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Collection Beyond Borders. Photo: Disclosure.

Angels Art Gallery opens in Portugal by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

The collection Beyond Borders is presented in special exhibition for the opening of the branch gallery Anjos Art Gallery in the city of Porto in Portugal. The timing of the vernissage marking the inauguration went on 12 October.

The space brings together works of a remarkable group of artists coming from Brazil and Portugal. This result shows the selection made from a range of artistic techniques and healing the dealer, Portuguese Maria dos Anjos Oliveira. Among the most prestigious contemporary artists are presented in this show, stand out: Alexandre Luiz Segregio, Alexandre Horta e Silva, Andrea Beloff, Carlos Breseghello, Christian Carbone, Encarna Galician Beja, Edmundo Cavalcanti, Emilio Brunet, Gisele Faganello, Helena Romão Lelia Accioli, Lu Abreu, Marcia Brito, Miguel Angelo, Olivio Ataide, Rosa Pereira, Sameer, Suzana Meyer Garcia, Victor Seroque and Virginia Sé.

In the exposure are shown approximately 40 Art works carried out in multiple media, of the screen, the role, textiles, to photography and sculptural object, which is identical observable plurality of languages ​​and narratives, an elaborate construction and artistic diversity of expressed represented authors, but, at the same time, It allows you to discover the constituent links between Brazilian and Portuguese communities worldwide.

This show presents the following exhibitions previously held by the curator Maria dos Anjos Oliveira, internationally as a curator is focused on national and international market for visual arts, with one of its goals to promote artists, Sculptors, among other artistic follow-up. Maria dos Anjos holds events, national and international, mostly exhibits that are open to guests, public, collectors, entrepreneurs, arts lovers, among others. His work focus is to position front artists to market, promoting artists exhibiting the result of what more do appreciate: their work with paints and canvas.

The exhibition comes with the seal of Cultural Association Atlas Violet whose director Cristina Bernardini. The Cultural Association Atlas Violet promotes awareness and cultural promotion in the world that speaks Portuguese.
A Anjos Art Gallery It is located at Rua dos Vanzeleres 141 Porto, Portugal.

Source: GNoticias | By: Gisele Faganello.

Gisele is Faganello Artists, Journalist, Eng, Speaker, Adm postgraduate MBA-HR Business Psychology.




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