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Atelier David José with art and rug by Tapetah. Photo: Disclosure.

david joseph: plastic artist uses rationality to bring emotion to his art

David José discovered his artistic gift for painting as a child, whenever there was a gap, ventured out with some drawing or painting. This has always been your leisure. Porém só se tornou parte de sua rotina diária durante o isolamento da ...

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Artwork by Emma Tumanyan, featured.

Emma Tumanyan – “The Light in the Darkness”

Emma, tell us a little about yourself… I am Emma Tumanyan, I was born in 1993 in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts. I started painting very early. I am an artist by profession. When your desire to be ...

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Tonico Lemos. Photo: Disclosure.

Bordallo Pinheiro Art Collection – Dialogue between contemporary artists and the Bordallian universe

Exhibition at Instituto Camões presents works by Brazilian and Portuguese artists, in a reinterpretation of the artistic legacy of Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro *Contemporary artists create ceramic pieces inspired by the work of an art icon in Portugal *Open to the public ...

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Scene 1 of the exhibition "The Way: The Public Life of Jesus Christ" by Gilmar Pinna. Photo: Disclosure.

Sculptures occupy Avenida Paulista in Corpus Christi to talk about peace

Works by sculptor Gilmar Pinna depict the path of Jesus and show the importance of the legacy of love and understanding The path of Christ guides the new exhibition by sculptor Gilmar Pinna, which will open on the day 8 of June, celebration of ...

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Historical Museum and Artistic Planaltina. Photo: AACHP.

Contemporary art salon launches call for submissions of works in different formats and supports

DF and Surroundings Contemporary Art Salon launches public notice for entries of visual works in different formats and supports for the realization of its third edition Salão Mestre D’Armas – Contemporary Art Exhibition and award of artistic excellence of the ...

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Renato Brunello. The soft landing of the bird, 2019. Marble. 100x105x34 cm | Credits: Everton Ballardin.

Arte132 Gallery extends visitation to the exhibition “The Flight of Matter”, by Renato Brunello

Curated by Laura Rago, 19 Works that form part of the sculptor's production spanning more than five decades are displayed and contrasted in a, size and material in gallery space. Exhibition period will extend until 24 from june until ...

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How to use works of art in home decor?. Image from rawpixel.com on Freepik.

How to use works of art in home decor?

Artistic productions are ideal choices to transform indoor environments Are you dissatisfied with your current home decor? Or do you just want to give your home a makeover and don't know where to start?? For there is a way that you can ...

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“A Princesa D’água” by Cadumen (Claudio Carlos Mendonça). Photo: Disclosure.

Cadumen opens the exhibition “MAR DE BUILDINGS” at Alma da Rua Gallery

To continue with the intention of connecting and reconnecting with the people of the big cities and the energy of nature through their art, urban artist and muralist Cadumen inaugurates his new exhibition “Mar de Prédios” at Galeria Alma da ...

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Learn how to make your home cozy for the fall. Image by dit26978 on Freepik.

Learn how to make your home cozy for the fall

Design tips to transform the home for the warmest season of the year Summer is over, and, after him, came the mildest season of the year. Autumn has arrived to bring a different air of season transition, and ...

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work by G. Rodley.

G. Rodley- “Expressing Feelings Through the Brush”

Rodley, tell us a little about yourself… I was born in Montevideo, Oriental Republic of Uruguay in 1953. From a very young age I ventured into different branches of art.: music, corner, theater, drawing. Already in 1967, at fourteen, won first prize in ...

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