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[ 52 years of Guará ] Visual arts collective show favors women artists and LGBTQIAP +

To celebrate the 52 years of foundation of Guará, visual artists from the region present their works at the collective show:

Cerrado Colors

Works in different techniques and supports brought together to reaffirm the protagonism of art in the construction of the Guaraense cultural identity

A flagship Guará Fair houses, between days 20 of May to 10 of June, the group show “Colors of the Cerrado”. The choice of location, irradiating pole of diverse cultural manifestations, finds consonance in the curatorial line of Thiago Magalhães. "We invite nine artists who express the plurality of their arts in different techniques and supports", account curator.

In “Colors of the Cerrado”, the visitor strolls through a rich mosaic composed of paintings, graffiti, drawings, pyrographs and objects signed by Fernanda Ferrugem, Lola, Queen Ezaime, Jeorgenete Monfort, Juliana Borgê, Thamires Barros, Manoel Albuquerque, Michelle Cunha and Alerrandro.

Among the invited artists, a strong presence of women and representatives of the LGBTQIAP + community, “We decided to privilege them due to the quality of the works and to reaffirm their role in the construction of the guaraense cultural identity”, justifies Thiago.

In this unique moment of our humanity, art “is a breath of life and resilience in the midst of the social chaos caused by the pandemic intensified by the political crisis we are experiencing”, concludes the curator.

Group show: “Colors of the Cerrado”
Curated By: Thiago Magalhães
Curatorial assistant: Julimar Santos, Guará Culture Manager
Local: Guará Fair
Visitation: From 20 of May to 10 June 2021
Time: From Wednesday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm


Support: Guará Culture Council, ASF – Art without Borders, Pastelaria Universidade do Pastel and Guará Fair Feirantes Association.

Contact for information and acquisition of works:
Thiago Magalhães: (61) 99304-6528; and

Julimar Santos: (61) 9.8179-7236

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