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Art Museum of Rio. Photo: Thales Milk.
Art Museum of Rio. Photo: Thales Milk.

Architect and urban planner Joice Berth is featured in the program of the Women in the Arts Seminar Cycle, promoted by MAR

In dialogue with the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, the second module of the event will address the relationship between city, body and gender

In the days 02 and 16 October, Rio Art Museum – MAR, under the management of the Institute Odeon, holds the second module of the Women in the Arts Seminar Cycle. In 2020, the event has as its central theme Architecture and Urbanism, in dialogue with the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, recently opened for scheduled visits, on pre-defined days and times, through the museum website.


After discussing city issues, ethnicity and ancestry in its first module, with the participation of names such as anthropologist and curator Sandra Benites and architect and researcher Bárbara Oliveira, the second module of the event aims to discuss the relations between the city, body and gender. Among the guests of the October program is Joice Berth, Architect, urbanist and curator of the “Casa Carioca” exhibition alongside Marcelo Campos. Beyond Berth, Diana Bogado architects participate in the panels, Emmily Leandro, Gisele de Paula, Iazana Guizzo and architecture student Suellen Neves.

Due to the social isolation imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, this year the Women in Arts Seminar Cycle has been held online since the beginning of September, with live broadcast by canal do MAR no YouTube. The panels of the first module are available to the public, in full, on the digital platform. Entirely taught by women, the cycle was divided into three modules: City, ethnicity and ancestry; City, body and gender; and City, Class and Violence. Each module consists of two monthly lectures, that have simultaneous translation into the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds).

With the proposal to give visibility to female cultural production, as well as generally stimulating research and development of projects created by women, the event also aims to continue the process that generates the exhibition “Women in the MAR Collection” (2018), deepening discussions and practices in favor of gender equality, through the prism of intersectionality within the scope of the institution's activities and collections.

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Módulo II: City, body and gender (02 and 16/10)

  • Friday, 02 October, from 17h to 19h

Speakers: Joice Berth e Emmily Leandro

Mediator: Suellen Neves

Joice Berth – She is an architect and urban planner, specialist in the right to the city and psychoanalyst in training. As author, launched on 2019 the book “Empowerment” (2019), part of the Plural Feminisms collection (Ed. Polen / Sueli Carneiro Stamp), under the coordination of Djamila Ribeiro. Researcher, parliamentary advisor to the term of councilor Eduardo Suplicy, columnist for Elle Brasil magazine and co-curator of the exhibition “Casa Carioca”, of the Museum of Art of Rio – MAR. Discusses issues of race and gender on social networks and in lectures given at universities and companies. He was one of the speakers at Brasil Fórum UK (2018), at Oxford University, and at Euroleads (2019), in France.

Emmily Leandro – Graduated in architecture and urbanism from Univap, with specialization in urban planning and management by FAU / USP. She is currently a master's student in urban planning and management at IPPUR / UFRJ. Acts as an architect and urban planner, besides developing works in the area of ​​communication, research and project management. It is a partner of Concreto Rosa, is part of the Terra Preta collective and the Massa collective – Causes Communication, and participates in the collaborative management of Da Praça Coworking.

Suellen Neves – Suellen Neves is from Rio de Janeiro and a graduate student in architecture and urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with polytechnic training in graphic design. Worked as a researcher at Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, through the preventive conservation research group, and as an intern at the State Institute of Cultural Heritage - INEPAC, monitoring inspections and inspections of listed works and goods.

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  • Friday, 16 October, from 17h to 19h

Speakers: Iazana Guizzo and Diana Bogado
Mediator: Gisele de Paula

Iazana Guizzo – Iazana Guizzo is an architect and urban planner. Creator of the Third Margin Architecture and Singularities and its method. Professor of architecture design at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. PhD in Urbanism. Master in Psychology. Graduated in contemporary dance. She is the author of the book “Reactivate territories: the body and affection in the question of the participatory project”.

Diana Bogado – Diana Bogado is an activist, feminist, architect and urban planner, PhD in architecture from the University of Seville; held a post-doctorate at the Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra and at the Department of Museology at the Lusófona University. She is co-founder of the Vila Autódromo Removals Museum. In its path, participated in social movements for the right to housing, in addition to having coordinated / collaborated on participatory urban projects in Brazil and abroad.

Gisele de Paula – Carioca, black movement activist, graduated in architecture and urbanism from Universidade Santa Úrsula. With technical training in naval structure by Henrique Lage (ETEHL), worked in naval architecture in the supervision of Estaleiro Aliança and as an architecture and urbanism intern at Tempore Engenharia and at the Rio Art Museum (MAR).

The Art Museum of the river-SEA

An initiative of Prefeitura do Rio in partnership with Fundação Roberto Marinho, the Rio Art Museum is managed by the Odeon Institute, a social organization of Culture and has Grupo Globo as maintainer, Equinor as the master sponsor and IRB Brasil RE and Bradesco Seguros as sponsors through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

Escola do Olhar is sponsored by Itaú and supported by Icatu Seguros and Machado Meyer Advogados via the Federal Culture Incentive Law. Through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law - ISS Law, is also sponsored by HIG Capital, RIOgaleão and JSL. Vale sponsors the “Casa Carioca” exhibition through the Federal Culture Incentive Law.

MAR also has the support of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Citizenship and the Federal Government of Brazil, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture.

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