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5ª Edition of the Biennial of the Sertão de Artes Visuais. Disclosure.
5ª Edition of the Biennial of the Sertão de Artes Visuais. Disclosure.

5ª Edition of the Biennial of the Sertão de Artes Visuais

In its fifth edition, The Biennial will continue on-line, with virtual Vernissage in 01 th July 2021.

Registration until 30 of June.

— each artist, curator or group of artists (of all nationalities and regions), may participate in the selection with a number of up to: three (3) works, may be of different languages, in a single PDF, containing:

Full name and address, e-mail, photos of the three works with proper technical file, web page or address, brief texts and curriculum, or your portfolio, sent to email: bienaldosertao@hotmail.com

The museum was created in 2012, to Biennial of Visual Arts, since then it has become a space for reflection and enthusiasm for valuing this geographical space so prominent and strong on Brazilian soil and which was lacking such affirmation as a cultural value and ample artistic possibilities..

It is a nomadic event, roving, contemporary and of a formative historical nature, that proposes artistic activities of exhibition, exchange, artistic residency and dialogues in visual arts.

As a non-profit institution, has as its main goal the unanimous participation of artists from all locations and nations, and the community in general, are producers, lay audience, interested, students, scholars, etc, in the reciprocal interaction of works of art, specialized monitoring, conversation circles with artists, workshops and seminars, in addition to being a definitive contribution in the social area, cultural and educational, being a reference for learning and organization, all this free of charge and free of charge.

Our objectives encompass:

* Promote the creation, disclosure, dissemination and proposals for works of art and curatorial projects in / from / for the Brazilian Sertão region.

* Build a platform for artists and curators of creative and innovative proposals emerging in the field of Visual Arts.

* Facilitate dialogue, Exchange and critical discussion of current artistic practices, as the regional pairing, global, your challenges and opportunities, as well as your educational commitment.

* Disseminate the results, experiences and conclusions of the biennial in Brazil and abroad.

* Promote brand awareness: ”Biennial of Visual Arts”, through the dissemination of contemporary arts and the creative entrepreneurship support.

* Pay attention and give greater visibility to the collection of local museological institutions, as pictographic and historiographical material.

The commissioner of the Bienal acts in a voluntary and collaborative way with the inclusion of supporters and artists linked, with the responsibility of repositioning notions of curiosity, creativity and invention.

Guide value selection, privileges:

  1. Creativity
  2. Cooperation
  3. Experience
  4. Innovation
  5. Efficiency

The actions and objectives of the Bienal continue with each edition, with great repercussion in the media, art criticism and the general public, where it aims to cover an extra number of spectators present in this specific region of the Brazilian territory that we call ‘SERTÃO’, with the formation of public and education systems between works of art and artists.

Its curatorship is defined in each edition and is divided into two thematic basic axes: Historical and Contemporary, in addition to invited partner institutions and universities.

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