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long live magenta: check out four tips for using the color of 2023 in decoration

Inspired by cochineal red, a cor Pantone 2023 it's vibrant, upbeat and pulsating. To inspire and bring ideas, A.Yoshii Group architect gives tips on how to apply color in the most varied environments


A Pantone Color Institute, american color consulting company, just announced the color of the year for 2023. The selected hue is 18-1750. Viva Magenta christening, the color has a specific, vibrant shade of red and is inspired by nature, imparting vigor, energy, joy and power.

Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, justifies the choice for the technological moment that society lives: “In the age of technology, we look for inspiration in nature and what is real. A Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta descends from the red families, especially cochineal red, one of the strongest and brightest natural dyes in the world.


Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the Color of the Year. The choice is made by a pool experts from different countries and takes into account behavioral trends, style and, even, socio-political changes. The ad is a reference, as it reflects behavioral trends and consumer preferences, in addition to influencing the consumer products of design, sets, architecture and real estate decoration.

“The Pantone Color of the Year announcement is a moment awaited by architects and designers from all over the world. This choice is part of an extensive study on the cultural and historical moment. Viva Magenta reflects and inspires a fresh start after three years of uncertainties and challenges caused by the pandemic. She is a vivid color, empowered, button, positive and enough to renew the joy of living, besides reconnecting with nature”, comments the architect of the A.Yoshii Group in Campinas, Lorraine Santos.


How to Use the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 home?

furniture and planned

“Versatility is the watchword when composing the decoration of an environment using Viva Magenta. The color brings a special charm to the decorations., completing the environment in a unique way”, explains architect.

You can apply color to Planned Furniture or on items such as armchairs, chairs, sofas. “The tip for not overloading the environment is to combine Viva Magenta with more sober tones or, for those who really want to dare, bet on a monochromatic environment. It is a different bet for the creation of elegant environments”, suggests. It should be noted that colors are capable of enhancing or diminishing an environment.. in large properties, combining furniture in darker tones with lighter tones makes the room more cozy.

In the decoration of A.Yoshii's Prestige development in Campinas, the girl's room gained shades of Viva Magenta on the headboard and footstool. Already in the Soul project, in Maringá (PR), the vibrant touch of color went to the armchair.

Pillows, paintings and rugs

Whether in small details or in greater prominence, there are several ways to use Viva Magenta in decoration. The bold tone ensures cheerful environments, exciting and sensual. “I suggest using color as the center point in a monochrome environment. This strategy “lifts up” the environment and makes the space more relaxed”, Lorraine explains.

wildcard items, like the pillows, They are great decoration pieces to give a new air to the environment.. Things, pictures and carpets, as in the decoration of the Mayfair development, in Londrina, are also great options to play with color, mixing with other shades, prints and overlays of different textures.

Landscaping and floral arrangements

By analyzing the color wheel, the complementary color that contrasts with Viva Magenta is green. In this way, the color 2023 It is ideal for landscaping projects., how it is used in the garden of the Prestige development, in Campinas.

“There are reddish-purple foliage like, for example: Lambari Purple, colocasia, esculenta purple, Purple Pineapple and Purple Trapoeraba. These plants give a special touch, happy and creative”, indica.

In apartments and environments indoor, it is possible to enjoy Viva Magenta in floral arrangements around the house. “An interesting option is to combine Viva Magenta with primary colors like blue, yellow and red. These are compositions that come out of commonplace and bring life to the room.”, suggests the architect.

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Walls, floors and ceilings

Structurally, Viva Magenta can be applied in different ways in the environment. The Wallpaper It's a good bet for anyone who wants to change their look., without applying the vibrant color to the entire wall. The composition ensures a bold and fun environment.

For the most discreet, the suggestion is to combine the magenta tone with colors like black, White and gray. Another option is to invest in composition with woody tones and off-white, creating rustic and at the same time cozy environments. “It's not just the walls that can receive the color of the year. It is also possible to apply it to the linings and roof wheels or, even, on the floors for a bold proposal”, ends.

Envelope or Group A.Yoshii

Founded over 55 years, the A.Yoshii Group has already built more than 2 million m² from the South to the Northeast of Brazil, between industrial works, corporate and residential buildings, schools, universities, theaters and sports centers.

It is composed by A.Yoshii Engenharia, with solid performance in the construction of high-end residential and commercial buildings in Londrina, Maringá, Curitiba and Campinas; by Yticon Construction and Incorporation, that carries out economic ventures, located in regions of potential appreciation in municipalities of Paraná; e pelo Instituto A.Yoshii, aimed at social insertion and cultural democratization.

In addition, works in Corporate Works, serving large corporations in their industrial plants, in different sectors of the economy, like paper and cellulose, food, chemical, agribusiness, energy, as well as sugar and alcohol plants, logistics centers, automobile plants, among others. More info: www.ayoshii.com.br.


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