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Photo: Ratão Diniz.
Photo: Ratão Diniz.

131st edition of FotoRio, one of the most important photography festivals in Latin America

One of the most important photography festivals in Latin America, or FotoRio, takes place from May to June in virtual format in most of its programming. The online format of this edition allows you to greatly expand the scope of the entire program and incorporate participants from all regions of the country and abroad, with emphasis on Latin America.


Among the highlights of the wide program of this 13th edition are the exhibition in honor of the great master of photojournalism, Flávio Damm (1928 – 2020), which presents unpublished images of the gaucho photographer who died last year at 92 years, Mrs lick-lick exhibitions by Mexican Graciela Iturbide and Brazilian Anderson Valentin, a conversation wheel about COVID Latam, collective of photographers who won the award FotoEvidence Book World Press Photo, as the best online pandemic coverage project, among many other events and themes that proposes the promotion and enhancement of photography.

In total will be 06 unpublished exhibitions, 02 workshops, 04 conversation wheels, 04 discussion forums, a week dedicated to the photobook, tributes, projection, in addition to the Visual Occupation Week, all in two months to immerse yourself in the art of photography.

From 24 of May to 27 of June it happens 13th edition of one of the most important photography festivals in Latin America: the Fotorio. Em formato virtual na maior parte da sua vasta programação – apenas duas exposições e uma projeção acontecem de forma presencial -, allows to further expand the reach of the entire program and incorporate participants from all regions of the country and abroad, with emphasis on Latin America.

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To platform fotorio.fot.br é o canal para apresentação de obras, debate, exhibitions, workshops, e desenvolvimento da cultura visual, consolidating its performance at the national and international levels, in order to contribute to the democratization of access to information about photography and its universe.

Among the highlights of the rich program are two lick-lick exhibitions: to give Mexican Graciela Iturbide and Brazilian Anderson Valentin, whose virtual opening in Monday, 24 de Mayo, de 18h:15 at 8:0 pm:30. An interview will be presented especially about this exhibition with Graciela iturbide in dialogue with Denise Camargo, Ioana Mello, Monica Maia e Milton Guran. Photographers Paulo Marcos (Curator of the exhibition) e Erika Tambke conversam com de Anderson Valentin. Únicos eventos presenciais do festival, contemporary Mexico by Graciela Iturbide and the cry / appeal / alert by Anderson Valentin present the public spread across the walls of the south zone and downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Another highlight of the program is the virtual exhibition "Unpublished" in honor of the great master of photojournalism, Flávio Damm (1928 – 2020), that presents 25 images from gaucho photographer. The exhibition happened from an unexpected circumstance: the photographer's son, the actor Cândido Damm, found on the table at the entrance to his father's apartment a box with the enlargements selected by Flávio himself, among his most recent production. “This circumstance made this visual requiem very special, since the curatorship was carried out by the author himself, mirroring recurring themes in his production, as the spontaneous and humorous record of urban life and of some specific cultural spaces: museums, churches and bars”, says photographer and researcher Pedro Karp Vasquez, who signs the presentation of the virtual show, to be inaugurated on Tuesday, day 25 de Mayo, to 18 hours, with conversation wheel with Pedro Vasquez, Milton Guran and Candido Damm.

In Friday, 28, from 11 at 12H:30min, another unforgettable moment of the international photography festival takes place: the conversation wheel about COVID I'm flying, award-winning collective of photographers who won the award FotoEvidence Book World Press Photo, as the best online pandemic coverage project. Entre os dezoito fotógrafos de 14 Latin American countries that are part of the collective are three Brazilians, Ana Carolina Fernandes, From Rio, Victor Moriyama and Rafael Vilela, both from São Paulo. Durante um ano os fotógrafos documentaram o avanço da maior crise sanitária que se abateu sobre o planeta. Para falar sobre o projeto, who also won the Picture of The Year Latam (POY Latam) and that will become a book soon, Ana Carolina Fernandes talks with photographers Paulo Marcos, Erika Tambke and Joana Mazza.

On Saturday, 29 de Mayo, from 11 to 12:30, a special event occurs: the great tribute to the beasts of the art of photography who passed away in the last year: Zeka Araujo, Cafi, Felipe Paiva and Antônio Guerreiro will be revered for the speeches of Bruno Araújo, Miguel Hijjar, Pedro Vasquez, Miguel Colker, Maurício Valadares, Thais Rocha, Paulo Marques, Bob Wolfenson and Luiz Garrido.

