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Debora Amorim. Photo: Disclosure.
Debora Amorim. Photo: Disclosure.

10 artists exhibit their ceramic works at the – how much coffee – Saturday, day 18

the charming how much coffee, at 103 North, receive day 18 of december, Saturday, the first edition of

Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair

Ceramic artists invite Brasília to appreciate their work and take the opportunity to present them with exclusivity this Christmas

The moment when it comes to consuming, has been gaining new contours. The disposable lost space to the durable. what pollutes, no longer goes unnoticed. the industrialized, doesn't attract as many eyes as the handmade one. what comes from afar, loses importance when you have something similar done by someone close to you.. And what is produced in series, loses charm and value to what is unique.

In this sense, those and those that point to sustainable ways of life and consumption like the North, are seen, by many, as more aware and attentive to the environment. They are people who value experience over ownership.. They seek present personal relationships in favor of exchanging knowledge and experience. They are, including, more available for tranquility in counterpoint to haste.

It is about these pillars of sustainability and respect for others, which ceramist artists created the Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair. An event that, through the artistic pieces and exposed utilities, expresses the careful work of people who, through your art, share moments of calm, patience, practice and introspection.

the choice of how much coffee as the opening space of this traveling fair, day 18/12 (Saturday), gains special traits, because it is a space that respects the other. Be it for your personalized service, a carefully designed menu and a welcoming atmosphere, minimalist and surrounded by exquisite landscaping.

The ceramic artists participating in the Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair are all and all local. They create their pieces in small workshops throughout the DF. They nurture a collaborative network of mutual support. However, each and every one prints, in its production, creativity and identity. Do unique jobs, that showcase unique designs.

Finally, It is true to say that a high temperature ceramic piece carries in its pores the harmony between the four elements – ground, water, air and fire, while on the surface, the fingerprints of the artist who created it.

like a good hostess, the management of how much coffee invited the group cry of 7 Notes, who will perform at dusk making the event even more pleasant. Formed by musicians from different generations, the group presents in its repertoire classics by Pixinguinha, Waldir Azevedo, Jacob do Mandolin among others.

On opportunity, Visitors will also be able to appreciate works by the artist from Minas Gerais Alexandre Coelho de Sousa. After working with different techniques, currently Alexandre is dedicated to paintings in various media. His work rescues the mining tradition of drawing, of graphite on paper and, sometimes, adopts ink.

Participate in the 1st Edition of the Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair Ana + Flavia (@anamaisflavia); Barbara Angelina (@studiobarbaraangelina); Debora Amorim (@ amor_im.ceramica); Henry and Camila (@somaceramica); Isabel Se Oh (@isabelseoh); Julia Gonzales (@eujuliagonzales); Luciana Cosati (@luciana_cosati_); Pedro Bento (@bento_arts); Rodrigo Machado (@sbarroceramic); and Rui and Otávio (@ atelie.ara).

1ª Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair
Local: how much coffee
Address: CLN 103 with. A Lj. 52, Asa Norte – Brasilia
Time: das 10h às 18h
Entrance: free entry
Parental guidance: Free for all audiences
Information: (61) 9.8654.2569

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