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Exhibition "(IN) cluir ". André Cunha. Disclosure.


Conceived by the INC-Photography, exhibition takes place in the gallery and Pair Store, taking as main objective to promote the inclusion and people's access to art

A Baró Gallery, in partnership with the INC-Photography, launch the first edition of "(IN) cluir”, shows pop-up composed of two photographs, from Monica Paes and André Cunha. By reducing the number of exhibits, It proposes a break in the viewer, so you can chat and be immersed in the work of artists.

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Currently, we live in a world where we are plagued by numerous pictures at any moment – it is estimated that people take a maximum 6 seconds to display an image. At the same time, photography is part of our history, our memory, helping us to remember moments that were often forgotten, but the photograph immortalized.

Thus, with support from Baró Gallery and Pair Store, born the project "(IN) cluir”, in order to immortalize moments and provide inclusion and access to art. In addition, work questions how we can connect with the artist in a few seconds, and if we are actually viewing or seeing what is around us.

Believing that art plays its role when it reaches the largest number of people, the INC also created affordable products like T-shirts and signed thumbnails of selected images, “enabling art lovers, in addition to an individual and reflective experience immersing in the work (monocle), be able to show the prints to your friends and family, and take them wherever you go with the T-shirts”, comments Monica Paes.

Event: (IN) cluir
Artists: Monica Paes and Andrew Cunha
Date: 25 May 2019, Saturday, from 14 at 18h
Locations: Baró Gallery – www.barogaleria.com | Pair Store www.pairstore.com.br
Address: Consolation Street, 3417 and 3387 - Cerqueira Cesar – São Paulo/SP


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Baró Gallery

It opened its doors in 2010 and since then has established itself as an international reference in the Brazilian art circuit. Directed by Spanish expatriate Maria Baró, the gallery is located in Sao Paulo. Baron Gallery seeks to enhance the dialogue between artists, curators, collectors and cultural institutions. Baró priority is to display site-specific works and curatorial projects, with great emphasis on artists of the 1970 and 1980, as or Filipino David Medalla, Mexican Felipe Ehrenberg and the Argentine Roberto Jacoby, possiblitando its coexistence with a team of young talent. The constant flow of ideas, projects and work gives the space a unique atmosphere. The gallery also hosts a residency program for young artists. Exposure History of Mondrian Fanclub: Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape is one of many examples of excellent shows produced by Baró Gallery. As well as other important and unpublished igualmentes exhibitions in Brazil as Tatiana Trouvé and Roman Signer, Lourival Cuquinha, Pablo Siquier, Daniel Arsham, among others. Extremely active in the international market, the gallery also participates in several fairs like Basel Miami, Armory- NY, ArtBO, ARTB, SP-Arte, ArtRio, MACO-Mexico, Arco-Madrid, ArtDubai, Pinta London and NY among others.

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