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A very interesting site that takes the art of contemporary artists to the general public admirer of arts.
& quot; How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!" work of John Miler, banner. Disclosure.

Book chronicles zombie apocalypse set in Brazil

“How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your mother!”By John Miler, is a comedy that has the ambition to become a TV series Brazil faces zombie apocalypse in “How to survive the zombie apocalypse, with your ...

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Show “Farol de Neblina”. Photo: Wilssa Esser.

CCBB debut “Foglamp”, a web series of suspense and psychological thriller, day 05/02

Ministry of Tourism, Banco do Brasil present and sponsor and Livelo co-sponsors the Farol de Neblina webseries Adapted from the theatrical show Neblina, the web series has four episodes, with production by Rubim Produções, text by Sérgio Roveri, adaptation of text for script ...

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Title: Our Lady of the assumption. Year: 18th / 19th century. Technique: carved wood, polychrome and fabric. **roca's picture. ***Our Lady of Good Death Church collection, featured. Photo: Disclosure.


a clipping of several existing types in addition to examples that can still be seen in processions and altars in São Paulo Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo - MAS / SP, institution of the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São ...

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Author: Ana Paula Almeida. Year: 2018. Technique: Bonding wooden sticks without wood. Dimensions: 81 x 63 cm. Featured. Photo: Disclosure.

To Cruz, in democratic territory, secular and plural arts

the dynamics of artistic processes in the Brazilian Midwest São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art - MAS / SP, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, in accordance with all protocols defined by the competent areas, ...

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Business photo created by master1305 - br.freepik.com

Decorative trends for 2021

Knowing the decorative trends is a way to keep your space always very tidy and sophisticated, following the main contemporary styles and reusing many elements of the decoration of previous years. after all, both in personal fashion and ...

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pasta with sausage. Photo: Personal collection / Chef Flávio Duarte.

On vacation: Chef teaches fun recipe to take kids to the kitchen

With more than four years of experience with cooking courses for children, chef Flávio Duarte teaches a macaroni and sausage recipe to win the attention and taste of the kids, which is not lacking in ...

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Mythology books for you to read in 2021. Disclosure.

Mythology books for you to read in 2021

Acquire knowledge and an incredible journey with the books on the list A new year has begun and opportunities to expand readings too. Aiming at entertainment through literature, we list some books that were inspired by Greek mythologies, Egyptian, ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Responsibility is key to understanding science and science journalism

Doctors Fabiano de Abreu and Ângela Mathylde talk on Live about the importance of scientific journalism and the valorization of the scientist In times of pandemic and Fake News, it is necessary to have discernment and attention with what ...

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Photo: Anna Shvets no Pexels.

Tips for residential landscaping

Currently, residential landscaping is a projection of environments that many people are looking for. It has been strongly requested by those building, renovating or who wants to change an external area. This practice became, even, valuable, ...

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Banco do Brasil Concept Space. Photo: Disclosure.

Meetings on technology trends and digital transformation mark the first cultural program of 2021 of the Banco do Brasil Concept Space

After success in 2020, accounting 11 thousand views in the three lectures, second cycle is scheduled to start 21 January, with free internet transmission, always from 5pm. Cynthia Zanoni, from Microsoft Brazil, open the circuit in this ...

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