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Fabiano de Abreu, featured. Photo: Vagner Souza / MF Global Press.

The lack of self-knowledge leads to judge the other and invade the space of others, claims neurophilosopher

Fabiano de Abreu, neurophilosopher and psychoanalyst, analyzes that behavioral motives, social and cultural factors that lead others to judge their neighbors are the absence of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Embora estejamos em uma época em que a diversidade e ...

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10ª 3M Art Show. Photo: Disclosure.

10ª 3M Art Exhibition announces selected via public notice and invited artists

The registrations were made during the month of May and it has four artists selected to join the other six invited by the curator São Paulo, June 2020 – This year, the announcement of the 10th Mostra 3M de Arte ...

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Franco Arminius. Photo: Disclosure.

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the “Ateneo Virtuale” Meeting Cycle

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the Cycle of Meetings “Ateneo Virtuale” to address themes of literature, of art, of Italian cinema and theater, free for the public to participate at home. O próximo encontro será entre ...

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Photo: Alina Vilchenko no Pexels.

Retro decoration: know how to do

You know what a retro decor is and how it can be applied in a practical and beautiful way in your home? Decorating a property can be a very interesting and enjoyable task, principalmente quando ela é pensada para atender ...

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Book “Tokio 2020” by Ane Forcato. Disclosure.

Fiction book narrates romance during the Olympic Games in 2020 without the presence of COVID-19

Written in 2019, book stands out when narrating a novel set in the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo without the new Coronavirus pandemic With the COVID-19 pandemic, many events that would be held in 2020 foram cancelados ou adiados ...

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Photo: Vlada Karpovich no Pexels.

You know Scandinavian decor? Learn about this style

Cozy and welcoming, the style of Scandinavian decor is increasingly present in Brazilian homes, being a modern trend for interior designers and architects. Known for its neutral colors and straight lines, esse tipo de decoração se ...

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Rolé Carioca National Museum, before the fire. Photo: Thiago Diniz.

Virtual Tour Visit: National Museum

Continuing the virtual program - which has had weekly lives about history and everyday life in the city - the Rolé Carioca Project will offer a virtual visit to the National Museum next Sunday, day 12 July, ...

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I Bittencourt. Photo: Disclosure.

COVID-19: With the increase in suicide cases, illustrator launches book against depression

With the increase in suicide deaths among young people 15 to 29 years, Io Bittencourt's book brings short phrases and illustrations to help depressed people The numbers of suicide deaths are constantly increasing in the world, e apesar dessa ...

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Floating Gardens. Disclosure.

Online installation reflects on humanity's relationship with technology

Focused exclusively on the virtual environment, work GARDENS DO FOTÚRETO, of the Core Grouping 2, debut this Sunday, 12 July, joining photography, video, performance and binaural audio Mixing photography, videoart, binaural performance and audio, that reproduces the way sounds ...

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Belmiro de Almeida - Black young woman figure, the 1880. Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Museum of Art of Rio - MAR launches program of Escola do Olhar Online

Proposal is to present to the public a new form of mediation in the virtual environment, with accessibility features, and revisit educational and training activities prioritizing dialogue More than 100 days since the Art Museum ...

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