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Michele Principato Trosso is a Plastic Artist.
Michele Principato Trosso is a Plastic Artist.

Directly from Capizzi, Italy, we present the interview with the plastic artist Michele Principato Trosso. He has exhibited in countries like Taiwan, Uruguay, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Portugal, singapore and russia.


When your desire to be an artist awakened?

My parents are Italian and immigrated to Neu-Ulm, in Germany, to work. I was born in Germany, I lived there until 4 years and after that my family decided to go back to their country.


My father returned to Italy and opened a commercial activity, o bar. I spent many hours a day at the bar, he played with video games and with the sheets of notepad that he ripped out by drawing with the pen, creating images, different worlds, alternative visions and could easily copy sacred images, comics, cartoon, tv characters and animals, in the age group of 5 to 6 years.

I always continued to draw, but during a period of my life I changed course, choosing the Instituto Técnico de Topógrafos as a study faculty. And after graduating, I worked as a surveyor for almost 4 years of my life.

The fire of art reignited again by chance, while watching an exhibition that dealt with art, so I decided to put a brush in my hands and paint on canvas, but above all I enrolled in the faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, specialized in painting.

while I studied, worked in a bar (assistant cook) and sold figurative works to order, I believe that in one year I created almost 150 churches, rock portraits and landscapes.

The flame of art started like this.

How did you develop your style (techniques)?

Depends on the pictorial cycle.

Space in techniques and materials (rags, tails, papers, plastic, bitumen, cement, gaze, pigments, toys, filaments, enamels and oil) are useful for creating. Because the work is a second dermis and epidermis, with lumps, concretions, growths and secretion, it implements and generates. are lacerations, live humus…

while I'm painting, I think it's a work to be modeled, a sculpture, that's why I create material works, pittosesculptures of 3-4 cm thick… When I create narration and play in iconic art in the aniconic, between the abstract and the figurative, between the real and the conceptual.

My works speak of my moods, always evolving, that absorb external forces, creating a subjective centripetal force, virulent, instinctive, visceral.

Painting is the burning fire of being.

Mention if you had artistic influences on your work and which artists?

At the academy I learned from Prof.. Salvo Russo, an artist of cultured painting and by Prof.. Lombard neo-conceptual. I learned the basic techniques from them.: first drawing, precisely the nuanced technique of Leonardo Da Vinci. image balance.

For a whole year I only drew with graphite on sheets of paper, compositions and models. In the second year of college, I learned the techniques of painting enamels, first compositions and then copies of great artists. The third and fourth year of the university was the period of experimentation, personal and individualistic artistic research, so I liked the view of reading and looking at many works, both past and contemporary.

Aqui capturei Vedova, The King, kokoska, Ensor, Disgusting, Wheel, Kiefer, Cezanne like mine “masters” spiritual and artistic. Each of them left an indelible mark on me..

of abstract expressionism, I appreciate the instinctive virulence and certain vivid colors of the yellows, reds and blacks from Vedova. From Schifano I absorbed the skill of harmonic and natural gesture. Kiefer's potency, material and solemnity of the work, it releases visceral colors the sienna, the scorched earth or the land of Kassell.

Do you have a family member or acquaintance who is an artist??

I don't have painter relatives, but I know many artists and even famous.

Living from art is possible?

Before the pandemic and after the war, it was hard to live on art alone, why the globe is in crisis.

Have you ever thought about not acting with art anymore?? Can you comment why??

Hard question, although, there are times when i thought about leaving, but the fire that burns inside does not leave you and always lives with me, every moment, in a capillary way.

What skills are needed today for the artist?

We need to work every moment, know our origins, study, work hard and be chroniclers of our time, because art is not an image, but a visual language.

What do you feel when you create or appreciate a work of art?

Art is food for the mind.

Your inspirations to create a work of art?

I narrate the world as I perceive it and go through pictorial cycles… An example of the trunk cycle are the archetypes, primitive models, natural sculptures, sinuous shapes rooted in the earth.

However, the background is always red, a single red, because I treat him several times, as did the alchemists of the past, and then I create the trees.

The genesis of the chests tells the symbology of man, of the woman, of the meeting, of magic amulets, of hieratic fetishes, of friendship, of love, of eroticism, of unfinished sexuality, of esotericism understood as the search for one's own.

What art impressed you the most so far??

I don't have a specific gender, I love art in its essence and we are children of our time.

Do you always have to create or only create at certain times?

There is no specific period, although, paint constantly.

Is your work product unique or closely or distantly related to your previous work?

There is always a continuous thread and each of us has our own hand..

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What are the challenges of art/artist in the current scenario?

More than an artist challenge, we need a challenge from patrons, gallery owners and promoters, they are what make the difference for each painter.

Social networks have helped you to promote your work?

Yes, they make known my works in many places, thanks to them I had contacts abroad and the world became small and close.

How the visual arts can contribute to education and culture?

Now art counts for few, priorities are different and people live everything quickly. However for art we must stop and enjoy the work, but we are in a fast world.

How do you analyze the qualities of a work of art?

A question with a hundred weapons… it's hard to know, to understand, the art lover. Tastes must be subjective, instead, mostly, the art collector is directed by others and subjugated by the hype.

What are the criteria for stipulating the value of a work of art?

Now the market and the gallerists of some depth, that influence an artist's market.

Talk about your projects today… and what is your advice for those just starting out?

I have an ongoing project of an exhibition tour in Russia…

Now for the young, advise never give up and be honest with yourself… in the long run you win and learning makes us free men and never submissive to the art system, but most of all never pay to expose or any articles, pay in magazines, because they are just renters or art speculators.

About your exhibitions, do you have any comments about them, feelings…

In exhibitions personal I have met many people, including collectors and each one of them inquires and asks for curiosities about how I made a painting…

Could you comment on some artistic curiosity?

A nice curiosity is that many people go to the inauguration to eat something and drink a glass of wine… ha ha ha

How would you define your art in one line?


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