Fitted kitchen: 5 tips on how to save on the project

Designing a planned kitchen is always a big challenge.. The project requires attention to many details that, not always, everyone is attentive. But with the right care, the whole project can be done efficiently and economically.


seize a refrigerator promotion, hire a good professional and other points can help you make the project cheaper.

In addition, Planned environments are ideal for gaining more functionality and practicality in your kitchen.

To help you understand how to save on your planned kitchen design, we separate here 5 Tips. Continue reading and learn more!

Fitted kitchen: What is it?

First of all, let's understand what is the planned kitchen. In summary, this is a style of kitchen you won't normally find in any store..

That is, the model is made exclusively for each customer, meeting the demands of use and functionality of the kitchen. The idea is to make the most of every available space., with custom-made furniture.

Thus, The planned kitchen is an excellent option for those who do not have so much space available.. With this, beyond the needs of each resident, it also offers much more harmony in the decoration.

Difference between planned kitchen and modular kitchen

However, it is common for many to confuse the planned kitchen with the modular one. although similar, both concepts are quite different.

As we have already highlighted, the planned kitchen is the model where every detail of the environment is previously planned. Thus, Furniture sizes and functionality are tailor-made.

Yet, the modular kitchen works with pieces of predefined sizes and materials. In this way, it is built in pluggable modules.

In this way, furniture sizes are not customizable, as they are all sold ready for installation. The biggest disadvantage of the modular kitchen is the difficulty in adapting all the parts to small spaces..

Fitted kitchen: planning tips

Now that you know what a planned kitchen is and how it differs from a modular kitchen, it remains to know how to make yours.

Just like any other work, kitchen planning requires some care. Understand below what to consider when designing your planned kitchen.

Choose the appliances

Firstly, take the time to choose the appliances that your planned kitchen will have. Fridge, stove or cooktop, oven, coif, microwave, all necessary household appliances should be on your list.

Another important detail is to measure the space available for each of them.. That way you can be sure there will be room for everything you need..

Built-in models are also an option when making your kitchen planned. That way you have even more space..

Beware of electrical and plumbing

Another important detail is to know where the pipes and wiring in your kitchen run.. In order not to make a mistake in any installation, it's important to know the positioning of everything.

In addition, care with the electrical and plumbing guarantees that every appliance will be installed without any problems.

take measurements

One more precaution for your planned kitchen is to take all the measurements and know the available space.. Consider in your bill the appliances that will be placed.

Thus, when ordering custom furniture, such as cabinets and drawers, it will be possible to optimize each space. This ensures the best functionality for your kitchen..

Attention with the lighting

Another essential care when making a planned kitchen is not to forget the lighting. A very common mistake in planning a kitchen is not considering the natural lighting of the space..

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In other words, seek to correctly distribute the lighting throughout the space. LED strips and light bulbs are an excellent option for this..

Fitted kitchen: tips on how to save

Now that you know what to consider when designing your planned kitchen, it remains to know how to save in the process. As we have already highlighted, there are ways to leave all the work with a better cost-benefit.

Check out some tips below that will help you save when creating your planned kitchen.

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have good references

Firstly, always have good references to create your kitchen and custom furniture. In this way, it is easier to pass the guidelines to the carpenter, professional or company that will take care of the work.

Thus, search for references on the internet or social network and know exactly what you want for your environment.

Make a list of essentials

Another tip to save on your planned kitchen is to make a list of everything essential. Furniture and appliances that will be used on a daily basis should be at the top of your list..

Consider everything that is essential for day-to-day activities so as not to forget anything. Thus, if it is possible, you can include other furniture in your kitchen.

The list will help you stay on budget., which also helps to avoid unnecessary or non-essential expenses.

sketch of your kitchen

One more care that helps save money when setting up a planned kitchen is to create a sketch of your kitchen. With all measurements as a basis, you will know exactly how much space you have available to place all the furniture.

In addition, the sketch helps to know where the appliances will be, reserving the correct space for each one.

Neutral colors in the interior of furniture

A detail that seems simple, but it will help to reduce the costs of the planned kitchen is to use neutral colors inside the furniture.

Especially white can help keep furniture values ​​cheaper. Thus, avoid custom colors or that make your planned kitchen project more expensive.

Hire a good professional

Finally, but no less important, always try to hire a good professional. That way you can guarantee that everything will be done in the best possible way..

Saving on hiring professionals is one of the biggest mistakes in any work. To do so is to risk ending up paying more than necessary with other renovations and maintenance..


Thus, with these tips, you can save on the entire construction of your planned kitchen. Although it doesn't seem, planning the kitchen is not such a complex task, as long as you take the necessary precautions.

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