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Retro decoration: know how to do

You know what a retro decor is and how it can be applied in a practical and beautiful way in your home? Decorating a property can be a very interesting and enjoyable task, principalmente quando ela é pensada para atender ...

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You know Scandinavian decor? Learn about this style

Cozy and welcoming, the style of Scandinavian decor is increasingly present in Brazilian homes, being a modern trend for interior designers and architects. Known for its neutral colors and straight lines, esse tipo de decoração se ...

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Decorating tips for apartment balcony

Thinking about balcony decor is on the rise, pois ela se tornou um ambiente importante para os apartamentos. Muitas pessoas exigem a presença deste espaço, pois ele valoriza o imóvel e possibilita novas criações. Eles deixaram de ser apenas ...

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How to decorate your office and make your home office more productive

The public and economic health crisis triggered by the new coronavirus, the Covid-19, demanded compliance with social isolation measures, according to WHO recommendations (World Health Organization). With this, many people had to decorate office, rooms and others ...

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Photo: Gabriel Cesar on Visual Hunt / CC BY.

Learn how to create a vertical garden to decorate your outdoor area

You know what a vertical garden is and how it can be applied in your home to create a more beautiful and natural decoration? In urban areas or cities, é possível perceber o quanto a natureza vai sumindo do ...

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Tips for choosing the floor for your apartment

Whether to renovate or to apply in your new home, one of the most important tasks is choosing the right floor for each room in your apartment, allowing for more beautiful and well-structured environments. Se antes a seleção do tipo de material ...

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Planned Furniture: know the advantage of choosing them

Most architects and interior designers choose designs with custom furniture. A lot of it, due to the countless advantages of this type of furniture, including the enhancement of spaces and the high sophistication of the environment. Overall, podemos definir ...

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See tips for decorating a children's room

If you have children and are looking for interesting ideas to decorate the children's room, knowing a few simple tips can be of great help in this task. After all, it is in this room that the child will spend much of his day, doing various activities, ...

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Tips to renovate your home without spending a lot

When it comes to renovating a house, many people already have “hair on end”, because the work involves a high cost and a long period of works, especially when you want to do a complete makeover. However, Many things have changed ...

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Renata Assarito and Camila Marinho, members of Studio M&The Architecture, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

9m² room is transformed to receive baby, grandmother and home office

Composed of multifunctional furniture to better prepare the space, the decor follows a delicate and romantic style with the main theme of São Paulo sheep, June 2020 – Who never dreamed of creating a dream baby room ...

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