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Author - Port Nelson, Title - Ruin Series Carioca, year - 2016, Technique - Printing s / cotton paper, dimensions - 60 x 40 cm.

Bianca Boeckel Gallery displays news photos

Bianca Boeckel Galeria displays "another story“, news photographs composed of 25 records eight photographers, curated by Bianca Boeckel. "Photograph the invention allows a free roadmap, the taste and judgment of the beholder. It is poetry imagery in its definition ", says curator.

This work shows comprising Antonio Garcia, Carol Nogueira, Giovanna Nucci, Marcelo Greco, Nelson Porto, Pico Garcez, Ricardo Becker and Thomas Baccaro, the choices were made by the artists themselves, using non-rational but emotional parameters, since the quality and technique of the images is ensured by their professionalism and trajectory.

A curatorial selection directed to a certain action usually takes into account rules and pre-defined concepts – which may possibly not include "the beloved picture", that speaks to the heart of the photographer. This show is an opportunity for another story to be told, from the perspective of the artist himself.

Photography is much more than technical content, it comes to thrill, record and make us reflect. Sets up the picture into two categories: documentary film, when the image is to register a fact, and architectural, which is usually a set of photos that carry a personal message from the author. The boundary between the two can be very subjective. The copyright photographer thinks the image as art, since the document has your subject as a priority, leaving the plastic in the background.

When does a copyright work puts a bit of himself in the image. As the name suggests, the photo bears a part of the author. For a photo to be called art and occupy the wall of a gallery or the pages of a book you need an established personal language, that reveals the photographer behind it.

Shooting is nothing more than show an overview of the soul with eternalized times and recorded in time, making them eternal. That is the function of the professional.

another story is "a tribute to the art of perpetuating moments", declares Bianca Boeckel.

Exhibition: “another story
Artist: Antonio Garcia, Carol Nogueira, Giovanna Nucci, Marcelo Greco, Nelson Porto, Pico Garcez, Ricardo Becker, Thomas Baccaro.
Curated By: Bianca Boeckel
Opening: 17 August 2019, Saturday, at 19h
Period: 22 august to 8 June 2019
Local: Bianca Boeckel Galeria www.biancaboeckelgaleria.com
Rua Domingos Leme, 73 - Vila Nova Conceição - São Paulo, SP
Tel.: (11) 2691-1190
Timetables: Thursday to Saturday, from 12 at 19h | Monday to Wednesday, with scheduling: contato@biancaboeckelgaleria.com
Number of works: 25
Technique: photography
Dimensions: varied
Prices: R$ 2.000,00 the R $ 32.000,00


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Bianca Boeckel Galeria

Located in the central park area, promotes established artists and rising, establishing itself as a meeting point for those who appreciate art. In 2018, changes its name to Vilanova Gallery Bianca Boeckel Gallery and celebrates 5 years of Foundation. Has more than 30 exhibitions promoted in your space, highlighting the individual Virgilio Neves, Camila Alvite, Rodrigo Edelstein, Katia Wille, Thomas Baccaro, Jorge Feitosa and Gabi Gelli. In 2018, participates for the first time the SP-Arte / Foto, in São Paulo, and 2019, SP-Arte, International Fair of Art of São Paulo. Throughout this period of operation, won space in the specialized media in art, as culture notebooks major Brazilian newspapers, weekly tours of exhibitions, journals, TV and online media. The gallery caters to a demanding audience, always looking for news in photo, paintings, sculptures and various media. Intense research and ensure curated shows a detail with a wide variety of conceptually meaningful art and visually stimulating. In addition to individual and collective, an eclectic collection and constantly renewing allow collectors always enjoy new works and learn about the latest trends. Bianca Boeckel, owner and gallery director, also acts as curator and consultant for artists and customer base, using its international experience.

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