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8 tips on how to keep your home safe

A safe home is what thousands of Brazilians are looking for, as this is essential to our physical safety, emotional and psychological.


Our home is our refuge, because that's where we go after an exhausting day, where we spend good times with the family and it is the place where we have all the comfort we want.

The problem is that some situations that occur around your house, may compromise the tranquility of your residence. Therefore, taking some security measures and protecting yourself from malicious people never hurts.


In this article we bring 8 tips to make your home more protected and avoid unpleasant surprises and other setbacks for you and your family.

After all, we know that security issues need to be always up to date. The advancement of technology with high quality products, can be a great choice to reinforce the security of your home decorated with tactile floor.


In this sense, the possibilities are diverse and varied, starting with the installation of a current alarm or video surveillance system.

Everything seems to indicate that, in a near future, new technologies will hit the market to significantly increase the chances of being in a safe house.

Tips for keeping your home safe

We score next 8 relevant and useful tips when it comes to making a home safer. Watch to the end and learn more about it.

1 – Safe house with surveillance cameras

A very important advice, no matter which camera you choose, is to make sure you put in a good password to prevent your home video from being visible on any public internet page.

Among the most popular devices, Can you find anti-theft security cameras?, that allow you to record the videos of your home and store them on a hard drive, in the cloud or some other memory.

Some even offer the option to stream the video on a website that you can access with a username and password., or directly from your cell phone through an application.

Security cameras can be a good solution to also protect your business from cargo transport and handling.

When installing cameras outdoors, look for the models that are more resistant to water and wind and with better video quality to record at night or against the sun.

2 – Safe house with alarms

Another recommendation to make your home safe is to install alarms to detect intruders., fire, carbon monoxide or broken glass.

The tip is that there are simple and cheap alarms, that you buy at the nearest hardware store and can install it yourself.

It is critical that you install a smoke alarm in every room in your home., and at least one carbon monoxide alarm for each level of the residence. In both cases you can buy alarms that work with battery or electricity..

Other more complex systems provided by a home alarm company deals with several alarms connected to each other and to a central.

The main advantage is that they automate many tasks.: when detecting broken glass, it can immediately alert the central and the police, save images of the affected area and activate other alarms.

The only problem is the cost and technological complexity that these systems can have at the time of installation or correct maintenance..

3 – Safe house with electronic lock

Using electronic locks you can lock and secure every room, making your home safer.

They work like conventional locks, but internally they have electronic elements that block the opening of the door requiring a code that you can update whenever you want.

There are several types such as those with a conventional key system that require you to press the security combination so that after opening the door with the keys, the electronic lock is also unlocked. Other models allow unlocking by:

  • remote communication systems;
  • access cards;
  • Digital;
  • Facial recognition;
  • Among others.

For the security of your business project management, do not hesitate to choose to install an electronic lock.

4 – Safe home with smart lighting systems

Smart lighting systems help minimize light consumption costs, when not needed, and helps light up rooms when you are not at home, to look like there's someone there.

For this you can choose to install motion sensors, so that the lights come on when someone passes by. Know that this is a very useful feature to avoid going in and out of your house in the dark..

Currently it is possible to make all the lighting of your sistema de sprinklers be controlled directly from the cell phone through virtual assistants.

5 – Safe house with electric fence

The electric fence is one of the most common and most present options in our daily lives., and we must emphasize its importance.

It is a safety equipment that has the function of keeping away anyone who intends to cross the walls of a property illegally..

Normally the electrical charge released by the fence when it is in contact with the human body is not deadly..

Certainly the security company when setting up the electric fence is aware of this, operating a low voltage, which causes an unpleasant sensation because of the shock of inhibitory effect.

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The ideal for your business Hidraulic instalations is to combine several of these tips to achieve more security.

6 – Always be careful when arriving and leaving your home.

Even with several security items such as those mentioned above, there must be no carelessness when entering and leaving your home.

Pay attention to street traffic, analyze whether someone may be hanging around your residence and suspect anyone who is standing nearby.

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Do not leave the social or garage gate open longer than necessary., Quickly get in and out of your home when you open it.

In this way, it is possible to prevent the entry of invaders in a few minutes of carelessness, so avoid talking on the sidewalk of your house with the gate open.

7 – Invest in home insurance

Usually home insurance is designed to protect against natural disasters., like storms, landslides and possible domestic accidents such as fires caused by short circuits.

But they also guarantee the reimbursement of values ​​stolen from a residence or business building electrical project.

8 – Have strategic security vaults

great value items, how money and jewels must be husbands in bank vaults. But if there are these items in your residence, it is important to keep it inside a safe, which must be installed in strategic and non-obvious places.

Final Considerations

There are several measures to protect your home. You should always reinforce the security of doors and windows.

Even if your doors and windows are up to date with maintenance, it is important to provide reinforcements for them, such as alarm systems and large security.

These devices offer greater resistance to break-ins, inhibiting actions of invasions by leaks. It is also important to make use of locks. Make sure your walls are high, as it is important to prevent a possible invasion of your home.

The ideal is to arrange for the installation of a security system in them., such as guardrails and high-voltage electric fences. Always have good lighting in the house., because well-lit environments are great for inhibiting criminals.

Lights on show that someone is in your home, besides being easier to surprise an attacker. Invest in a good company lighting projects and leave outside lights on all night.

You should also purchase a security camera system., because they contribute a lot in the protection of a home, especially outside the house.

Cameras are a deterrent to burglars, and you can monitor your home even when you're not there., through an online system that can be accessed by your smartphone.

Install them in strategic locations, as inputs and so that they have a broad view of the environment. Also install security alarms, they can be discreetly installed in strategic places in the house.

It is possible to program the times for its activation, and in case of suspicious movements, they emit a silent emergency signal.

taking simple actions, added to items and accessories designed to protect you and your property, you and your family will be protected, so that home will always be a refuge and a pleasant place to be.

We remind you that what you have seen in this article are basic tips for those who want to guarantee the protection of their home.

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