Planned Furniture: Optimizing and Elevating Your Home’s Style

Transforming Spaces with Custom Furniture: The Art of Personalization. Photo:

Customized furniture can optimize every corner of your home as it takes into account the exact dimensions of the room.. They have the power to elevate style in so many ways., adding elegance, functionality and personality to each environment. Create the kitchen, bedroom and living room of your dreams with custom-made furniture. It should not … Read more

long live magenta: check out four tips for using the color of 2023 in decoration

Soul Development by A.Yoshii in Maringá, armchair. Photo: Disclosure A.Yoshii Group.

Inspired by cochineal red, a cor Pantone 2023 it's vibrant, upbeat and pulsating. To inspire and bring ideas, A.Yoshii Group architect gives tips on how to apply color in the most varied environments The Pantone Color Institute, american color consulting company, just announced the color of the year for 2023. A tonalidade escolhidaRead more

Expert reveals how to adopt a sustainable decoration at home

Expert reveals how to adopt a sustainable decoration at home. Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels.

According to Priscila Prieto, custom furniture specialist, reuse items, reciclar materiais e utilizar a luz natural são passos fundamentais para a adoção de um ambiente sustentável e ecológico A decoração sustentável é uma pauta cada vez mais relevante e não se trata apenas de um conceito estético, mas sim uma maneira de cooperarRead more

How to combine curtain, carpet and sofa in your room?

How to combine curtain, carpet and sofa in your room?. Photo: Light photo created by mrsiraphol -

The decoration of the living room is one of the most striking in the house, mainly for the social function of the room. In this sense, know how to combine curtain, carpet and sofa is of paramount importance to have a balanced and elegant environment. Who is setting up the home decor seeks to choose the best elements, so that I can create … Read more

Tips for decorating a children's room

Tips for decorating a children's room. Photo: Kids psd created by alexandercho -

One of the favorite activities of those who move to a new home is to choose the items that will compose the environments. But one of those tasks, in particular, is usually the parents' favorite: decorating children's room. Selecting each object and furniture to be used in the children's dorm is interesting and attractive, being a way … Read more

Tips for decorating barbecue area

Tips for decorating barbecue area. Photo: Favaro JR. on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA.

Every homeowner knows the importance of properly building and furnishing each room in their home. And striving to decorate the barbecue area can be instrumental in creating a pleasant and cozy space. Any residence must be set up taking into account the preferences of the residents, so that the development of different areas … Read more

Decorating tips for apartment balcony

Decorating tips for apartment balcony. Photo: People photo created by freepik -

Thinking about balcony decor is on the rise, because it has become an important environment for apartments. Many people demand the presence of this space, because it values ​​the property and enables new creations. They are no longer just an open space where people go to get some air, pois a criatividade eRead more

How to decorate your office and make your home office more productive

How to decorate your office and make your home office more productive. Photo: Business photo created by -

The public and economic health crisis triggered by the new coronavirus, the Covid-19, demanded compliance with social isolation measures, according to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization). With this, many people had to decorate office, rooms and other home environments, for the new home office routine. after all, with the closure … Read more

Planned Furniture: know the advantage of choosing them

Planned Furniture: know the advantage of choosing them. Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.

Most architects and interior designers choose designs with custom furniture. A lot of it, due to the countless advantages of this type of furniture, including the enhancement of spaces and the high sophistication of the environment. Overall, we can define as “planned” any furniture that is developed with customized modulation, that is, according to … Read more

Find out how to make your business more attractive from the decor

Find out how to make your business more attractive from the decor. Photo: Shattha pilabut no Pexels.

You know how to make a good decoration in trade, so that your store is more attractive to the public? It is undeniable that the environment set up for an establishment will make a total difference in the impact it will have on visitors. In General, the more beautiful and cozy the space, longer people … Read more