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Claudia Andujar's record, which is part of the ‘A Luta dos Yanomami’ project, is in the exhibition at Galeria Vermelho. Disclosure.
Claudia Andujar's record, which is part of the ‘A Luta dos Yanomami’ project, is in the exhibition at Galeria Vermelho. Disclosure.

Art Basel OVR: Portals: 6 Brazilian galleries present themselves at the online fair

The Gentle Carioca, Central Gallery, Helm Gallery, Luisa Strina Gallery, Galeria Vermelho and Mendes Wood DM will be in the new edition of Art Basel online viewing room

From 16 to 19 of June another online edition of the Art Basel fair takes place. Entitled Art Basel OVR: Portals, the event will focus on the practices of artists who question the parameters that shaped our contemporary condition, through current and historical lenses. 303 galleries participate in the fair and among them 6 are Brazilian and are part of the project Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad, a partnership of the Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art (ABACT) and Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Are they: The Gentle Carioca, Central Gallery, Helm Gallery, Luisa Strina Gallery, Galeria Vermelho and Mendes Wood DM.

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The theme of the exhibition of The Gentle Carioca is ‘Tempo’ and features works by artists João Modé, Laura Lima and Rodrigo Torres. In one of the exhibited works, by Laura Lima, titled Bosch Pictado, the artist reproduces ‘Temptations of Santo Antão’, de Hieronymus Bosch, painted between 1945 and 1500.

A Central Gallery prepared the exhibition 'Documents of Barbarism', a solo project by Lourival Cuquinha, that proposes an investigation into the past that is still present, telling stories from the point of view of subjugated actors and addressing issues such as social exclusion, struggle of indigenous peoples and the environment. This is the artist's debut by Central Galeria, and the public can expect portraits of a violent contemporaneity of the universe of urgent themes of our country, like the deterioration of the environment, the usurpation of the rights of indigenous peoples and the abandonment of the homeless population.

A Helm Gallery presents works by Sandra Gamarra, Jaime Lauriano and Flávio Cerqueira, in the theme 'The margins are still inside'. The works question hegemony concepts, especially with regard to marginalization and memory. Audiences will be able to immerse themselves in history and reflect on past uncertainties related to race and identity, learning from what has already happened to better understand what we are experiencing and better prepare for the future.

A Luisa Strina Gallery presents the exhibition ‘La mala hora’, composed of works by artists Jorge Macchi, Magdalena Jitrik, Luke, Marcius Galan e Renato, that bring the space-time structure of the current moment. The works allow us to observe instability, fragility, drift and friction.

A Red Gallery brings a solo project by artist Claudia Andujar about the Yanomami indigenous peoples, who live in the Amazon rainforest. Since 1970, the artist fights, through photographic art, to defend these people who are threatened by illegal mining activities. His records show the shamanic culture of the Yanomami and, with application of different techniques, bring layered images, movement, drama and intimacy. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Struggle of the Yanomami’, already passed through São Paulo (IMS), Milan (Triennial), Paris (Fondation Cartier), and is currently in london (Barbican Centre).

A Mendes Wood DM presents eight new works by the French-Algerian artist Neïl Beloufa, that deconstructed the line between digital and physical realities. reality and fiction, cause and effect, presence and absence, are the polarities that shape your work. Developing your reflection through sculptures, videos, paintings and installations, Beloufa manages to deconstruct the beliefs of the contemporary system by moving between the real and the imaginary.

Latitude project galleries gain more visibility through digital platforms

The digital medium has become essential for art galleries around the world to promote the works of their represented artists, breaking borders and reaching audiences from different corners of the globe. Knowing this movement and trend, the Latitude project is working more and more to place its galleries in important digital platforms in the contemporary art market.

One of the fruits of this work is the insertion of 14 galleries supported by Latitude na ArtNexus OVR with pages dedicated to each of them on the platform. To access the exhibited works, just enter the site, click on ‘Viewing Room’ and search by gallery name.

Na plataforma Artsy, one of the most recognized in the market, to feature page released last month with the theme ‘Brazilian Contemporary Art’ also brings works from galleries supported by the Latitude project. On the page, the public can find a work from each of the 20 galleries supported by the platform since the second half of 2020. To access just access the link https://www.artsy.net/feature/latitude.

To view the exhibits, just enter the event platform: https://www.artbasel.com/ovr

About Latitude – Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad

Latitude is a program developed through a partnership signed between the Brazilian Contemporary Art Association – ABACT and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency – Apex-Brasil, to promote the internationalization of the Brazilian market for contemporary art. The museum was created in 2007, today has almost 60 primary market art galleries, located in seven Brazilian states and the Federal District, representing more than 1000 contemporary artists. Your goal is to create art business opportunities abroad, primarily through training activities, support for international integration and trade and cultural promotion.

The volume of definitive and temporary exports from the Latitude project galleries has been growing significantly. In 2007, US $ were exported 6 million and, according to the last Latitude Sector Survey published, in 2017 more than US $ 65 million. Latitude galleries were responsible for 42% of the total volume of exports in the sector in the year.

Since April 2011, when ABACT entered into an agreement with Apex-Brasil, were held 48 actions in more than 26 different international fairs, with approximately 300 supports granted to Latitude galleries. In this same period, were brought to Brazil approximately 250 international guests, between curators, collectors and market professionals, in 23 editions of Art Immersion Trips. In addition to these actions, Latitude held five editions of its Sectoral Survey, with annual data on the primary Brazilian contemporary art market.

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