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Ana Luiza Rego, work "E=mc2", technique: Oil and oil pastel on linen, dimensions: 120 x 180 cm. Photo: Disclosure.
Ana Luiza Rego, artwork "E = mc2", technique: Oil and oil pastel on linen, dimensions: 120 x 180 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Ana Durães, Monica Barki, Ana Luiza Rego and Nelly Gutmacher at the press conference “The”

“As – Durães Rego Barki Gutmacher”

Artists inaugurate a group show in the new space at Galeria Patricia Costa, under the curatorship of Sonia Salcedo del Castillo

Ana Durães, Ana Luiza Rego, Monica Barki and Nelly Gutmacher exhibit their work at Galeria Patricia Costa, from day 24 March. A Press Conference “As – Durães Rego Barki Gutmacher” features paintings, photography and pictorial objects in the new gallery space, which has doubled in size and now occupies 160m².

Sonia Salcedo del Castillo sign the curatorship:

In the exposed set there is a lexical drive, of conviviality, which is ulterior to female rhetoric. It is a dynamic, possibly, legacy of experiments undertaken between the decades of 60-80, from performance to conceptual, passing through the idea of ​​objectuality that leads us to the perception of a certain corporeal carnality, maybe borrowed from painting. sensuality of bodies, curves and winding shapes, of ambiguous crevices and dreamlike images… of mythical fragments, ancestors, erotic, natural…”, explains Salcedo.

“This is expressed in the voluptuousness of the sculptural archeology of Nelly's objects, in the pictorial luminosity of the tree plans of Durães, in the dramaturgy of virile images rehearsed by Barki, in the mythical pictorial of voids and colors built by Rego.”, highlights the curator.


The landscape, the presence of trees and nature integrate the narrative field that Ana Durães install in your paintings, as a result of research carried out a few years ago. at the press conference, the paintings presented are part of the great series “Altered Nature”, resulting from a work carried out from the vegetation observed in their incursions through the interior of Brazil. According to the artist, it would be like looking inward with a deeper and more investigative vision.

Works on display:

– "Untitled", 2021, mixed technique on canvas, 160 x 90 cm
– "Untitled", 2021, mixed technique on canvas, 160 x 145 cm

Second Ana Luiza Rego, inside a paralyzed world, at the height of the pandemic, a racing heart gained space on your screens, like an avatar that traveled through time, poetic moments and spaces. he's still there, like a bird that has escaped from its cage, going through feelings and questions composing his “Chronicles of the Daydream”.

Works on display:

– “E=mc²” oil and oil pastel on linen, 120 x 180 cm
– "Untitled", oil on linen, 140 x 200 cm

Monica Barki unveils the fantasy world of carioca motels. There are altogether three paintings and a photograph from the series “Desejo/Arquitetura do Secreto” (2014/2017), with performances held in several motels in Rio de Janeiro. From Barra da Tijuca to São Gonçalo, passing through Botafogo, Lapa, Gloria and Avenida Brasil, the artist frequented the most diverse suites capturing images with her camera. Mostly, Barki acts as the protagonist of the work, designing and executing actions. She creates in the rooms a warm atmosphere, sensual and inviting, using image overlay, mirror games, More expensive, lights, windows, Erotic objects and instruments of pleasure.

Works on display:

– “Mirrors”, Desire/Architecture of the Secret series, 2014, photograph printed on Hahnemühle cotton paper 308 g, 117 x 100 cm
– “After Having You”, 2015, oil on canvas, 166 x 95 cm
– “Blue Mirror 1”, 2015, oil on canvas, 170 x 95 cm
– “Blue Mirror 2”, 2015, oil on canvas, 170 x 95 cm

By employing your own body for the initial plaster cast, which will later be turned into ceramic, Nelly Gutmacher search this body language, non-discursive language. Acts a bit like the coroner who dissects body parts to get to know you better: breasts, hips, stomach, skin, eardrum, hymen. And not content to isolate these fragments, collect in them, or with them, a lingerie, the bra, the panties, What are seductive attributes?, second skin or body. Eroticized by the body, these fetish-objects are archaeologically part of it, bearers of meanings. More: Nelly research, on body, the symbols of repression (or the release): key and ornament inlays.

Works on display:

– “The First Lingerie”, wall sculpture, fiberglass, 100 x 60cm
– “Black Goddess”, table sculpture, ceramics, 63 x 40cm
– “Comb box”, wall sculpture, resin, 40 x 30cm
– “68 Nipples”, resin
– "Crown", 2019-2020, resin on red pillow, 23 x 20cm
– “Two navels”, ceramics, 8 x 6cm
– “Colo”, table sculpture, bronze, 28 x 26cm
– “Colo”, wall sculpture, marbled, 28 x 26cm
– “Two Nipples”, wall sculpture, Cashier, 18 x 18cm
– "Sheet", table sculpture, bronze, 23 x 11cm
– “Breast Doll”, resin, 16 x 13cm
– "Doll", resin, 28 x 15cm
– “Doll with Children”, resin, 29 x 14cm
– “Beast Pie”, resin, 6cm (diameter), 6 units


“As – Durães Rego Barki Gutmacher” – collective with the artists Ana Durães, Ana Luiza Rego, Monica Barki and Nelly Gutmacher Presents Paintings, photography and pictorial objects
Curated By: Sonia Salcedo del Castillo
Opening: 24 March, from 17:00 to 21:00
Visitation: from 25 of the March 30 April 2022
Operation: from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 7:00 pm; Saturdays, from 11:00 to 5:00 pm
Local: Galeria Patricia Costa
Address: Av. Atlantic, 4.240/shops 224 and 225 – Copacabana – RJ
Phone: +55 21 2227-6929/98868-1993
Free entry
WebSite: galeriapatriciacosta.com.br
Instagram: @galeriapatriciacosta
Press office: BriefCom Communications Advisory/Bia Sampaio: +55 21 98181-8351/biasampaio@briefcom.com.br

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