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Flower of Lobeira, Mariah Campolina. Photo: Disclosure.

Brasilia Plastic artist is highlighted in Art Shows in Sao Paulo

The Plastic Artist Maria Gonçalves Campolina (Mariah Campolina), is from Formosa - Goiás. Based in Brasília - DF for 43 years, the artist has a degree in Business Administration from Universidade Paulista - UNIP, is a bearer of the Registration of Professional Plastic Artists of the Federal District's Department of Culture under the nº 330 from 28 January 2019 and ECAC No. 8743 from 19 December 2018.

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His first contact with art was in December 2004, with Woodson Mackelly and Jetter Peixoto at Casa das Artes in Salvador – BA. With his return to Brasilia in May 2006, Mariah Campolina continued to take courses with Frank Melo and Cássia Melo at M & M Atellier, participating in Workshops with Geraldo Assis and Juliana Limeira.

Mariah Campolina. Foto: Divulgação.

Mariah Campolina. Photo: Disclosure.

The artist is highlighted by his work Lobeira flower in Art Shows what happens in this next day 20 March, held in Sao Paulo, the Art Show: Traits and Reflections.

The exhibition was inspired by artists from various regions of Brazil, they experience in their daily lives-themed designs on joys and sorrows, family, readings, achievements, creativity, mistakes, friends and enemies, human and urban life, scenery that make up part of the timeline that permeates the artist amid his work.

For Art Show Traces and reflections were developed based jobs in various reflections and plenty of art.

The pervading theme of the show is the critical reflection of each artist on the times, your cultural background, the influence of diversity imposed by each Brazilian state.

The trendy event will be held at Pacaembu Showroom, located on Avenida Pacaembu, Pacaembu neighborhood, in São Paulo.

The Showroom of the project is ongoing and decorated with Ortobom products, currently headed by Diogo Roque, manager of cultural affairs promoted by the Ortobom brand.

The exhibition traces and reflections stands out for its distinctive character of the show to go beyond the artwork, she carries reflections on the day to day ".

The reopening of the Pacaembu Showroom Gallery and mattresses Ortobom have impeccable curatorial Cortez Chico, and, It is promoted by World Art Show, directed by journalist Sulla Costa, that once a year celebrates in São Paulo - SP, the artists that make up your project.

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