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Waltercio Caldas | Opening 6/10 | Mul.ti.plo


Books Mirrors Consequences

Exhibition presents unpublished works of one of the pillars of
contemporary brazilian art.

Opening will be the day 6 October and the show is on display until
2 of december, in Rio de Janeiro.

The Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte, Leblon, inaugurates a exhibition by Rio de Janeiro artist Waltercio Caldas, one of the biggest names in the contemporary art scene. For show, Waltercio prepared, for two years, 14 unpublished works that bring his poetic signature of relating objects that, in his view, belong to the same family, among them the books and the mirrors. In all, nine objects and five three-dimensional drawings will be presented., in addition to a catalog with notes from his workbook. The exhibition will open on the day 6 October (Thursday), from 18h to 21h, and can be visited until the day 2 th December 2022.

The recognition of the work of Waltercio Caldas knows no boundaries. Your art is as poetic as it is precise. Second text by critic and professor Paulo Sérgio Duarte, “there is no contemporary art that is not experimental. We have known this since Adorno and his Aesthetic Theory. But there is something in Waltercio Caldas beyond experimentalism: an asceticism that is not to be confused with that of Minimal Art. It is an economy that is not averse to the semantic field, to polysemy of the meanings. This stimulates the experience of the work”.

At the exhibition, Waltercio Caldas works from the poetic knowledge of objects and things. “The passage from an abstract idea to a real object is what allows the appearance of the work of art.. She enters our life in a transverse way., like something we don't know, inaugurating its own presence. I'm interested in this appearance, this initial bewilderment”, he says, that prioritizes three-dimensionality in its artistic practice. “By emphasizing new aspects of gravity, of weight and materials, the works appear putting in parentheses their insertion in the world”, the firm. In these unpublished objects, Waltercio arrives at extremely rigorous and precise forms, loaded with suggestions impossible to translate into other languages.

Not by chance, at the exhibition of Mul.ti.plo, Waltercio Caldas added a catalog with annotations that emerged during the process of creating these works, and called them “Consequences”. Writing about issues related to the creative process of the works reverberates the content of the exhibition in another attitude. Trying to understand how mirrors and books work is to face once again what we still don’t know.”, says the artist, who holds his third exhibition at the Rio de Janeiro gallery – the first was in 2012, with multiples; and, the other, in 2017, with drawings.


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Waltercio Caldas was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1946. Your first solo exhibition was held in 1973, at the Museum of modern art (MAM) from the same city, when he received the Annual Overseas Travel Award, awarded by the Brazilian Association of Art Critics. Since then, has participated in numerous exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In 1998, received the Johnnie Walker Fine Arts Award and, in 2002, the Mario Pedrosa award from the Brazilian Association of Art Critics, both for the whole of their work. Represented Brazil at the São Paulo Biennials of 1983, 1987 and 1996; in Documenta IX of Kassel, em1992; and at the XLVII Venice Biennale, in 1997. In 2005 received the “City Light Award”, Korea Biennale grand prize. In 2007 was a guest artist for the Italy pavilion of the LII Venice Biennale. In 2008 held exhibitions Centro Galego de Arte Contemporânea (Spain) and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation )Portugal). In 2012 exhibited a retrospective of his works at the Iberê Camargo Foundation, in Porto Alegre, who, in 2013, went to the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and the Blanton Museum in Texas, USA. In 2018 was guest artist curator at the XXXIII International Biennial of São Paulo. The artist has public sculptures in the cities of Punta del Este (1982), São Paulo (1989 and 1997), Leirfjord, Norway (1994), Rio de Janeiro (1997 and 2014), on the border between Brazil and Argentina (2000) and in Porto Alegre (2006). The sculpture “O Modo Azul” was permanently installed at the Museu do Açude in 2018, in the river. Your drawings, Sculptures and artist books are part of several private collections in Brazil and abroad, in addition to museums such as MAM RJ, I HAVE SP, Brasilia Museum of Arts, Phoenix Art Museum, New Gallery State Museums, Germany; Daros Foundation, Zurich; e Center Pompidou, Paris; Queen Sofia Museum, Madrid; among others. In 2001 a partial retrospective of his work was carried out at the CCBB in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. The Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired, in 2006, two more of his works. In the same year, the artist released Notes, ( ) etc.., book that brings together a selection of his texts on the work. In 2007 participated as a guest artist at 52to Venice Biennale and, in 2008, held exhibitions at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa; and at the Galician Center for Contemporary Art in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In 2010 exhibited at the Vale Museum and MAM RJ. In 2011, nas galleries Elvira Gonzalez, in Madrid and Raquel Arnaud, in São Paulo, and at the Art/Unlimited show in Basel, Switzerland. In the same year, received the grand prize at the Bienal de Cuenca. In 2017 exhibited at Galeria Xippas, of Paris. A dozen books have already been published on his work., with texts from the most renowned art critics in the country.


More than a gallery where the works are displayed for the public to appreciate, Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte presents itself as an environment for meeting contemporary art. Here, established artists and new talent offer the best of its production in multiples and works on paper, objects and paintings, and special projects. The idea is that the space creates the conditions for the public's eyes to find unique ways of relating to art. In addition to selling selected works based on aesthetic criteria of extraordinary artistic density, Mul.ti.plo carries out permanent research work in order to identify and disseminate new works. For its engagement in the art of movement and the refusal to take it as a product, the gallery has been consolidated as a space that invests in launching exclusive editions, a place that cultivates gems. With multiples and works in other formats by great Brazilian and foreign artists, Mul.ti.plo works to renew reflection and aesthetic enjoyment, not attract specialists, awaken new collectors and enrich already structured collections.


Art Exhibition Title: Books Mirrors Consequences
Artist: Waltercio Caldas
Opening: 6 October 2022 (Thursday)
Time: from 18h to 21h
Exhibition period: until 2 of december
Local: Mul.ti.plo Space Art
gallery operation: from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 6:00 pm (Saturdays, by appointment)
End: Dias Ferreira Street, 417/206 – Leblon - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: + 55 21 2294 8284 | +55 21 20420523 (Whatsapp)
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