Already in June, from 8 to 12, the Fotorio perform to Visual Occupation Week (SLEEPING), outro ponto alto do festival internacional de fotografia. Esta edição conta com duas oficinas abertas e gratuitas: “Cafuné in Laje: Memory Around ” (9 of June, on wednesday, from 10 at 12:00 – inscriptions: forms.gle/FySQSXaDXZsfsJLo9), a beautiful audiovisual education project at Jacarezinho, justo o lugar que esteve sob os holofotes nas últimas semanas. O projeto mostra a importância e a urgência de falar de educação, narratives and image to think Jacarezinho. A outra oficina “On the Trail of Color with Ratão Diniz” (10 of June, Thursday, from 10 at 12:00. Inscriptions: forms.gle/MpYZLd5KUQq6akoM8), is taught by Ratão who has established himself as one of the most important photo-documentarians in the country, with a job that transits between graffiti artists, slums and popular culture. this meeting, the author, born in Maré, fala da sua busca fotográfica autoral documentando temas que se tornaram seus projetos de vida: shanty town, inland, festas populares e grafite. Os interessados nas oficinas devem se inscrever até o dia 05 of June.

Also in June, from 21 to 26, happens the dedicated week to Photobooks.

The museum was created in 2003, initially biennial and annual from 2011, in these eighteen years the Fotorio housed more than 1.200 exhibitions, projections, debates, related courses and activities, envolvendo centenas de fotógrafos brasileiros e estrangeiros. Em todos esses anos o festival nunca deixou de acontecer mesmo sob a forte crise econômica que a cultura nacional atravessa até hoje. In 2020, for having had its sponsorship withheld from the government, the 13th edition had to be held in two stages.

“O FotoRio 2020 VIRTUAL was the first, since our creation in 2003, who got a direct sponsorship. However, despite the fact that Itaú bank deposited the amount in the correct term, the money was held by the government for bureaucratic reasons until March this year. So, so that we don’t lose the entire calendar, we did with our own resources a first season of the festival at the end of last year. The highlight was the Virtual Portfolio Reading, with 38 readers and 150 participants from several countries that competed for the Latin American Award, launched on the occasion to mark the emphasis that our continent has on this edition of the festival. Now, finally, we carried out the second stage of FotoRio 2020 with intense virtual programming. The only exception is a gift for those who walk the city streets: the beautiful images of the Mexican Graciela Iturbide and the cry / appeal / alert of Anderson Valentin through the city walls”Says the creator of FotoRio, Milton Guran.

The virtual format of the 13º FotoRio it also allowed to greatly expand the reach of Portfolio Reading and Visual Occupation Week and to incorporate participants from all regions of the country and abroad. Conversation wheels also made through digital platforms took on another dimension, for being available to everyone to be seen and reviewed when it is most convenient for everyone.

This edition also has a projection entitled “Inside a time in itself”, curated by Paulo Marcos made from a snippet of the photo collection “Inside a suspended time”, project about this pandemic moment organized by FotoRio, Photo in Pauta / Tiradentes, Solar Photography Festival and Doc Gallery.

A Fotorio is recognized as a movement of photographers in the city of Rio de Janeiro, coordinated by Erika Tambke, Ioana Mello, Milton Guran, Nana Moraes, Paulo Marcos de Mendonça Lima and Thomas Valentin.

Programação FotoRio VIRTUAL

24 to 29 de Mayo - Opening of the second stage of FotoRio 2020 VIRTUAL - Opening of exhibitions

8 to 12 of June - Visual Occupation Week

21 to 26 of June - Fotolivros Week

27 of June - 17 às 18h30min - Closing of the second stage of FotoRio 2020 – Debates “Woman in Photo”, made not FotoRio 2017 - Mediation by Erika Tambke with Ana Maria Mauad, Nana Moraes, Silvana Louzada and Thais Rocha

Opening - Exhibitions – Tributes

24/05 - Monday – 18 a 18h15min - Presentation of this second part of the festival with the participation of representatives of the sponsor and the Network.

24/05 - Monday – 18h15min to 20h30min – Presentation of the lick-lick exhibitions by Graciela Iturbide (Mediation by Milton Guran, participation of several photographers) and Anderson Valentin (Mediation Paulo Marcos with Erika Tambke)

25/05 – Tuesday – 18h to 7:00 pm – Presentation of the virtual exhibition “Inéditas” by Flávio Damm (Curated by Pedro Vasquez) with conversation wheel: Mediation by Milton Guran with Candido Damm and Pedro Vasquez).

26/05 -Wednesday – 18h to 7:00 pm –Presentation of the virtual exhibition “Under the Nerve of the Night” by Lucas Gibson (Curated by Joaquim Paiva) with conversation wheel (Mediation by Paulo Marcos with Joaquim Paiva and Ioana Mello)

27/05 -Thursday – 11h to 12:00 – Presentation of the virtual exhibition “Bodies of style between Brazil and France” by Julien Spiewak (curated by Ioana Mello) with conversation wheel (Mediation by Ioana Mello with Letícia Maciel and representative of the Consulate General of France in Rio de Janeiro).

28/05 - Friday – 11h to 12:00– COVID Latam with conversation wheel (Mediação de Paulo Marcos com Erika Tambke e Joana Mazza).

28/05 - Friday – 18h to 7:00 pm – Presentation of the virtual exhibition “Porto” by Valda Nogueira (Curated by Thais Rocha) with conversation wheel (Mediation by Nana Moraes with Thaís Rocha and Rafael Lino.

