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Casa França-Brasil sets the stage for the artist Luiz Moreira’s first solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

Casa França-Brasil sets the stage for the first individual exhibition in Rio de Janeiro by the artist Luiz Moreira, which presents photographs and videos that are exercises in ancestry, beauty and seduction


A France-Brazil House sets up to 11 February the shows beauty light, the artist Luiz Moreira bringing together 32 large and medium-sized images, series videos artist look It's Orum and Oxum on the banks of the Rio da Barra, beyond adornments and objects in collaboration with artists Diego Silf, Felipe Maltone and Victor Hugo Mattos.

With curated by Marcus de Lontra Costa, to exhibition brings the artist's commitment to his ancestry and is also present in the field of aesthetic affirmation, in valuing props and ornaments that make up the universe of Afro-Brazilian visuality. “Luiz Moreira exalts the aesthetic power of parties, of the rites, of the culture of the native peoples of Africa. Faced with the powerful images of Luiz Moreira, it is understandable that there remains hope of enshrining himself in the dark skin of this new Brazil that will soon emerge: black, forte, brave beautiful and true”, says Marcus de Lontra Costa. Selected photographs of the artist also gain tactile versions by the hands of plastic artist and art educator Marina Baffini, from the project include me, Art & Culture for All.


Luiz Moreira exalts the colors that vibrate before our eyes and the characters walk among us like a carnival parade: color, seduction and enchantment. The beauty here is epidermis, carne, pulsating organisms that vibrate, dance and seem to indicate a new path for human beings anguished in their solitude and suffering”, complements the healer.

The exhibition also focuses on promoting an experience for all types of audiences and an opportunity for a new look at art., whether for those who are or are not used to frequenting cultural spaces. In addition to promoting visits mediated by the educational program team, tactile works, objects and a schedule on the agenda for the exhibition period with guest performance artists, in addition to open conversations and guided tours with the artist and curator.


The closing of the exhibition, on 11 February will be marked with the launch of the catalog and the famous Ballroom party. “Bringing this ballroom scene to the end of my exhibition is very special., It is a movement that I identify with a lot.. The ballroom is equality, freedom, respect, reception and belonging. Since 2020 I carry out a documentary visual work on this community in NY where this movement emerged in the mid-1990s. 70, in the suburbs, specifically in Harlem. The ballroom emerged as a political and entertainment event., where LGBTQIA+ people, black and latina, did performances, expressed themselves without strings or fears. It was the moment when these people could characterize themselves and exercise their elegance, your dance and your beauty”, account Luiz Moreira.

About the artist

Luiz Moreira He was born in sao paulo. Despite maintaining residence in Brazil, in the center of São Paulo, he currently spends most of his time in Miami, your second home since the pandemic. His relationship with the image is inspired by his own cultural experience as a resident of the Jardim Ângela neighborhood until the 18 years, on the outskirts of São Paulo. He started photographing in academic projects in the course of Social Communication. After that, began to explore street photography in São Paulo and NY, not everyday two large centers.

He had contact with the documentaries of the director Philip Mallory Jones and his transcultural approach, of historic and vibrant images by photographers such as, Gordon Parks, Joy Gregory, Maud Starve, James Barnor and Walter Firm. Visions promptly revised in a modern context in his work.

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Working from a stratification of emotions that define its ludic and narrative aesthetics, his work has been nurtured and enriched over the years he has been able to explore concepts of ancestry and places with his camera.

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Luiz Moreira's aesthetic and documentary work combines sensitivity with contemporary culture, the human condition, diasporic perspectives and the cult of orixalities of religions of African matrix. What comes out of this mixture is a joy for life and beauty that relates sexuality laden with symbols and adornments of Afro-Brazilian culture..

His documentary series such as port of the sea and holy black, informed their work to festivals and major national and international fairs such as Art Basel 2019 (Miami, USA), Festival AfroPunk, in Johannesburg, Atlanta and Salvador-Bahia 2017, with whom he continues to work and SP-Arte 2018.

Luiz Moreira is currently represented by the Iadê Institute of Art and Design under the direction of Adriana Bianchi.

Light of Beauty – Luiz Moreira
Local: France-Brazil House
End: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 78 – Center, Rio de Janeiro.
Exhibition: from 10 th December 2022 to 11 February 2023.
Realization: Iadê Institute of Art and Design – Sponsorship: Lugpar
Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday, das 10h às 17h.
Exclusive opening hours for people with intellectual and mental disabilities: Wednesdays from 10am to 11am.
Wheelchair accessible location.
Free Entry – casafrancabrasil.rj.gov.br

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