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Since June 2021, the Ema Klabin House Museum is implementing a new visual identity based on the brand review, made by designer Dárkon V. Roque.
Since June 2021, the Ema Klabin House Museum is implementing a new visual identity based on the brand review, made by designer Dárkon V. Roque.

Ema Klabin House Museum prepares for reopening with news

museum houses 35 centuries of art and culture

The complete Ema Klabin House Museum, in 2022, 15 years of its opening to the public. Since then, its presence in the cultural calendar has been consolidated., and even his name began to express more directly the invitation to visit: of Cultural Foundation, started to present itself as House Museum.

In 2020, in addition to all the changes in routine and performance brought about by the pandemic, there was also a change in the institution's governance structure, with the creation of the position of superintendent, assumed by Fernanda Paiva Guimarães in 3 August, after a long selection process.

"In the first week of work, proposed, as a way to get to know each other better, that we would all work on a project to be entered in the BNDES+ Matchfunding edict 2020. We were able to develop in a few days and more than 20 hands the project Digitization of the Ema Klabin Collection, finished in 7 August. The project was selected, we count on the generous contribution of 222 supporters and part of this year's cultural activities are taking place thanks to the funds raised. This is a good summary of what I found at the Foundation: an open place, already with a wonderful trajectory and an engaged team, purposeful and creative, the most generous curator I've ever met and a Board and Board fully committed to the institution., source of fundamental support at every step of management", Fernanda account.


"In view of the immense challenge imposed by the pandemic, the Ema Klabin House Museum, like all museums and cultural institutions in the world, He also started to reflect on his possibilities of digital performance, that can no longer be seen as a replica of physical experience, but as something of an entirely different nature. We continued with an intense research on Ema Klabin and the collection she put together, exploring the themes that are in our constitution, like collecting, female protagonism and support for the most diverse forms of artistic production, cultural and educational. We continue to seek to connect these elements to the contemporary world and, now, we face the digital reality", comments Paulo, who developed, in the pandemic period, as exposições digitais “Ballad of Terror and 8 Variations ", by Maria Bonomi, "War Disasters", de Francisco de Goya e "The Spanish Forger", this last one published last May. All activities of the performance centers, visual arts, Casa Museu's courses and educational action were also translated into the digital reality, reunidas na ação #CasaMuseuEmCasa iniciada ainda em março de 2020. Digital exhibitions are accessible through the website emaklabin.org.br and most of the activities offered digitally are available on the Ema Klabin House Museum YouTube channel.

Hybrid format

from this year, the bet is on the hybrid format, that mixes face-to-face and digital. As a result of the Digitization project, the first virtual reality activity at Casa Museu is also planned., em desenvolvimento com a Junglebee, produtora do multiartista Tadeu Jungle.

For a while, it is possible to physically visit the garden, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 4:00 pm, with permanence until 17h, but Casa Museu prepares to reopen to the public in September, with scheduled visits. The process is being closely monitored by Fernanda and Paulo, with the biosafety protocols elaborated by the ChP consultancy, with the participation of the entire team.

Since 2018, the curatorship of the Casa Museu defines a theme to be worked on throughout the year, that guides the cultural program and is registered by the publication Cadernos da Casa Museu Ema Klabin. for next year, na celebração dos 15 years of public visitation à Casa Museu, Paulo Costa propôs o tema Dichotomies.

"The idea is to mobilize the sacred/profane binomials, scholar / popular, civilization/barbarism, cultural / natural, among others, to propose a break from the binarisms that are doing so much harm to all spheres of human life, in addition to reassessing the role of museums in presenting their collections to the public”, says Paul.

They are planned, for 2022, two exhibitions which will evidence this proposal in dialogue with the Ema Klabin Collection. Details will be shared shortly.…

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