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Here's how to make your kitchen look bigger from decor

A kitchen is usually the meeting point in residences in Brazil, After all, that's where that cafe goes and everyone gets together to chat, kill the longing and share your stories.

historically, this room always had good spaces, where it was possible to invest in decoration in addition to having lots of furniture and appliances. Who doesn't remember grandma's house with that ceramic for industrial kitchen all decorated and colorful?

Not to mention that in the past, a large part of the population lived in, what made this space even bigger, but over the years, she ended up losing a few square meters.

When you think that the population has expanded, the need to create more and more housing, the architecture works management saw the need to create more apartments, with this the kitchens ended up losing their space to other rooms.

These spaces are prioritized for their functionality, such as:

  • Room;
  • Room;
  • Closet;
  • Office.

Which for modern society is much more essential. With that the kitchen, such an important environment for the residence, ended up being forgotten, and don't give it the importance it deserves.

But don't think that because your kitchen isn't that big that it needs to look small and without space.. There are many ways to optimize this space and make it look bigger and cozy..

It is important to understand how this room is special and can bring your family closer, in fact, transforming lunches and afternoon coffee into a meeting between you and everyone who lives in your house makes the day much lighter and more pleasant..

Not to mention that having a bigger environment in the kitchen is essential for those who like to receive friends., whether for a dinner or just to share snacks and a good conversation.

Here are some tricks that can make your kitchen more spacious., besides giving a up in your decoration and make your day to day easier, we've separated some amazing tips to let optimize this room.

Use natural light to your advantage

Natural lighting is your best ally when it comes to making a room more spacious., after all it creates a sense of amplitude.

A tip is to put mirrors somewhere in the kitchen., this is one of the objects that most favors the amplitude, and in addition, it helps the light to multiply and leaves the space with a much more sophisticated and beautiful air..

The luminosity gives this feeling, that's why it's very important not to bet on intimate lights for the environment, if your kitchen does not receive natural light, when going on a lighting supplies store, prefer white lights and directed nozzles.

So you can maintain good lighting even without many windows., not to mention that cooking with dim lights is not very suitable and can harm food preparation.

Make the environment more clean, use light colors and utensils that match each other to give a feeling of greater harmony in the space. For example, when using a stainless steel recycling bin, try to use the same material in home appliances and kitchen objects.

American style countertops

A great trick to small kitchens that has become very popular in recent years is to plan an American kitchen, either with a counter in the middle of the space or sharing the environment with another room, like a dining or living room.

It may seem like a minor difference, but opening a space in your kitchen to another room will give you a greater amplitude, because there won't be that feeling that everything is too tight and crammed with things.

In addition, the counter in the middle of the kitchen optimizes space and is visually more harmonious, allowing for more space in the room.

If your kitchen is small, try betting on that option, because they are very basic changes., nothing that a query to a engineering expertise company do not help run this service.

With this small renovation you still get an extra space, after all it is not necessary to use a table, meals can be made at the counter, in addition to having the feeling that the space has doubled in size.

Furniture of the same height and with glass

Invest in furniture that is the same height and with straight lines., this makes the walls look more elongated, taking away that feeling that the room is cramped. It is interesting to create horizontal lines with them when organizing your decoration..

Therefore, when you are looking for stainless steel cabinet price of home appliances, choose products that have the same color and height to bring that feeling.

In addition, the glasses are great elements when the subject is lightness and amplitude of the environments. Choose a straight, glass-topped table, This way you will be able to make your kitchen much more harmonious and cozy..

Avoid piling up furniture in the passage

If your kitchen is already a small space, filling it with objects is not a good option, after all what is already small will get even smaller.

Therefore, don't put fruit trees on the floor, stools and small tables around the room, nor shelves or any other item that could interfere with the movement.

Remember if: the more the way is clear, the better the space and it is easier to move around, so you won't run into things and end up spilling everything in your kitchen..

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After all, having a lot of furniture together ends up feeling a little claustrophobic, sometimes the environment is not even that small, but how things are piled up, ends up passing the idea of ​​being a smaller room than it really is.

choose the colors well

We all have some favorite colors, and with that we thought of transforming the home environments with these colors, whether the walls or the furniture, but it is important to understand that not everything works for our house.

Even more so in the kitchen and in this case as we are wanting to create a wider environment, cozy and harmonious, so the best way to get that feeling of spaciousness is to invest in light colors.

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You know when we want to look thinner and wear a little black dress to give that feeling?? With our house it's the same.

white increases, while black brings the feeling of diminishing, so if your kitchen is small, try not to paint any walls dark or have any black furniture.

If you still want to add a little more color to the environment, try to bring them to details, small objects, utensils such as pans, blender, among others.

Make the most vibrant tones like red and yellow, for example, for small details, like some garnish or those little spice pots.

And it's important that the walls are white, because the gray can give the feeling that the environment is smaller.

It is important that our whole house is in harmony, as much as nowadays people don't give so much importance to meals, After all, life is very busy and you often don't have time to stop to eat..

Try to make this space as pleasant and functional as possible., just as you give your full attention to the room by going behind the hardwood floor scraping company to make the environment more welcoming, invest in your kitchen.

These are really easy tips to put into practice., but that already make a big difference to the space. Just because your kitchen is small doesn't mean it should be forgotten., in fact try to use it at least once a week, make meals, gather friends.

This space is largely responsible for connecting people. What better time to relax than when you're in the presence of friends eating good food or having that coffee and cake??

I'm sure your best childhood memories are in the kitchen., whether helping someone to prepare something or enjoying that beautiful Sunday lunch, therefore it is important that this space is valued.

Whether you're a publicist or a manager in the aluminum window distributor, the kitchen is always the best place.

So optimize that space, since little kitchen it's not an excuse, after all, with the tips that we have given in this article, it is much easier to make the most of this space.

So, bet on light colors, use mirrors in this space, organize your furniture and objects so they don't accumulate, choose well all the utensils that will be part of the kitchen and plan a better space.

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