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artist turns pain into art

Even dealing with situations of violence and social abandonment, Alan Public, with the support of the mother, is dedicated to painting to change his own history and that of other young people. Its main objectives are to expose its staff and set up a social inclusion project

Art is a form of cultural manifestation that carries with it a transforming force, transgressor, mutant and can still be a tool for social transformation.

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through her, artists from different backgrounds can show their feelings, your fights, your beliefs, your criticisms and contribute to changing scenarios.

Coming from a poor community in Rio de Janeiro (Morro do Tmbau), Alan Coelho da Silva, ou Alan Kamuy, how he prefers to be recognized, 31 years, young and black, is interested and deepens in fine arts, taken by professors Maurício José and Carlos Contente, that were part of the NGO CEASM (Maré Studies and Solidarity Actions Center), and with that it transmits its message, its truth and its dissatisfaction with the racial and social prejudices that society still carries and enhances.

He showed his interest in drawing already at 6 years old, and his mother, work. Vera, very wise, she always encouraged him and managed to include him in the CEASM project to 12 years. From the final 12 at the age of 16, he entered the universe of paints like someone entering another dimension, of dream and of light and magic.

Unfortunately, for life's problems, still not able to enter an academic course. But now he's back in high school and his big dream is to study and be able to improve even more in the art of paint..

The artist has 38 paintings that make up his work, that plays with strong colors and expressive images, bringing references from expressionism. Your canvases in oil, "Asgardians", "Visceral Universe" and “I understand you", stir emotions and play with pop elements.

Your goal is to prepare an exhibition to present your vision to the world.

This time, your paintings can be viewed on your social networks or on the Arttere gallery website, which brings together artists in an informal network to help them spread their work.

Apart from exposure, still no set date, the artist plans to undertake a social project in Morro do Alemão to introduce children and teenagers to the world of fine arts, as he himself had the opportunity to meet and explore. The project also has a professionalizing nature, teaching drawing so that young people can sell items and generate income.

Kamuy needs partners and support so much to promote his artwork, how much to boost your social project. "I want my dream to reach more people and change directions, how mine was changed", stresses.

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