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10ª 3M Art Show. Photo: Disclosure.
10ª 3M Art Show. Photo: Disclosure.

10ª 3M Art Exhibition announces selected via public notice and invited artists

Entries were made during the month of May and has four artists selected to join the other six invited by the curator

São Paulo, June 2020 – This year, the notice of 10ª 3M Art Show received projects from 20 April to 25 de Mayo. Were 338 inscriptions – 222 more than last year's announcement – and had registrations coming from 84 Brazilian cities, plus three cities outside the country. Four artists were selected via public notice and six artists were invited by the curator Camila Bechelany.

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Made possible by sponsoring 3M via the Federal Culture Incentive Law, this edition is governed by the theme "Common place: Crossings and communities in the city. The ten works will be exhibited during the period of one month, scheduled for September this year (with dates to be confirmed), for the first time in Ibirapuera park – postcard of the city of São Paulo, listed by the historical heritage preservation bodies, and one of the most democratic spaces in the city that receives more than one million visitors per month.

For selection, a jury was formed by the curator to obtain greater transparency in the selection processes. Participated in this decision Camilla Rocha Campos (artist, teacher and writer) and Eva González-Sancho Bodero co-curator of the first edition of the Oslo Biennale 2019–2024) with the curator. In this edition, they were selected: Tide of Matos (SP), Rosario (PI), Collective went to the fair (SP e ES) and Gabriel Scapinelli (SP).

Invited artists are: Camila Married, which often combines aesthetic developments with scientific procedures; Cinthia Marcelle, who works with photography, video and installation, staging improbable uses of materials, everyday life artifacts and procedures; Diran Castro artist acting transversally in the field of visual arts, production of texts and mediation; Lenora de Barros, great Brazilian exponent of visual poetry; Luiza Crosman, that creates works of a speculative nature, borrowing concepts from contemporary design theory and media; and, Rafael RG artist who usually combines documentary and affective sources for the construction of his works, generally through the use of institutional or personal files associated with intimate narratives.

“The city is our most direct landscape and territory for meeting with the other. It was thinking about the power of this meeting that artists were invited to create works that discuss, examine and interrogate urban public space. The exhibition will bring together works on themes such as the social history of Ibirapuera Park, making subjects invisible in the face of urban growth, collective food generation, the probabilities of human life in the future as well as the ways of listening to the speech of our neighbors. These are works that invite us to participate at times active, sometimes due to the experience of the body and that provoke reflection on the subject's relationship with the collective and with the environment ”, account Camila Bechelany, curator of the Mostra.

“The announcement of the 10th Mostra 3M de Artes shows us that art remains pulsating and eager for spaces of relationship and tension with the public. On the same path, our common place deserves to have works of art that talk to contemporary society and propose reflections and new ways of acting, mainly because we are going to happen in a post-social isolation period, where people will still be discovering a new reality. Ibirapuera Park is the common home of paulistas and a reference for meetings and diversity ”, affirms Fernanda Del Guerra, director of Elo 3, founder and organizer of the event.

For 3M, sponsoring the Mostra since its first edition, the theme “Common place: crossings and communities in the city ”works with pillars that are part of the essence of the company. “The 10th 3M Art Exhibition reflects the spirit of collaboration, the creative attitude, respectful integration with the environment and social engagement that make up 3M's DNA; consistently supporting a project like this for a decade connects us even more with society, in a democratic and symbolic way ”, Full Luiz Eduardo Serafim, Head of Marketing at 3M Brazil.

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