29/05 -Saturday – 11 at 12:00:30min - Homage to the photographers Zeka Araújo (Mediation MG with Bruno Araújo, Miguel Hijjar and Pedro Vasquez), Cafi (Mediation MG with Miguel Colker, filhodo Cafi, and Maurício Valadares), Felipe Paiva (Erika mediation with Thais Rocha and Felipe's widow) and Antônio Guerreiro. (Mediation by Paulo Marques with Bob Wolfenson and Luiz Garrido)

30/05 -Sunday – 17 at 7:30 pm - Projection "Inside a time in itself" a cut of the project Inside a suspended time " – conversation circle: Mediation Milton Guran with Eugênio Sávio, Monica Maia, Paulo Marcos and Tiago Santana.

Circles of conversation

25/05 – Tuesday – 19 at 8:30 pm – Brazil afora – Mediation: Erika Tambke with Amazônia Real (AM), Roraimense Photography Association (RR), Photo (PA) and Photos for Rondônia (RO).

27/05 -Thursday – 18 at 7:30 pm – Indigenous lives matter - Mediation Milton Guran with Sônia Guajajara, J. S. Ripper and Kamikia Kisêdjê

Discussion forums

26/05 -Wednesday – 18 at 7:30 pm - Plural feminisms and photography - Mediation by Simone Rodrigues with Cláudia Ferreira, Fernanda Magalhães, Nayara Jinknss, Roberta Barros, Rosa Luz and Thais Rocha.

27/05 -Thursday – 19h30min to 21h – Structural Racism and Photography - Mediation by Nana Moraes with A D Júnior, Bárbara Cups, Januário Garcia and Mariana Maiara

28/05 - Friday – 19h às 20h30min – Latin American Photography: General States – Interview with Fredi Casco by Ioana Mello

Visual Occupation Week

08/06 – Tuesday – 19h to 20h - Opening –Hand in the Can (RJ) in conversation with Fotoativa (PA) –Erika Tambke presentation

09/06 -Wednesday – 10h to 12:00 - Workshop “Cafuné na Laje: Memory Around ”

09/06 -Wednesday – 19 at 8:0 pm - Latin American bridges: Eye of Peace (Argentina)

10/06 -Thursday – 10h to 12:00 - Workshop "On the trail of light" with Ratão Diniz

10/06 -Thursday – 19 at 8:0 pm - Latin American bridges: Lucia Nigro Barrios / CdF (Uruguay)

11/06 - Friday – 10h to 11:00 - Homage to Cristina Chacel –Mediation: Erika Tambke with Custódio Coimbra, Kita Pedroza and Dante Gastaldoni.

11/06 - Friday – 18 at 8:0 pm – Open Debate “Popular Photography, what paths to follow?”

12/06Saturday (time to be confirmed) Closing talk of Frente Festival (RJ) with the Coletivo Perigrafia (Ceará, to confirm)

Fotolivros Week

21/06 - Monday – 18 at 19h:30min – Conversation Wheel “Photobooks, and now ?“- Mediation between Paulo Marcos and Marcos Bonisson (author and curator), Simone Rodrigues (Editor Nau / RJ) and covidado

22/06 – Tuesday – 18 at 19h – “59 - Portraits of Brazilian Youth” by Edu Simões and “Fissura” by Gui Christ - Presentation: Nana Moraes - Comments: Milton Guran and Denise Camargo

23/06 -Wednesday – 18 at 19h – “Ouro Bruto” by André Dusek / “A Curvatura do Olhar” by Carlos Carvalho - Presentation: Paulo Marcos – Comments: J. S. Ripper e Monica Maia

24/06 -Thursday – 18 at 19h – “15:30”By Isis Medeiros / “Sobremarinhos - Capitanias e tyranias” by Gilvan Barreto - Presentation: Erika Tambke - Comments: Thomas Valentin and Michele Bastos

25/06 - Friday – 18 at 19h“Hellas” de Ana Sallas, Ângelo José da Silva's “the reverse side of the verse” and Bruno Bou's “God also rests” - Presentation: Milton Guran – Comments: Érika Tambke and Márcia Mello

26/06 -Saturday – 11h – “Espinha” by Shinji Nagabe and “Transas, ballads of the last sun ”by Ângela Berlinde - Presentation: Paulo Marcos – Comments: Ioana Mello and Thiago Santana

26/06 -Saturday – 15 at 4:00 pm:30min – Conversation Wheel “Spaces / Frontiers of photography books ”- Mediation by Ioana Mello with Ana Casas Broda, Andressa Ce and Eder Ribeiro)


27 June - Sunday – 17 às 18h30min - Debate “Woman in Photo”, about the event held at FotoRio 2017 - Mediation by Erika Tambke with Ana Maria Mauad, Nana Moraes, Silvana Louzada and Thais Rocha

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