitions between modern western tradition and ancient Islamic art.

Their “laces” are an example of this symbiosis. Made with paper created by him from cellulose taken from cotton rags from old clothes of friends and family, pigments, resin and iron and aluminum powder, shelter the multiple affective feelings of the artist.

On sheets of metal he draws letters, numbers and names of people. Sheets can be pages gathered in books or surfaces rolled into circles., where the memories contained in his art overlap and highlight the empty spaces, Another outstanding aspect of his work, that has to do with the death of his father when he was only 12 years.

“Each technique and material discovered, with its variants and possibilities, are steps towards the unexpected and invention. The experiences that occur during production are the guides for the development and knowledge of the process.. These are the great moments.”, reveals the artist, when stating that “Time becomes what matters most in the formation of a poetic discourse. The accumulation of contents that this time/space elaborates with the daily and continuous doing, highlights issues that begin to translate the poetics of work”.

all secrets

For this shows works were selected that evidence the word, the sign, the unsaid. The alphabet is placed as a graphic and structural element. Among the works that will be shown, copper/corrosion books stand out, such as “Spherical Book” (2022), metal sheets with rolled up letters and names composing several worlds in one, where all encounters come together and condense. A series of monotypes on crepe and copper/corrosion with handmade paper (2018-2022) also establish a dialogue between the imaginary and the symbolic, characteristics that permeate the entire work of the artist.

Hilal Sami Hilal – Vitória/ES

capixaba, was born in july 1952, son of Syrian immigrants, graduated in Arts from UFES (Federal University of Espirito Santo). Traveled to Japan in 1981 and 1988 to search handmade paper. He was a professor at UFES in 1977 to 1996, where he created the craft paper workshop. In 1997 left teaching to dedicate himself exclusively to the visual arts. From this decision, it intensified the presentation of its production in Brazil and abroad.. In 2020 starts to produce works in copper plates using corrosion and oxidation. the gesture, the fragility, displacement and materiality are expressive elements that appear in his production, creating fusions between east and west.

OH Gallery

A OH Gallery (Victory, ES) was born in april 2007 motivated by the desire to value and promote a sensitive look through contemporary art, from different languages ​​and supports. His performance follows the development of both beginning artists and those who already have a consolidated career., and extends to proposals such as artist residencies, temporary exhibitions, collaborative actions and collector's clubs.

In this year the complete 15 years of operation, headed by its founder Thais Hilal. Recognized for important participation in the main art fairs in the country, like ArtRio and SParte, to OÁ was the only gallery in Espírito Santo invited to ArPa. In new headquarters since 2020, currently represents 25 artists and works with curators and artists independently. your new space, with privileged right foot, is conducive to installations and interventions of the most varied types. Among the projects carried out, their exhibitions stand out, such as Spark Lost in the Fire (2021), Observe Territories (2022), and residency program Between Us, in partnership with the Secretary of State for Culture of ES and the Monastery Zen Morro da Vargem.


Third Art Fair held this year in São Paulo, ArPa makes its debut from 1st to 5 this month at the Pacaembu Pavilion, in São Paulo, with the participation of 40 of the most prestigious galleries in the country. According to the organizers, the objective of the event is to expand the national art, aggregate collectors from all regions, generate new opportunities for gallery owners and enable connections with the international art scene.

in a space of 4 mil m2, the Fair will have stands for young galleries, but also to the artists already established in the art circuit. The forecast is that the initial value for the commercialization of works in ArPa will be from 5 1000 real.


Hilal Sami Hilal – All Secrets

Oá Galeria – Stand A07

ArPa – Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art

1the 5 June 2022

Pacaembu Pavilion, in the Pacaembu Complex – Charles Miller Squares, s/n


Time: Wednesday to Saturday, from 1 pm to 8:30 pm; Sunday, from 11:00 to 6:00 pm

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